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11 Photography Business Tips So You Can Make More Money

11 Photography Business Tips So You Can Make More Money

Most professionals in photography are in it out of passion. The best possible definition of photography is a relentless pursuit of clicking the perfect picture like all other art forms. To obtain the desired outcome, you always have to polish your skills and yourself to the edge. The photographer strives to create a masterpiece, but the monetary benefits come only secondary. The passion for crafting a masterpiece drives the photographers. But when running a business, it is worth considering the financial aspect of it. Like any other art form, photographs are also artistic expressions by the photographer.

A photograph, however, tells many tales. A picture captured freezes a particular movement in time. The movement captured in the image survives as long as the image stays.

Photography is a hobby for many. You can turn that hobby into a lucrative business though the market is highly competitive.

1. Stock photography websites

One of the ways you can earn revenue from the photographs is to sell them on stock photography websites like iStock, BigStock, Shutterstock, and Flicker. To sell the pictures on these websites, you can enlist a contributor by signing up on the website. After signing up on the website, you must complete the steps to become a contributor.

  • Give relevant documents to verify identity.

  • Read the guideline very carefully to comprehend the submission guidelines

  • Upload the images with the relevant details

  • Finally, submit for review 

2. Take part in photography contests

Take part in photography contests. Don’t just get carried away by the thoughts that you don’t have skills and the content may be crowded. You have to set aside such thoughts and take part in the contest. Winning the contest comes secondary. You have to consider it a learning opportunity and meet like-minded professionals. There may be a few things you can learn from them. Doing so will heighten your confidence level, and work on your skills to improve them. If you win the contest, that’ll boost your business.

3. Start a blog or Youtube channel

You can start a photography blog or a youtube channel. On those platforms, you can share the knowledge, experience, and tricks you acquired over a very long career. That will be a massive inspiration to budding photographers. You can also utilize these platforms to share your review and opinions about the camera gear. You can also review other necessary equipment.

It is also advisable to research topics that people frequently search online. So you can develop content targeting them and improve the visibility of your blog or youtube channel. Remember that if you are to make these, it has to gain some traction among the audience.


4. Sell images online

Over the years, you may have clicked terrific pictures. You can try to sell them online, for there are people who would be interested in buying them. You can put up the images for sales on your website. You can sell your pictures through a third party if that's impossible. The third party will have the photos sold to the buyers and pay a commission for each sale. The third party entrusted with the task would approach the prospectus buyers, make a deal and sell them.

Another method you can adopt to make money from the pictures taken is selling them yourself. That is a bit tedious. You must print out the photos and approach restaurants or cafes to sell them there. You can agree on a commission for every sale made. Moreover, the customers at the cafés or restaurants will see the photos you have captured.

5. Create travel content

If you love traveling and photography, you can make money from both. Travel content is in great demand by newspapers and magazines. You are constantly on the lookout for new content. So you can create new content and try selling it to them. If you have a flair for writing, you can offer a package deal. You can write an article and photos to sell them. Therefore, take not only outstanding pictures but also ones with a tale to tell the readers. Apart from newspapers and magazines, you sell the travel content you have created to tour operators, airlines, travel companies, or even the local dailies.

6. Wedding photography

Wedding photography has always been lucrative as you can generate significant revenue. It is because of the time, effort, and attention to detail required. Not only the monetary benefit, but you also capture and be part of someone’s unique movements. Since it is rewarding comes the responsibility and pressure from the job. It would help if you had enough practice before you take up such serious projects.

7. Photo Galleries

You can sell the photos to local photo galleries. Before you attempt, you must know what sells and what does not. You can make revenue from selling prints to the galleries. For instance, the photos warm the memories of local areas, such as viewpoints and landmarks. Remember that if there are people in your pictures, then it will not sell. Children-centric pictures seem to interest people that may sell.

You have to inquire about the local galleries if they could feature your images. If possible, you can also discuss the price.

8. Club photography

That is a particular category of photography we have listed for a reason. Any well-established nightclubs have promoters. The promoters would want photos from the nightclub. You can render your service to them by clicking pictures.

Significant nightclub photographers are in their early 20s. If you want some experience, take your camera and head to a nightclub.

9. Real Estate Photography

You can earn money by clicking pictures for interior designers or real estate agents. First, identify who you want to work with, and inquire about the charges. You have to offer a package yourself. Networking plays a crucial role in getting gigs. So you have to build one.

10. Work for other photographers

Suppose you want to make money and do not want to venture alone. You can work for other well-known photographers. You have to have an outstanding portfolio when approaching famous photographers. The photographers often need assistance. You can wait as and when the assignments come.

11. Share the photos on social media

Instagram is an ideal platform to showcase and sell images. You can direct the potential customers to a third-party website to sell the pictures. You can also sell photographs to businesses and blogs that constantly need photos.


When running a business, organizing schedules has always been a hassle. Picktime is an affordable appointment scheduling software to prosper your business. It manages the schedules and sends automated messages via email or SMS. That enhances the customer experience.

In conclusion, by following these eleven tips, you can make more money with your photography business. Remember to keep your focus on providing quality services and products to your clients, and to market yourself effectively. With a little hard work and some strategic planning, you can make your photography business a success.

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