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Entertaining Things You Should Try When Using Snapchat

Entertaining Things You Should Try When Using Snapchat

Nowadays, almost everyone is getting hooked into these popular social media platforms. Allowing people to share instant information and allowing them to stay connected 24/7 all over the world and making distance doesn't matter. Each of these platforms showcases different features that people will surely love and enjoy. Talking about features, let us check one of the most used applications and the things its user can explore.

Send Snap

People who are just starting their journey in the wide world of social media have been asking, what is snapchat, and what does it do? Is it worth downloading, or is it fun? First off, this application allows its users to capture every moment that is happening with their lives and share it with the significant people on it.

Sending snap could never be more accessible and exciting when using this application. You only need to open it in your device, take a photo by tapping the red circular button, or if you'd instead record a video press and hold the same button. After making your snap, you may send it to any of your contacts by clicking the blue arrow at the bottom of the screen. Simple as that!

Snapchat Stories

The same with other social media applications like Facebook and Instagram, this one also offers its version of Snapchat stories. This is a feature where it allows you to share a particular moment or your whereabouts for the day and let your contacts watch it. This is a compilation of photos or videos and will only stay up to 24 hours.

If you want to add a story, you only need to take a photo or video. If you are not in the mood, take an on the spot snap, you also have the option to import from your device's gallery. Just tap the "+" button, and it will be automatically added to your story.

Filters and Lenses

One of the most enjoyable and best features that its users are thrilled about is the animated effects and filters of the Snapchat. These are artistic edits that transform how you look and can be applied through face detection. It also helps beautify your snaps.

On the other hand, lenses work a bit different from filters. Lenses are set before capturing something. If you wish to try Snapchat's lenses, go to the application's camera screen and make sure it is direct to your face to be able to detect and load the lenses. Press and hold until the lenses appear and choose which one you want to capture.

Chat and Video Messaging

It is not surprising to know that Snapchat allows us to send and receive chats and video messages as it is one of its primary functions. Sending messages to people, you do not follow and does not follow you back is not a problem, although it may be counted as pending in some instances.

If you wish to send a message through this app, go to your contact list, tap on your friend's name, and it will direct you to a screen where you can send your chat. If you'd rather send a video message, tap the video camera symbol next to your contact's name. It is also essential to take note that exchanging chats are not only used for fun. Some people utilize it to share relevant information.


Every social media application showcases different functions and has its way of entertaining its users. Despite their variation, their main goal is to keep everyone connected. However, we also should practice limiting the information we share and post on these platforms as they may be used against us.

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Shahbaz Ahmed

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