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How to Properly and Effectively Use a Dab Rig Without Wasting Your Concentrate

How to Properly and Effectively Use a Dab Rig Without Wasting Your Concentrate

As the dangers of smoking are getting clearer day after day, people are looking to other ways of enjoying the medicinal advantages of cannabis. Vaping is one of those ways, and the phenomenon of dabbing is also increasing rapidly. Dabbing refers to the inhalation of vapor produced by the heating of wax concentrates.

So, you probably just tried dabbing, and you fell in love with it immediately. Now, you've purchased your dab rig, or you're probably ready to invest in it, but like many beginners, you're a little intimidated by the wide range of dab rigs available. Hearing terms like "bangers," "propane torch," and "dome" can make you feel like a fish that just got out of water. For you to get the best dabbing experience, it pays to learn about a wide variety of dab rigs. But before that, you need to familiarize yourself with the equipment you need to dab and learn how to use a dab rig without wasting your wax concentrates.

We want you to have a safe and fun experience, that's why we will be showing you how to dab with a dab rig without wasting whatever extract you want to dab. Read on.

All the Equipment You Need

The method of ingestion called dabbing will require more than just a dab rig. There are some essential dabbing accessories you should know before you begin your dabbing. They are:


A nail or banger allows you to put your dab on. They are made of titanium or quartz glass and ceramic. Titanium bangers are the strongest, but you need to season them before use.

Propane Burner

You need an efficient propane burner to heat the nail or banger.


You need a dabber to grip the dabs and place it on the nail. Since you're a beginner, dabbers that have a spoon at one end is recommended, as this model will make it easier for you to select the dabs and place them gently where they need to be.

Silicone Container

It allows you to store your dab concentrates.

Steps to Follow to Use a Dab Rig!

Step 1: Fill your dab rig with enough water so that it bubbles when you draw air through it.

Step 2: Insert your nail/banger into the joint. Then scoop a little amount of dab with your dabber. Hold it at the end so that it doesn't fall off easily.

Step 3: Heat the nail with the propane torch until it turns red hot. Ensure the propane torch isn't directed towards the glass, otherwise you will break it. As soon as it starts to turn red, stop the heating.

If the dab nail is electronic, you can skip this step. All you need do is turn it on and set it to the right temperature. For the optimum temperature, we recommend keeping the nail between 550-650 °F. This temperature will give you that delicious taste.

Step 4: Wait for ten to forty seconds for the nail to cool. The taste gets better the longer you wait. However, don't wait too long, else, your entire dab may not be vaporized by the nail.

Do's and Don'ts When Using a Dab Rig

Do: Set a timer. This will let you know when the optimum temperature coiling of your nail is achieved.

Don't: Never smoke your dab. It's wax vaporize it, not combust it.

Do: Use wipes to sanitize the mouthpiece and keep the dab rig clean at all times. Also, keep the dabber clean for future use by removing debris.

Don't: Never dab excessively. All you need is dab the size of half a grain of rice, which will provide you with a very potent effect.

Now, you're ready! If you follow all of these techniques, then you're guaranteed an enjoyable dabbing journey.

Good luck and enjoy dabbing!

Where Can I Buy my Dab Rigs & other Dabbing Tools

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