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Top 10 Gadgets to Buy This Christmas and New Year 2020

Top 10 Gadgets to Buy This Christmas and New Year 2020

Gadgets have become a part of our everyday life and we use a lot of gadgets and gizmos these days. Every family has a tech geek and gifting them some of the best innovative gadgets this Christmas would be a great idea. Before start investing your hardly earned money on quality gadgets makes sure buy gadgets worth of every penny invested.

No matter if you are looking to buy gift items for your family members, friends, and guests or even for yourself, the fact is that you should go with some of the best and worthy gift items. You should work on creating a well researched shopping list and if that particular list is going to be more tech friendly then you will surely find this post about top 10 gadgets to buy this Christmas helpful and satisfying.

When it comes to buy gadgets we often go with few limited options such as watch, headphones, speakers, smartphones, tablets etc. These gadgets are great no doubt but you should invest on few latest and innovative gizmos these Christmas and festive season.

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Let’s not babble more and start the list:


Nowadays watches aren’t capable in only telling time and date, they can do a lot of smart things that wasn’t possible earlier. A good quality smartwatch would be a better gift option for a tech geek and he/she would surely love this upgraded version of digital wristwatch.

When it comes to smartwatch brands no doubt there are many and those brand offers hundreds of smartwatches loaded with tons of unique and exciting features. It’s better to own a smarter version of wristwatch when you know you will have to deal with a lot of tech things in your daily life. If you aren’t convinced yet let me provide few more reasons.

  • Smartwatches do more than just telling time
  • Comparatively better location finder
  • Help you find lost devices nearby if connected over wireless network
  • A better fitness and activity tracker
  • Help users to access their social networks and make calls
  • Comes with longer battery life if compared to smartphones

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2.Home Assistant

The time of smart home accessories integrated with Artificial Intelligence have come and you should also equip your house with few of them. Smart home devices of multiple genres are available right now such as home assistants, smart doorbells, smart CCTV’s, smart electric plugs, smart kitchen gadgets and many more.

These smart home gizmos are programmed to a lot of tasks in a much smarter way. Think of a home assistant capable in responding to your voice commands and act accordingly. Yes, that’s possible with Google home assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby etc.

Few top features of Amazon Alexa home assistant featured here

  • Play music
  • Creates shopping list
  • Provide weather, sports, news updates and many more
  • Controls other smart home devices
  • Make calls and texts hands free

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3.Nintendo Switch

Gaming consoles are one of the staple tech gifts and these consoles have come a long way of up-gradation. When it comes to premium quality gaming consoles, Nintendo considered as one of the top brands. The best thing about gaming consoles are they are capable in appeasing everyone despite their age and gender and that’s why it could be a better gift option these Christmas and other festive seasons.

Key Features:

  • Comes with different playing mode
  • Its Joy-Con controllers provide users complete game-play flexibility
  • Share your achievements
  • Provides best user interface and experience
  • Lets you  play high-end graphics video games
  • Long lasting battery life

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4.Mini Camera Drone

Drones are one of the top futuristic tech gadgets and you must buy one for yourself this Christmas. If you love to spend time capturing real to life images and photos then a quality camera drone will help you explore your photography skills.

Camera drones provides a completely new way of seeing the things around. Camera drones are being used widely these days for multiple purposes including photography, security, geo-mapping, rescue, fire fighting etc. Camera drones comes with a lot of innovative and specific features thus you must go with a particular camera drone according to your requirements.

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5.Wireless Charging Pad

Most of the latest smartphones supports wireless charging these days and buying a wireless charging pad would be a great idea. The best thing about these chargers is that they are integrated with high-speed charging technology and juice up compatible smartphones in less time compared to normal USB chargers.

I have recommended Anker PowerWave charging pad for you and it is capable in juicing up your smartphone in minutes. This gadget ensures superior safety to your smartphones and other Qi compatible devices.

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Key Features:

  • High-speed charging
  • Anti-slip design
  • Smartphone case friendly
  • Compatibility: Apple - iPhone 11/ Pro/ Pro Max/ iPhone XR/ XS/ X/ X5 Max/ iPhone 8/ 8 Plus
  • Samsung - Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+/ S7/ S7 edge/ S8/ S8+/ S9/ S9+/ S10 /Samsung Note 7/ Note8/ Note9/ Note 10   

6.VR Headset

There was a time when people were crazy for 3D visuals and then video streaming get more advanced with Virtual Reality. A VR headset provides exceptionally different way of content watching experience and if you haven’t experienced yet you must give it a try. Access the VR version of high graphics games, social apps, movies and TV shows by owning a quality headset this Christmas.

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7.Apple TV

Stream 4K HDR content from your 4K TV with the help of Apple TV. This highly advanced streaming box lets you watch your favorite movies and TV shows over voice commands. The Apple TV set produces immersive and 360 degree crystal clear sound thanks to its Dolby Atmos sound technology.

The HDR (High Dynamic Range) streaming feature let it users enjoy content in brighter, real to life, great details. Watch tons of content using preloaded streaming apps such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hopster, Amazon Prime, iTunes, ITV Hub, Now TV and more.

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8.Smartphone Camera Lens

Your smartphone’s camera is great no doubt but it would be awesome if paired with a quality camera lens. Invest on a quality camera lens set to make more from your smartphone’s camera capture best possible photos. Almost every of these lens kit comes with 5+ different lens such as zoom lens, fisheye lens, starburst lens, wide angle lens, macro lens and CPL.

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Advantages and Features:

  • Highly compatible
  • Different lenses add variety to your smartphone’s image capturing capability
  • Light weight, portable and ideal gift option
  • Versatile for capturing great photos conveniently

9.Portable Juicer

Now this is something unique and useful gadget for a health conscious and fitness freak. These portable blenders are equipped with rechargeable Lithium batteries and lasts for up to 12 times once charged fully. Despite their small size these juicers comes with powerful motor and sharp blades.

Unbelievably it takes not more than 20 seconds to make one glass of smoothie, milkshake and juice. The smoothie made will be rich, smooth and fine without leaving fruit residue. USB charging features let its users to charge it even on the go via car and other USB devices.

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Key Features:

  • Volume - 400ml
  • Battery - Dual 2550 mAh battery
  • Base material - ABS
  • Blade - Stainless steel
  • Playtime - Up-to 12 use in single charge

10.Pocket Projector

It’s better to watch a good movie sitting on your couch when there isn’t any reason to stay outside. The concept of projectors isn’t much appreciated these days but these devices always proved worthy. With time projectors have also got some innovative upgrades and still widely used for multiple office work.

A portable projector would be a great gift option for a person owning small office. A pocket projector will make it possible to watch videos during camping and RV rides.

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Bottom Line:

We are getting more and more addicted and obsessed to gadgets these days. Almost every person despite their location, age or gender uses multiple devices and gadgets in their daily life. Some of these gadgets are life saving on the other hand some are capable in doing many daily life tasks.

Portable or wired, gadgets of different genre are making our life easier and help us do the things more conveniently. If you have already created your Christmas shopping list then adding a handful of worthy gadgets and gizmos in that list will be great, no doubt. Best of my good wishes for you, your loved ones and your whole family this Christmas.

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