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Water Fasting For 7 Days Weight Loss Review

Water Fasting For 7 Days Weight Loss Review

In this article, 2 experiences of 7-day fasting conducted on water by the same person will be considered. The first - in 2008, the second - in 2017. This type of fasting techniques are designed and suggested by the keto forum. If you want to lose your weight and follow a proper diet you can also follow the keto forum.

When there was a proposal to describe my experience of 7-day fasting, I recalled for a long time the details, thoughts, feelings, sensations that I experienced. The full picture did not work out. For clarity and comparison, I decided again, after nine years, to repeat the practice of 7-day fasting in distilled water. Although the person in front of you is one and the same, but the conditions, external environment, consciousness, level of spiritual development and pollution of the body were completely different. And the results of fasting, of course, were different.

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Then I was 21 years old, and information about a healthy lifestyle has just begun to invade my world. I had many diseases and had a number of health problems. Having gained treatment experience in hospitals, I realized that I needed to look for another way. A few months after I gave up drinking alcohol, my brain began to explode information about sanity. At that time, I learned about starvation as a powerful system of purification. I was only interested in my health, I did not think about spiritual development and raising the level of consciousness. Having studied all the information available at that time, I started short practice of fasting. A man can live without food! Yes, it is also useful! I thought all my life that after 7 days of hunger irreversible consequences ensue and a person dies. After all, they told us so at school!

After several practices of 1, 2, 3-day fasting, I decided on a 7-day fast. At that time I was relatively free, there was a lot of time, I could afford to distance myself from everything for a week. And this is a very important point that must be taken into account. The conditions and external conditions during fasting play a very important role in obtaining a positive result from this practice. It is necessary to try to maintain a calm state, not to stay in crowded places, to restrict oneself from communication, to be alone with oneself, with nature. If you wish, you can exercise in physical activity, as well as relax or sleep. I believe that it was thanks to this that my first experience of 7-day fasting on water was successful. The most vivid memories were associated with a change in my consciousness.

On about the 4th, 5th day of fasting, the collapse of the model of the world that had been formed since childhood began. During a walk through the forest, as if from nowhere, information began to come about the structure of the universe, reincarnation, the laws of cause and effect. The knowledge that came to me in 2012 in books and lectures on yoga, during fasting, was broadcast in my head in 2008. At first I did not attach any particular importance to this, but my mind sorted everything out as if on the shelves. And I did not believe in it - I knew that this was true.

At that time, my food was vegetarian, but not very good. Although I tried to rid myself of chemistry, salt and sugar did their job. Therefore, during fasting, my body was actively cleansed, the look was painful, dropped about 10 kg. There were times when I thought that my head would crack with pain, which either subsided or resumed; the internal organs were sick. But this didn’t scare me, because then I saw other values, other goals in life. I was sure that I was on the right track. Perhaps it was this experience that laid the foundation for my spiritual development, and I am grateful to him with all my heart. Very often I think about how my mind did not confuse me and did not even push me to eat something! Perhaps I had no choice then, and he also did not really want to live with the set of diseases that I had. Or maybe.

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And here is 2017. 9 years have passed, and again I am preparing for a 7-day fast on the water . Since 2008, my diet has gradually been adjusted towards easier. At this stage, I am healthy, I teach yoga, I eat only fresh fruits and vegetables, I practice pranayama, concentration, and the Om mantra.

The first day of the famine went great. Energetic uplift, increased concentration in practice, clarity of consciousness. It seemed that 7 days of fasting would pass unnoticed. On the second day, in the morning, I felt fine, slept very well. By dinnertime, my strength suddenly left me: a cotton pad, an diffused state of mind. An enema cleansing procedure quickly returned to life?. In the evening there were headaches, minor, about 20 minutes. More on other days, the head did not hurt. During the evening practice of the mantra, the concentration remained excellent. From the 3rd to the 7th day there was a weakness, I did not want to do anything, but I had to. As soon as possible slept. The most difficult thing was that you had to force yourself to go to class. I had no strength, but I had to conduct 2-3 trainings a day.

From the 4th to the 7th day, in the morning, it became difficult to rise, the body seemed to be a little stony, did not listen. I had to stretch my asanas for stretching, pranayama, to somehow swing and maintain myself in a more or less normal form. The muscle pain from the 4th day of fasting with stretching completely disappeared. The body has become more flexible and liberated. But the cunning mind constantly tried to interfere with the practice of weekly fasting. The body did not want to eat at all, but the mind continued to throw up thoughts that led away from the intention to bring everything to the end. By tricks and workarounds he managed to do it! I "did not go hungry" for 4 hours. From the 4th day of fasting, I was held by willpower, I wanted to finish everything. I think because I had to go to work and talk a lot. There was no way to relax if desired, to be alone with myself, to reflect.

Getting out of a 7-day fasting, adhering to a fruit and vegetable diet, was much easier. Here just conducting classes and other employment benefited, since the fruits were far away :)

It was a good experience. Although he did not discover much new. For myself, I concluded that I would no longer practice prolonged fasting in the absence of time and peace. Once again I became convinced that it is necessary to maintain vigilance and attentiveness more clearly, otherwise a restless mind can interfere; that success in concentration directly depends on what we put in ourselves, and if we don’t put anything, then its strength increases significantly. I suppose because there is no need to lower the energy, and the blood circulation in the head is kept as efficient as possible, since there is no need to drive blood into the gastrointestinal tract to help the body digest food. At the physical level, no changes, everything is still fine. But I think that the body was cleansed anyway, since fruits and vegetables are not of the best quality now.

In general, the practice of fasting is an excellent tool for self-improvement. It allows you to develop at the level of the body, consciousness and soul. But we need to be sanity. Before embarking on this practice, it is necessary to clearly understand why we need it, study the materials on this topic, agree with your mind, and, before starving for long periods of time, practice for short ones.

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