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The Top 5 Secrets to Developing Successful Mobile Games

The Top 5 Secrets to Developing Successful Mobile Games

Mobile gaming is the most popular niche of apps that has become a fully-fledged industry. Even though millions of easily accessible mobile games across the stores, their popularity will never wane as games evolve faster than other app niches.

But developing a game and releasing it in the app market will not guarantee any success for the game app. There are more failed game apps than successful ones. The mobile game development company with a track record of successful projects always stays vigilant about the factors and secrets crucial for game app success.

This is why we are here to reveal some of the best-kept secrets of building successful mobile game apps.

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Have a Monetization Plan Well in Advance

Many folks are enthusiastic about building a next-big-thing game app, which needs to be conceptualized as a business product with a perfect revenue plan. Since a game app is a commercial product, you need to monetize this game app and plan it accordingly. When a user downloads and installs the game app, it never amounts to a sale of this product.

For the sales part of any mobile game, you need to choose the right monetization model suitable for the game. You can opt for launching it for free and monetizing it further through in-game ads. You can also opt for the premium or partly paid through gated features or freemium models. You must ensure that the monetization model aligns well with the game idea.

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Opt for Freemium Monetization

Do you want to make players play the game app first and become famous? Do you want the popularity of the game to earn revenue for the game in a natural manner? In that case, you must ensure a good number of downloads first and sell a more feature-rich game version later. This is known as the Freemium monetization model.

The most significant advantage of the freemium model is that it ensures the easy availability of an unknown game product to the vast majority of game players, ensuring its familiarity. A player already addicted or familiar with a game will likely upgrade to the premium version.

Go for Popular and Rending Game Genres

When planning a game app development, always focus on choosing ideal game genres. Some genres are already outdated or waning in popularity, while others are just trending and getting more traction. You must choose one genre that remains popular with all the chances of success.

Instead of reinventing the wheel with a crazy niche genre that requires a high level of skills and a development budget, a small-budget game should focus on the trend and the gaming experience instead of choosing a less experimented genre.

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Bring ‘Sharing’ into the Gaming Experience

There are some sophisticated and clever ways to make the game spread among the target player audience. One helpful way to make the gameplay enjoyable for the audience is to make it shareable. Incorporating social sharing features is a great way to boost popularity.

Just think of a situation when the player invites a friend, and the friend joins and starts playing. Furthermore, the friend also invites his friends in turn. In this way, around the game, a strong community of players is developed, and the game starts becoming popular in a natural manner.

Now when you allow game players to share their gaming currencies, such as earned points, energy, or other game attributes, this becomes interesting. For example, Clash of Clans allows gamers to share the troops with other players. In many games, sharing the forces, ammunition, or currencies raises the bar of the gaming experience or player’s success.

Anothe4 important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you also need to give players rewards for inviting other players or sharing the game attributes with others. When more friends join to play, you enjoy more benefits, and even some gated features or game attributes are unlocked.

Thanks to social sharing, when many players play the game, making it viral, it also becomes addictive. This makes the right context in which players spend money on the game app. Rewarding game invites and sharing is an effective monetization that many popular game apps have used.

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Perfect Storytelling

Storytelling makes a successful journey in the mobile gaming world. Like everybody, game players also look for a purpose or motivation to continue, which is where storytelling comes into play. The more compelling a storyline you can incorporate into the mobile game, the easier it is to motivate the game players to finish it.

When incorporating storytelling elements into a mobile game app, you need to determine the story’s hero and villain, their strengths and weaknesses, and reasons for fighting. Finally, the way victory is to be achieved.

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Boost your Exposure and Chances by Targeting Multiple Platforms

This requires rather simple maths. Instead of restricting the game app to a single OS platform, it is always advisable to opt for multiple platforms. Build a cross-platform game app that can be played by both iOS and Android users. Reaching more players undoubtedly boosts your chances of having more downloads, traction, and market share.

Thankfully, for targeting multiple platforms, you no longer need to write separate codes for the respective OS platforms. The cross-platform development approach will help you make use of reusable code and components. Only a minor portion of the game app, mainly corresponding to the UI layer, will require native code, and for the rest of the app, you can reuse the same code for both iOS and Android platforms.

Set Aside a Budget for User Acquisition

As the game marketing world stands, having organic growth through natural user acquisition has become extremely tough, and no guaranteed way works to achieve this. Hence, you need to invest some money in new player acquisition.

Although there is no proven way to boost user acquisition, a little investment sometimes can give the game app its first push, and often organic acquisition follows from there. Just have a target figure like the first 3K or 5K acquisition and then expect to get the ball rolling on its own.

As for game ads, both Facebook and Instagram are highly effective platforms. But it would help if you watched these campaigns and set clear campaign goals for both social platforms. Both platforms offer a large pool of user data to help target the target game players.  

In this respect, you must not forget that user acquisition drive works best when you have done extensive user research and shaped the ad campaigns accordingly. Many successful game developers deal with these troubles and hire expert game marketers.

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Over to You

All these secrets we revealed above for shaping a successful game app are not closely-guarded. They are not completely unknown, as many successful game apps rely on them. But for many aspiring game developers, these tips and measures can truly become neatly-kept success secrets.

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