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Some Best Ways to Deal with your Elderlies

Some Best Ways to Deal with your Elderlies

O Allah please feast my eyes with the ultimate glory of your House before they shut down forever! Please call me to touch your House before my life comes to an end!. No doubt you can do anything, everything! Granny used to utter this soulful supplication after every prayer.

After returning from a hectic 9am to 5pm too much work loaded routine, I used to turn to my kids without spending a due and quality time with her. Just a one day was enough to change my life when I got up suddenly at midnight with the voice “water! Water!  Please somebody give me water! I ran into her room fetch her a glass of water and rubbed her back. Gave her some relaxants and kept waiting for her high BP to come to a normal.  She went to sound slumber just right after I kissed at her forehead.

She is the piteous gem lady of our house. She is only one protecting us with the spiritual shield of her prayers. AlHamdulilah, I wasn’t too late to realize this worthy treasure of our home.  At that very day I decided to make her last Umrah wish to be fulfilled at any cost. So last year I took my pious Granny with my whole family to spend a familia spiritual time at the soulful site of Kaaba. Due to my smart choice of the best family package from many different Family Umrah Packages, we had a quality contented Umrah with no difficulty at all.

 Another reason for this super soothing Umrah time was the unending prayers of my granny.  

You Don’t Need a Grandparent’s Day for your elderlies

 You may be thinking why I have written this story of my granny?  The answer to this also lies in this very story.  You know our elders like our grand mentors are the blessed cause of our lives.  We must never forget their untiring sacrifice of their youthful time in making our parents capable of a sound contented upbringing.

As Muslim youth, it becomes our responsibility to cater to their old age emotional and physical needs just like the way they sacrificed their youths in taking care of our parents.

Now as Muslims we must be mindful to what our religion Islam says about the status of our elders in life.

Place of the Elderlies in Islam

Besides being a religion, Islam is the comprehensive way of life. Its distinction from the other religions lies in the notable fact that it encompasses every aspect of a Muslim’s life.  So when It comes to the elderly persons, Islam teaches us to respect them whether they are our parents,  grandparents, relatives or any other older ones we know in our society.

The application of the Holy Prophet (SAW)’s teachings and instructions in our life surely help us in bridging the generation gap between young and the old.  He (SAW) has advised us to love, respect and care to our old and elderlies. Through this Allah (SWT) would also create ease in our old age. In this regard, the Holy Prophet (SAW) has said that “If a young man honors an elderly on account of his age, Allah appoints someone to honor him in his old age.” (At-Tirmidhi)

He (SAW) has also declared that “He is not one of us who does not show mercy to our young ones and esteem to our elderly.”(At-Tirmidhi ).

Some Interesting tips to treat our elderlies

In these busiest times of 21st century, the youth is overwhelmingly engulfed in the sprightliness of their youthful days. So don’t pay the due heed towards their elders and parents. Here I would like to share some interesting ways to get hooked up with your elderlies to bring smiles on their faces.

Be Patient

It’s really possible to lose patience with the elderly, especially when they tend to enforce their own opinions on us.  So it’s the real test of your patience. It’s the time for you to show respect through your actions.  It’s empathically advised to maintain silence and patience before your elderly fellows.

Sit with them and listen to their Stories

My granny was very happy with me. She is no more with us today. But I can recall how I managed my Sundays to listen to her stories.  So it’s very beautiful way to show an utmost respect and earn Allah’s protection after their prayers. Besides this, its highly advised to seek their insightful advise in your important matters to get the sound inkling for yourself

Involve them in learning Technology

It’s the world of science and technology. If you are enjoying the perks of high tech system, then it’s the right of your elders as well to get to know it.  It’s possible that the today’s mobile phone system may not make sense to them. But you must sit down, explain it to them and figure them out with them.

Offer a Helping Hand

Due to the old age factor, your elders may feel difficulty in walking with fast strides. So another best way to earn the prayers is to offer them a helping hand in walking.

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Sarah Marry

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