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Growing Demand for Smart TVs

Growing Demand for Smart TVs

We are living in an era, where technology is being revolutionized at a rapid pace. We want things to be done within seconds, we want ease and flexibility in our lives. Earlier, TVs were just a source of entertainment, as they received signal from a cable or another A/V source and display the content. Just watch the same repeated media on the dumb TVs and that’s it. Today, where people have gotten smart, TVs have too. The demand for Smart TVs is growing at a faster rate and people are investing a bulky amount to get their hands on a Smart TV, which could make their lives easier.

What is a Smart TV?

Smart TVs are an advanced version of the regular TVs. As regular TVs were only able to receive signals from cable or an HDTV antenna, Smart TVs offer much more. Along with TV viewing option, Smart TVs have revolutionized the meaning of entertainment. You can consider a Smart TV more like a smartphone; it offers internet connectivity, gaming, online streaming, social media platforms and house controlling gadgets. In short, you have the total package of entertainment right in front of you.

As the demand of Smart TVs is rapidly growing, the newer models are equipped with voice recognition tools, integrated smart home features, security controllers and much more. You can check out the Justin Bieber Jackets, to get your hands on an attire that could make you look smart.

Significant growth of Smart TVs in Asia-Pacific

One of the dominating markets for Smart TVs is Asia-Pacific. The demand of Smart TVs is gradually expected to be increased over a certain period. India, Pakistan, China and South Korea are the leading economies which are an emerging consumer of the demand in the region.

The rising popularity of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HOOQ and others are highly in demand in this region.

Expected emphasis of Smart TVs

A gadget, certified with internet capabilities and computing abilities, has an emerging demand in the market. As the demand is increasing, the features of a Smart TV are gradually uprising. Be it searching, streaming, chatting, updated or browsing – a Smart TV has been equipped with every feature that you might want.

Why people prefer Smart TVs today?

Smart TVs, being smart, eases the life of humans. It reduces the need of using a remote or getting another gadget to stream or use internet connectivity. While being at the couch, you can watch normal TV, surf or stream your favorite movie on Netflix or even order a pizza online – Smart TV has got your back. According to surveys, it has been clear that about 79% of the population are interested in controlling their home equipment and chores through their Smart TV. They believe that TV isn’t just a TV anymore, it’s a Smart TV, which acts smart and eases their lives by streaming movies, music, showing recipes, gaming and all what they want.

People are using their Smart TV as a source of entertainment and media nowadays. They do not feel the need of turning on their laptops and streaming a movie online. They can use internet connectivity on their Smart TV and can get every source of media on their TVs. There are some obvious reasons of why people are luring towards a Smart TV nowadays. Below are listed a few of them:

1.Image Quality

The quality of the image shown on a Smart TV is usually HD or Blu ray. As a user, you will cherish the high result of the picture shown on the big screen rather than streaming a movie on your teeny tiny smartphone. The color accuracy along with brightness levels will make you experience the slightest objects in the video.

2.Internet Connectivity

Smart TVs today, comes along with built in Wi-Fi system, which allows them to connect to the internet just like smartphones does. The connection can be automatic and wouldn’t require to be connected every single time. You may stream movies and shows online, download music or videos, browse and surf on social media.

3.Games and Applications

Instead of using a TV to viewing TV screen, using PS4 or Xbox for gaming and smartphones for going through different apps – a Smart TV has it all in one. A Smart TV allows you to play video games with clear graphics and a better colored picture. You will fall in love with the applications feature of the Smart TV. There are certain apps which are pre-installed in the TV and furthermore, you can download several others.

4.Customization of Picture

A Smart TV has the best graphics that would make you cherish the result of the videos, but along with the quality of image, you can also customize the video according to your requirements. If you want to darken the picture you can settle it along with the contrast bar. Be it the speed or sound, you can manage it accordingly. The home menu will allow you to go through the entire customization process.

5.Device Connections

Through multiple USB ports, you can connect several devices to your Smart TV at a time. Whether it the transferring of files, images or music – you can make it all happen. You can connect additional gadgets to your Smart TV, maybe a sound system or a home theatre speaker. Cherish the life of ease and comfort with a Smart TV.


Today, people are seeking ease and comfort in every aspect of life. A Smart TV has been providing ease to people as to manage their daily chores. As they lie on the couch to relax, they do not have to get up to find the remove, voice recognition has made their lives comfortable. They do not have to grab onto their smartphones or laptops to stream a movie online or scroll down social media – in short, Smart TVs have left behind the dumb regular TVs and has revolutionized the meaning of entertainment.

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