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CrowdforThink is an open platform which allows anyone who agrees to signup to write a article.

Head over to CrowdforThink, if you have not signed up or signed in you will be redirected to create an account or login, follow the steps and you will be redirected to Profile. Where you can found "Write a Story"

  • Authors own the rights to the content. In case of plagiarism/copyright infringement the author will be held liable.
  • Any plagiarised or factually incorrect content reported to the team might get removed even without notifying the author. In ideal cases the author will be notified post the removal of content.
  • Article has non-exclusive rights to the content submitted. It can be displayed on any other platform in any other form by the owner themselves. Owners can also post content that they have posted on other platforms as long as they have the right to do so.
  • Article reserves the right to enable advertisement services on the content posted on the website. The content can also be used to promote Article

You can also fill up contact form and some one will get in touch with you

Additionally you can also

Share your name, mobile number, email ID , website, brief about the startup. Send this email to with the subject line ‘Story Request <startup name>

At no point will anyone contact you to pay for publishing on Blogs. Blogs is our Publisher Network which allows you to publish content, by simply signing up and submitting the article, provided it follows all the guidelines that have been mentioned and the acceptance of the Editorial team to publish the same.

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