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Cheapest and low cost online payment gateway for entrepreneur

Cheapest and low cost online payment gateway for entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur, you have various tasks at hand and have to successfully manage all of them together for the business enterprise. One of the major aspects is the finances, which is the blood flow of any organization. Each and every activity connected to it must be income generating, cost effective and profit making. All in all, beneficial for the business and adding more to it. This is because any startup is at the edge of threat or possibility of being a lavish success, so each and every step taken in it matters to tilt it towards the success side.

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Significance of Collecting online Payments

One of the primary activities in it is collecting payments from your clients and the customers. It sounds to be a teeny thing but upon introspection it is quite a vital point to be considered. As it is the major source of income for the enterprise. To make a global reach and stand out in the competition there needs to be over the internet expansion to be present in each and every corner of the world. Therefore, offering online payment options becomes significant.

Different Online Payment Methods

With this digital revolution, there are numerous online payment methods available like Mobile Wallets, Net Banking, UPI, Scanning QR Code, Debit Card. Credit Card, etc. And various sub options too in this payment methods. So, providing all the possible online payment options to your customers will definitely prove to be overall beneficial for your online entrepreneurship or the offline one too that wants to mark a global presence.

Best Option is getting a Payment Gateway

Getting a cost effective payment gateway is inevitable for the businesses. The customers might want any of these payment options any time, and it might be possible that the non-availability of these options might create a lasting impact on your business like dropping off without making payment and taking the impression with them that you do not have their required payment options and so never returning back. And you cannot lose your expected-long-term-customers because of this reason.


PayKun Payment Gateway

The business entities can opt for the best payment gateway( in India, that can fulfill their needs and satisfy their customers’ demands. PayKun Payment Gateway is one such decision providing 120+ payment options.

As mentioned earlier, any decision related to finances of a company needs to be taken in such a way that it is only benefiting it overall which would also include getting a right payment gateway.

How do you know the PayKun is the Right Payment Gateway?

To choose the right payment gateway, any entrepreneur needs to consider certain points which are benefiting them, their business and their customers. The common checkpoints for all kinds of businesses with regards to PayKun are mentioned as follows:

Cheapest Payment Gateway

PayKun is the free payment gateway. It does not charge any set up fees, integration charges, maintenance fees, or any kind of hidden charges.

It has a lowest MDR of 1.75% per transaction plus applicable GST in the market with no other extra charges. This charge is needed to be applied for the services that it provides and other processors that levy their fees on Paykun.

Thus, getting an easy on pocket payment gateway that does not get a burden or obstacle for your business is essential.

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Secured and Reliable

When there is cardholder’s data to be passed, stored or processed, it is necessary that it is made secure and safe so that it is impossible for the fraudsters and hackers to infiltrate it. PayKun has the highest security compliance for that of PCI DSS Level 1.

Also, the data passed is non-hackable due to its coded transmit, for that PayKun follows AES 256 Bit Encryption standards. And to make the website browser and the server connection secured, it is SSL Certified.

Around the premises, there is a strict Privacy Policy and security practices. The staff is well-educated about the same. Further, the merchant login dashboard follows strict sign in protocols and two factor authentication can be enabled on it.

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WEB and APP Integration

No complex coding required and no need of any technical knowledge for using PayKun. It has its ready Plugins and SDKs which are easy to integrate. It supports all the major platforms for websites as well as iOS and Android Application too.

It has detailed technical documentation for the merchants’ help and still if there is any kind of queries or confusion, merchants can get free integration help from its technical team.

No Website No APP

PayKun Payment Links help you collect online payments and provide a secure checkout to the customers if you do not have a website. These can be generated from the dashboard, copied, pasted and sent through the possible mediums like WhatsApp, Messenger, Email, etc. Also, there are no extra charges for using it.

Fast Services

It does not take much time for getting the account registered and your merchant account is activated in no time. It requires only basic online documents and no physical ones.

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As soon as the account is activated the merchant can integrate the payment gateway to their website or application with its available plugins and SDKs easily.

In a nutshell, get a flexible effective payment gateway solution with PayKun. Its smart merchant dashboard can play a management role for all transaction related activities for your business. Also, it provides the highest successful transaction rate of around 95%!

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Bansi Shah
Bansi Shah

Bansi Shah is passionate about writing and teaching. She is a Fintech Professional and Senior Content Specialist with the excellent knowledge about payments and payment gateways.

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