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Top 6 Amazing Reasons To Learn German In India

Top 6 Amazing Reasons To Learn German In India

Okay. So, what’s the popular belief among people or more common among Indians? They think- out of the available popular languages in the world like French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, and German, German is not an obvious first choice. Let’s face it but it’s true. However, the growing number of German learners speak volumes about its importance, especially among Indians. There has to be a reason why so many eager learners have decided to hop on board the German train.

There must be good reasons why this language is a good investment. German is a worthwhile choice not just from a linguistic point of view, but also offers economic opportunity, networking potential, and cultural gain.

Indians by nature are often curious about learning new things, be its science, art, or culture. When it comes to learning a new language, we start thinking about its pros and cons and jump at its scope and its advantages. So, if are you are an Indian and still on the fence about giving the language a try, or if you are already a student of German and looking for reassurance that you are not wasting your time then this article will show you it’s a German well worth learning!

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1. German is fairly easy to master

Let’s debunk the myth that German is hard. This myth has been propagated because of all the jokes that are being made about it being an impossible language. The fact is if you are an English speaker, the ball is already in your court.

And with the right resources, one can cut through the difficult parts of the language. The key is to find the program that works best for your learning style, and you will soon realize how easy it can be to learn German.

In India there are various famous institutes in Mumbai providing advanced German courses or German classes. You can choose the best German institute in Mumbai and learn German in Mumbai.

2. Germany is the land of inventors and innovators

Germany is the country of poets and thinkers. A large percentage of the world’s most impressive achievements were first conceived of in German and over one hundred Nobel Prizes belong to some brilliant Germans for their accomplishments in the field of physics, medicine, chemistry, literature. And this is excluding the prizes awarded to people from the other two major German-speaking countries - Austria and Switzerland. Additionally, major recipients from other nations received their training and education at German universities. With the advanced German language courses in Mumbai you can achieve a decent level of German. In addition, you can join German language classes in Mumbai for a better learning exposure.

3. An important language of academia

With these big numbers of award-winning scientists from Germany, it’s not surprising that it has become very important in the academic community. Going by the fact, it ranks 2nd as the most commonly used scientific language. Why it’s high standing in the science community is the fact that German universities have an excellent international reputation. It is considered the 4th most popular destination for students from abroad with more and more foreigners being enrolled in German schools.

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4. An economic powerhouse

It is not only an interesting option for academics but also the business world. Germany is the biggest economy within the European Union and the fourth largest worldwide, home to numerous international corporations and new technologies; one should consider brushing up on their Deutsch. Knowing the language of your German business partners will improve your chances for effective communication and successful professional relationships. German language skills on your resume will help you get into the door of big corporations. German-speaking countries are home to a large number of economic global players like Siemens, Volkswagen, Adidas, and Lufthansa. 

German capital Berlin is developing into a hub for innovative startups and entrepreneurs opening multiple doors for Indians and inviting them to collaborate. 

5. German Is A Popular Language In India

In India, German has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. It has become the 2nd most popular language after French. It all started way back in 1957. The Max Mueller Bhavan which is affiliated with the German embassy was inaugurated in Kolkata in the year 1957 with the sole aim to make German language classes popular and accessible to Indian learners. Finding a teacher would also not be difficult, at least in major cities like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. 

6. German presence on the Internet

With a dominant Internet presence with over 17 million Internet domains. 

Talking about presence, it is one of the top languages written on the Internet after English and Russian.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll today and learn German like a pro.

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