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Top 8 Tips for a Successful Travel Booking Mobile App

Top 8 Tips for a Successful Travel Booking Mobile App

This is a mobile-driven world. If you are running a business, i.e. product-based or service-based, it is mandatory to have a mobile app. Nowadays, people are dependent on mobile applications like food, travel, health, fashion, etc.

Statista report shows that mobile apps are expected to grow $935 billion in revenue by 2023. In fact, nypost study shows that the average Americans check their phone every 12 minutes & 10% of users check their phone once in every four minutes. 

And this is huge! If you are looking for your travel booking mobile app development, we’ve added various tips that will help you excel in your mobile app.


6 Tips for a Successful Travel Booking Mobile App:


1. Know Your Targeted Audience:

To develop a successful travel booking app, you need to follow the FTF method i.e. first things first. Before you step forward, you need to know who will use your travel app to make it successful. This will help you to understand who your audience is, how potential is your app idea. You can also examine how to communicate with your targeted audience.

How will you do it?

  • Search for the travel booking app stats
  • Check what is trending in the travel app
  • Create a Google forum
  • Conduct a poll on social media platforms
  • Develop an MVP version of your mobile app
  • Generate the report of user feedback


2. Represent your Travel Business Model:

Globally app developers mainly choose to construct apps by various advertising-based business models. Established travel companies earn more from video ads. It is the most popular revenue stream.

Every business has its own advantages and drawbacks. How you choose your business model is important how smart you are will show over here. As always, you can start by analyzing what your competitors are doing. If it doesn’t work this time, it will work next time and if it worked this time, it will work again. 

This is a universal rule that not every successful travel mobile app has generated a profit in the initial period. There are times when you need to develop an app to save money or optimize a business process.




3. Research about your Competitors:

Once you have done the travel business model research, you have figured out your application's revenue stream. Now it's time to study the similar travel apps which have already covered the travel business.  

You can learn from your competitors about their unique features or else about their business model too. This will give you a crystal clear idea about how you can rank your app in the market from 1 to 10 and accordingly, you can make the necessary changes before you live your travel booking app.


4. Understand Android/iOS Market:

If you have a startup, it might be difficult for you to develop the application on both the Operating System, i.e. Android and iOS.  There is one effective way to do this is to implement a cross-platform application development framework.

There are pros and cons in developing the mobile travel app in both OS, but research shows that Android is the market leader in developing mobile apps. Android currently has 2.8 billion applications available for download. And Compared to that, iOS apps are more profitable. So choosing the platform should be your priority.


5. Unique and Creative UI/UX:

Designing is the key to a successful mobile app. This is related to both B2B and B2C businesses. Users are looking for simple yet creative UI/UX. 

For example, before decades, there was an app named "Food Panda" the company was providing the same service that "Zomato" does currently. But the Food Panda app was not that attractive as Zomato.

There are various benefits of well-structured UI/UX. A well-thought registration process will lead to better user acquisition and higher development users. The same can be implemented with well-designed onboarding. 


6. Choose the Development Team Wisely:

The quality of your travel booking mobile app depends on the ability, talent and output of your travel mobile app development. Creative thinking and efficient app development execution are difficult to pair. 

A single app developer can complete the app developing project but teamwork is more effective. They will provide you the tech experts and also support your market success. 

Mobile app developers really like to be involved in the project, as they are passionate about the technology they work on and have numerous ideas on it.

Before hiring a travel mobile app developer, make sure that your development team has a wide area of skills to communicate effectively and more on, they can understand the project you've given.


7. Security is the Priority:

Mobile app security should become the priority of mobile app developers as it threatens the entire system. Nowadays, users link their bank account information, access keys, medical information, personal data and much more to the application they download.

To ensure mobile security is not an easy process, especially when you are in a plan to identify a threat in a given app.


8. Test the apps for 365 days 24 hours:

Launching an app doesn't complete your task. There should be regular marketing more than testing should be done regularly. Every developer wants that the app they develop should stay in the market, so don't forget to keep your app updated and introduce something new constantly. 
Develop new and attractive features to keep your app up to date. Regular updates will help you to earn more from the developed app. For a user-friendly app, introduce new features and fix the bugs. Never forget the actual reason for the app development. 


Final Words:

Developing a successful travel mobile app is a matter of fact, design, innovation and creative marketers. It is not mandatory to have a sound knowledge of app development. You can hire an expert for a travel mobile app developer. You need to scribe your plan, your ideas and developer will develop accordingly and smoothly.


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Milap Chavda
Milap Chavda

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