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7 Fascinating Facts about Video Games You Might Not Know

7 Fascinating Facts about Video Games You Might Not Know

Today, almost every person you meet is a gamer. Statistics show that there are over 2.5 billion gamers worldwide, and, in 2019, the global video games market reported a revenue of around $138.7 billion. You can also find major tournaments that showcase the talents of individuals playing video games, with prizes that usually amount to tens of millions of dollars.

Indeed, it can’t be argued that video games are so popular nowadays. Gamers love playing video games because it provides them entertainment, joy, and challenge. But, aside from the good things just mentioned, there are other fascinating facts related to video games that you probably didn’t know.

A Man From Texas Holds the Biggest Collection of Video Games

If you think you’re a hardcore gamer, think again. According to the Guinness World Record, Antonio Monteiro earns the title of having the biggest collection of video games.

Monteiro owns 20,139 video games, featuring game titles that can be played on the earliest to the latest gaming consoles. Indeed, it’s among the most wtf fun facts related to video games.

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The Inspiration of The Sims Was a House Fire

A hapless incident inspired game designer Will Wright to create the all-time favorite life simulation video game, The Sims. Wright’s house was burned down in 1991, where almost all of his possessions went into ashes.

When he started to rebuild his home, he had an idea of a game where a player could build a virtual house. That was when The Sims was created.

A Video Game Can Take A Developer to Spend Millions

There’s a lot of stuff that is put into developing a single video game. That’s why it’s not surprising that game producers often invest millions of dollars in their projects.

One great example is Rockstar North, which spent around $137 million to create Grand Theft Auto V. But, just a few days since the release of GTA V, the video game development company garnered more than $1 billion sales.

The First-Ever Video Game Played in Space Was Tetris

Yes, you heard it right. Tetris (the Game Boy version) was the first-ever video game played outside the Earth. This happened in 1993 when astronaut Aleksandr Serebrov played the popular video game aboard the Soyuz TM-17 rocket.

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The First eSports Tournament Happened in the 1970s

The Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics was the first-ever eSports tournament in the world. It was organized by Stanford University’s Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence on October 19, 1972, and its first eSports champion was Stewart Brand, a biology student at the said university.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the Longest Game to Finish

Have you ever tried playing a video game that took you eons to finish? If not, perhaps you haven’t tried Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. This video game will surely test your endurance and patience (maybe you wouldn’t leave your house when you start to play it), as it takes 693 hours to finish on average.

Super Mario Mushrooms are Based on Psychedelic Shrooms

The psychedelic mushroom Amanita muscaria was the inspiration for the magic mushrooms in Super Mario games.

In the game, your character gets bigger every time the mushroom is ingested. In real life, when you take Amanita muscaria, you will also ‘feel’ bigger due to the psychoactive components muscimol and ibotenic acid contained in this real-life plant.


Playing video games is one of the best forms of entertainment that you can have nowadays. But, before you play another game next time, make sure to research some stuff related to video games to increase your knowledge. For sure, you will discover a lot of facts about video games that will blow your mind.

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