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15 Ways Social Media and Technology Have Changed Real Estate Investing

15 Ways Social Media and Technology Have Changed Real Estate Investing

Technology and social media are transforming the way most businesses operate. For real-estates especially, they have reaped amazing benefits. From online trading to cryptocurrencies, real estate investing has become efficient.

When looking for an affordable option to invest in the right mortgage recruiters and transaction apps, even the best investors rely on the Internet. This is because it is filled with informative sites that provide complete guidance related to the latest advancements and trends in the industry. You can also make the most of your real estate business by knowing about the ways social media and technology are changing the investing landscape.


Terminals have been facilitating the world of investment since the 1960s. While the earliest models could only display stock quotes, the advanced models can use cloud-based software. This enables them to provide information to investors related to real-time pricing, execute trades, and communicate with market competitors and customers.


Email Campaigns

With email marketing, entrepreneurs can know about interested clients with ease. So, by producing the relevant content, you can ensure that your clients open their emails and gain more information about your business.


Responsive Websites

Internet and social media have given real estate businessmen new platforms to reach out to their clients with ease. They can keep track of the latest market trends through the Internet and invest in resources and products that are likely to be successful in the market. Thus, websites and the Internet enable investors to plan in an efficient way.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Through PPC, businessmen can reach clients who are genuinely interested in their offer. By using social media platforms and keyword search histories, they can gain information about such individuals and reach out to them with ease.


Circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are crucial to ensure stability in real estate financial markets. When prices become volatile, circuit breakers help in stopping an ongoing trade. This, in turn, helps in unnecessary trade on an exchange or security during a market crash or boom. 


Online Trading

Online trading has reduced the need for a broker in making transactions in a significant way. Before the development of online trading platforms, investors had to hire a broker and advisor to invest. Now, individuals can get all the information related to ongoing prices online and engage in selling and buying activities by themselves. 


Smart Phones

In the earlier days, people had to rely on newspapers and events to access the latest real estate news. Now, investors can rely on their smartphones and the Internet to access it and execute trades with ease. Modern-day investment does not need an office. It only requires access to a stable Internet service.   


Finance Apps

Real estate businessmen and investors can keep track of their daily finances and investments through the latest finance apps. Apps like Quicken, Mint, and LearnVest extra enable people to manage their budgets. These apps have a user-friendly interface and even allow users to pay bills and benchmark their investments.


Big Data

Big data has facilitated the real estate businessmen to know about the latest market trends and gather required information about the client easily. The advanced analytics can also help them to check the transparency of various investments and detect fraudulent trading activities. The investors can manage their portfolio, predict trends, and measure market sentiment through big data.


Social Media Content

By doing the sentiment analysis and tracking the effect that news has on global markets, real estate businessmen can effectively employ social media to succeed in the long run. Things such as tweets and social media posts can shape the market in many ways. So, real estate investment can directly get affected by it. 


Real Estate Portals

Various online portals are allowing buyers to access the real estate market transparently and easily. Portals like Zillow and Trulia extra are the leading platforms in this area. Before the development of such platforms, people relied on newspapers and realtors to find houses and properties. Now people can see photos and videos of the properties before buying. Doing so can enable them to compare properties and negotiate with the seller. 



Algorithms are being used by the real estate sector to manage the timing and trading volume easily. This can help the investors to complete orders without the fear of any bias.


Peer to Peer Lending

It allows investors to loan money to single or group buyers through online streamlined platforms. In contrast with the equity returns, the investors receive adequate interest for the loans that are not secure.



Real estate investment has been quite prone to fraud and manipulation because of the traditional payment systems. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies, investors can make payments without any fear of manipulation.



These are the latest tools that enable investors to make financial plans easily. From managing high-volume recruitment to handling intangible assets for your real estate business, you can use this technology for developing amazing financial plans. With minimal commission fees, these plans can help in hiring experts and reducing costs.

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