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Waxing has become an essential requirement in a woman's life. While numerous hair removal techniques are available, waxing remains the most preferred method among all. Waxing is a lot better than using razors and hair removal creams since they have many harmful effects on the skin.

Not only that, shaving can’t ensure hair removal from the roots and has to be done at least two times a week. While many women choose to do waxing at home themselves, many prefer going to salons for a better experience. With so many waxing products being available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the ideal product that suits your skin.  

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Zoylee Online Salon Booking App is an online salon service booking platform that reduces the gap between salons and customers by offering you the best personal care services at affordable rates. With Zoylee Online Salon Booking App, you can book your slots in your favorite salons with minimum effort. In wax service by Zoylee, we recommend the best salons that deliver the best solutions for your skin and give you a pleasant experience and make it as pain-free as possible.

In recent times, Rica Wax has become a very popular product among women. But what makes it so special? First, let's find out the key differences between normal wax and Rica Wax.


Normal wax or Honey wax has been the conventional waxing technique that is used everywhere. It is made using lemon, sugar, honey, and other addictive substances. Although it's simple, it does not apply to delicate or sensitive skin.

Furthermore, honey waxing is a painful technique because the honey and sugar form a sticky layer that sticks to the skin and is not easy to detach. Here we have presented a list of advantages and disadvantages of using normal wax.


  • It is suitable for normal and dry skin.
  • Cost is less compared to other waxing techniques.

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  • If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid doing honey wax as it might hurt your skin more than expected.
  • It can cause irritations, redness in the skin, and skin rashes because of the harmful chemical compounds and additives that it contains.
  • Doing honey wax usually involves a lot of effort and is a painful procedure in general.
  • It doesn’t remove very tiny ingrown hairs from the skins even after applying repeatedly; hence it is an inefficient technique.
  • It possesses only a single variant and doesn’t come with many options.


Rica is an Italian brand that has made its name in the cosmetic industry with its wide range of hair and body care products. Rica wax is a liposoluble waxing formula made from oils extracted from vegetables, Glyceryl Rosinate, and Natural Beeswax.

While Normal wax uses honey and sugar, Rica wax uses natural ingredients that provide nourishment to the skin and a better waxing experience. Here we have presented a list of advantages of using Rica wax.

  • While most waxes contain Colophony, a chemical compound that causes rashes and redness in the skin, Rica wax is free from this irritation-causing substance. Hence it applies to all skin types. However, normal wax comes with a limitation that it can’t be used for delicate skin; this limitation can be easily eliminated with Rica wax.
  • It contains zinc oxide, an essential ingredient for skin conditioning and comforting the skin.
  • It does not have any petroleum-based substances and hence doesn't cause a burning effect on the skin.
  • It slows down the rate of hair regrowth, thus reducing the need for waxing sessions every month.
  • Its distinctive formula helps in the complete removal of tan from the skin.
  • You don’t need to apply wax on the same area repeatedly as it can remove all the hair in one go.
  • It does not assure you a completely pain-free experience, but the pain is very less compared to other waxing techniques.
  • It comes with wax oils that can be applied both before and after waxing and makes the waxing process much more comfortable.

Rica wax comes in several variants for different skin types and different areas of application.

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These are:

  • For Normal Skin, Titanium, and White Chocolate variants.
  • Chocolate or Strawberry variants for Dry Skin.
  • For very dry skin, Coconut or Olive Oil variants.
  • For sensitive skin, Honey, Milk, Aloe vera, or Green apple variants.
  • Gold or Pearl for Luxury Line.
  • Talcum for Relaxing Line.

Although Rica wax gives a smooth touch to your skin, it is quite expensive compared to other waxing processes.


While every wax has its own set of properties that separate it from other waxes, Rica wax dominates this aspect. One of the major reasons behind this is the satisfying experience offered by Rica.

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However, while Rica provides nourishment and conditioning to the skin, Normal or Honey wax causes very undesirable itching effects. Therefore, it is important to avoid a product that negatively impacts your skin. Hence one should keep certain things in mind before going to a salon for waxing.

  • It is necessary to consult the salon professional before applying the wax on your skin, or you can test the particular product on a small region to confirm whether you have an allergic reaction or not. With wax service by Zoylee, you can book your waxing sessions with the best salons near you, which offer you the best services you desire.
  • You must go for Rica wax for sensitive areas, but you can go for Normal wax if you don't have any sensitivity issues. That would save spending extra money for sure.
  • Removing dead skin cells using a chemical substance or an exfoliation tool can be done two to three days before waxing to eliminate the ingrown hairs.

So download Zoylee Online Salon Booking App now and book your next waxing session at the best salons from home to get smooth, glowing skin easily. We also offer an exciting range of offers to our users; all you need to do is open Zoylee Online Salon Booking App and explore the different offers available in the Offers section.

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