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Things You Must Know About a Laptop or PC Extended Warranty

Things You Must Know About a Laptop or PC Extended Warranty

While purchasing a new laptop, we take several factors into consideration. The processor (and its generation, if we are talking about Intel Core), RAM size, storage and the type of storage and the size of the laptop display are just a few things we pay close attention to, among other things. So when we leave no stone unturned while buying a new laptop, why do we get cavalier when we talk about the laptop or PC warranty?

Laptop OEMs offer limited warranties when we purchase laptops. However, for most of us, the documentation is nothing more than technical jargon. That said, we realize our worst fears when we accidentally spill something on our laptops or desktops, and only then realize that the brand warranty either does not cover accidental or liquid damage, or that the brand warranty has already expired.

In such cases, we are left with very few options. Most of us realize our error, and approach either the brand’s service centres, or unauthorized technicians (whichever is most cost-effective) to get our devices repaired. But wouldn’t it be much easier if we pay close attention to the warranties to begin with? Let us now take a deeper dive into brand warranties, along with extended warranties.

What are brand warranties?

Laptop OEMs provide warranties to assure you of the product’s durability and reliable operation. In case of any operational damages or manufacturing defects, the brand warranty guarantees that the product would be repaired at no additional cost, or the item would be replaced by the brand.

If you own a Dell laptop, you can check the status of the brand warranty. You can perform a Dell warranty check by going to Dell’s official website, and by visiting the Warranty & Contracts section of the Support page. You then have to enter the Dell Service Tag or a Dell EMC Product ID, after which you can see the warranty status of your laptop.

After performing the Dell laptop warranty check, you can opt for Dell warranty extension, if the brand warranty is about to expire. However, before opting for a warranty extension, here is what you need to know about laptop extended warranty.

Things you must know about extended warranties

Before you purchase an extended warranty either from the brand or from a third-party, it is imperative that you ask the following questions.

  • Transferable warranty: Let us assume that you had taken extended warranty while purchasing the laptop itself, but after a year, you want to sell the laptop to someone else to upgrade your device. In that case, you would want to transfer the extended warranty to the person who is willing to purchase the laptop. The question then arises: can you transfer the warranty? There are certain third-party services that offer transferable warranties, which is a safe option particularly for businessmen, working professionals and students, who might want to upgrade their laptops at a later date.

  • What’s covered (and not covered): Most of the benefits of extended warranties lie in the fact that extended warranties often cover what brand warranties do not, such as accidental damages, loss due to theft, and scratches on the display. Thus, you have to understand what is covered under the extended warranty, and what isn’t.

  • House visits, pick-up and delivery: Most of the third-party companies also send technicians to your house to look at the laptop and arrange for doorstep pick-up and delivery of the product. 

However, there are a few third-party companies that do not offer this service, and you would have to physically take your laptop to the service center, which would take considerable time and effort. Thus, before purchasing an extended warranty, you have to do your due diligence, and read the fine print to understand what the third-party offers, and what is -- and isn’t -- covered under the extended warranty.

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Shailendra Kumar
Shailendra Kumar

Shailendra Kumar is an experienced Financial Consultant & Tech Reviewer who has 6+ years of experience in the field of finance and technology.

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