10 Marketing Tactics Used by Best Mobile App Development Companies

10 Marketing Tactics Used by Best Mobile App Development Companies

10 Marketing Tactics Used by Best Mobile App Development Companies

Successful mobile application development company always uses the best marketing tactics prior to launching their mobile app. Thus, developing a mobile application isn’t just enough. Knowing the ways to apply mobile app marketing strategies will aid you to outreach maximal.

Let's take a scenario,

Your app has beguiling & captivating UI/UX, Substantial features for any user to stay engaged with your app but still couldn’t convert the necessary audience. Why? Because you might have lacked in promoting it properly.

So, without taking an extra minute, we will share 10 best marketing tactics, so that you get the best of your hard work.

First, Scrutinize the targeting audience -

Top mobile app development company do not target the audience around the globe. They first outreach a particular group of audience that may include a particular region or demographics, psychographics, habits 7 lifestyle. This way you will be able to grab the attention of the audience better for your mobile app.

Second, Analyze your Niche Competitors -

Definitely, this marketing strategies type works. Observing how they are using their marketing tactics to captivate more and more audience will aid you. You can learn and implement it in your business & make amendments like - improving processes, overcoming navigational challenges & more.

Third,  Apprise before launch -

This app marketing strategy is quite effective, notify your targeting audience about your big launch. Let you audience know about your upcoming launch and tell them how it's going to assist them in their lives. You can involve the fourth marketing tactics within third for better persuasion.

Fourth, Create a video content -

Many of the best mobile app development company include this marketing strategies for marketing plan. Because, we remember video content more than anything & an interesting video marketing strategy would help in achieving the desired result. Have a fun and interactive video on one of the powerful tools, YouTube.

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Fifth, Approach through social networks -

Marketing strategies social media is again of the most powerful methods to spread the word about your app. Social networks helps you access to important information about the user. This marketing research can help build ads to promote your product and grab their attention.  

Sixth, optimize your app store -

Most of the users will only click and install the app in the first 10 list. Create an effective store page, alter your description, put up a catchy icon. Your product must be distinguished from all other put up on the shelf called “Play Store” or “iTunes”.

Seventh, allow generic to act as influencers -

Instead of using or requesting a celebrity for your endorsement, you can make use of 4-5 ordinary people. Their reviews will have an influence on the audience as “word of mouth” and more powerful than a celebrity's words.

Eighth, Add all kinds of reviews -

Before installing any app, customers do read the number of star ratings and reviews.his marketing strategies type is again very efficacious. If you get all of them positive, it might look fake whereas adding more of negative will not help. You must put the genuine reviews for your app.

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Ninth, Make a Landing page -

Most of the mobile application development company create a mobile app landing page. It is again of the creative and surprising marketing tactics. You can add a lot of ingredients in you mobile app landing page - like the name of the application, its features, its promotional video, clear call to action (CTA) & more.

Tenth, Measure the mobile app’s KPI -

Last but not least, after the successful launch of a mobile application, regular analysis of its performance is necessary. It is also one of the mobile app marketing strategies.Your app’s KPI will give you the best insights of the - app downloads, daily active users, monthly active users, stickiness rate, daily sessions per DAU (daily app usage), retention rate,&  Churn ratio.

Conclusion -

Follow these mobile app marketing tactics to propagate. Use social media & video to spread the word and investigate what marketing strategies your competitors are using. To have more retention rate and more active users, you would want to make improvements in your app. Ask user’s about the issues, fix them, get updates regularly to fix bugs & more to keep going seamlessly.


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