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The 5 Most Common Mistakes of Companies in Social Media Marketing

The 5 Most Common Mistakes of Companies in Social Media Marketing

Increasingly "trendy", the world of social media has begun to conquer a wider and wider audience and so companies also begin to evaluate this tool to communicate strategically and promote their company. The entrepreneurs who approach this world, however, sometimes do it in a somewhat improvised way not having a whole series of basic and strategic knowledge that inevitably lead to making more or less serious mistakes .

So here we offer you a review of the most common and recurring ones and how to avoid them .

1. Having an account for each social or more than one

Being present on all social platforms does not mean promoting yourself effectively; in fact you have to carefully evaluate which of the social networks that we have available can be more suitable for intercepting the type of user we want to reach with our services and products.

Furthermore, having too many accounts can lead to abandoning some of them and therefore frustrating their potential. It is better to have a single social network open but always updated and managed by a competent person.

Another widespread mistake is not having a single and official page but having more than one, or worse still having a profile for your company instead of a page. Some social networks make a distinction between the profile and the page, the first is usually intended for a natural person and the second is instead designed for entities and companies.

2. Don't have a strategy

Having a profile does not just mean writing, in fact you need to know what to write and plan your trips according to a strategy that has clear and realistic goals . Writing at random means losing opportunities. It is important to have in mind the contents of the texts but also the frequency of publication, the register to be used, what reputation we want to build, who we want to contact and who to entrust the management of the various tasks. With a linear strategy at the beginning it will be easier to be able to correct the shot halfway if we realize that we are not getting the desired results .

3.Error in content

Forget the most important aspect of social media: people go there for fun, to have fun and they certainly don't want to be bombarded with advertisements and slogans with a pure and simple description of the products. The public must be involved by telling their story with simple and funny posts, without falling into the banal. This does not mean that you should not share information on services and products but simply be interspersed with other lighter content; the goal in the end is always to convert fans into loyal customers, so knowing the tastes of your fans will serve to produce content designed especially for them.

Another bad idea, in the case of managing multiple social networks, is to use the exact same post on all social networks,each social has its own because with different audiences that require different languages.

Mileage posts made only of hashtags. Nothing could be more wrong than being hard to read, with the hash tag you should only aim to find the post for your topic , one with the main topic and at most two correlates will be more than enough.

And finally, promoting advertising with poor content is useless, the quality, in the long term, brings more results than paid campaigns on nothing.

4. Measure success by numbers

Having 1000 likes doesn't automatically translate into a successful social marketing strategy. It makes no sense to have all those fans if none of them are active, read and interact with posts. It is certainly important to have a network as dense as possible to reach as many customers as possible, but if there are only relatives and friends or random people among the connections, this certainly will not help your company grow. Try to follow the market leaders in your sector, stand out for the quality of what you publish and your followers will grow independently.

5. Ignore the results

After publishing a post, the work on social media is not finished. Ignoring the impact of our publications and ignoring both negative and positive feedback comments are all very wrong practices. Responding to a negative comment is even more important than responding to positive ones. This is where your brand reputation is built . It is also useful to use all the analysis tools that the social network makes available in order to refine the strategy and get to know your audience better.

The most important phase begins with the impact assessment of our strategy; by monitoring the responses received, the number of shares, the one I like and studying why the objective was not achieved in the event of negative results.

In conclusion, each company has or can have its community in the network between the various social networks so it is up to you, as experts in your sector, to recognize and analyze your community to understand trends and act consistently. Knowing the users who follow the company is essential and this data often changes from one social platform to another.

The management of social networks or 'social media management', therefore, is not such a foregone practice, for this it may be necessary the help of a professional of web marketing to direct the work already undertaken or to be guided.

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Parveen Rawal
Parveen Rawal

Content Writer

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