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myCred Vs. GamiPress: Which Gamification Plugin is Best For Your Website?

myCred Vs. GamiPress: Which Gamification Plugin is Best For Your Website?

Gamification is a term that is becoming increasingly popular in today's world. It's a seamless technique that helps users promote engagement and make people enthusiastic about specific mundane tasks. In simple terms, Gamification means applying game elements to conventional non-game tasks. This refers to taking the essential elements of game design that include objectives, rules, obstacles, win, and loss conditions. One can use them to make something that usually works or route tasks feel more like a game. 

Gamification is appropriate to a wide variety of contexts right now. However, we are concerned with how it can be used on your WordPress site to interact with it more like a game. This results from small changes that only reflect certain pages or can influence your complete site's design. There are various benefits to gamify your website that consists of the following parameters:

  • Increases user's attention towards engagement with your site and encourages them to spend more time on it.

  • Creates a sense of personal investment in your blog posts, company's assets, or community engagement parameters by providing your audience perks for participation.

  • Incentivizes desirable behaviors like clicking on CTAs via contributing rewards and specific perks.

  1. myCred

myCred is one of the most popular and regularly updated gamification plugins for your WordPress site. myCred is a flexible point management tool that enables you to build points-related applications for your site. It is easy to use the plugin that supports various features. It enables you to manage points and logs from users automatically.

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Users can also browse easily via a particular log where all the adjustments history, including adding or deducting points, is recorded. This log is beneficial in knowing about your badges, statistics, accountability, ranks, and more. This plugin supports popular plugins of WordPress such as BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Contact Form 7, and vice versa. 

The Hooks provided in the plugin enables you to perform actions including new comments, store purchases, and many more. You can easily set up these hooks in your admin area, and you can use this plugin for store reward systems, community leaderboards, and points conversion into real money (cashCred). 

Key Features

  • Multisite Support

  • Point Balances

  • Badges, Ranks, Coupons

  • Preinstalled Bootstrap 

  • Pre Installed BuddyPress 

  1. GamiPress

This is a high-caliber gamification plugin enabling you to incorporate various gamification sectors on your site's desired amount to make it more interactive.  Users can also add multiple badges and awards to improve Gamification further and provide a personalized experience to individual visitors. The user interface is easy and straightforward, with specific steps enabling you to gamify your site within a short time interval.

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It is simple and yet extremely powerful and highly extendible. GamiPress Plugin is loaded with some of the most influential features that include:

  • Points.

  • Achievement and Rank Types.

  • Time-restricted specifications.


Now, let's discuss the reasons to choose between myCred and GamiPress for a few reasons which you may find helpful if you're developing a gamified website.

  1. Easy to Install

The initial step is the ease of installation. You must precisely choose a plugin that can be easily installed and setup. Hence, both myCred and GamiPress can be installed from the plugin page in the WordPress admin panel. Hence, no extra steps are necessary for the installation and configuration of the plugin. However, the convenient parameters of myCred are much efficient and easy to use as compared to GamiPress, as it provides all the installation parameters with just a few clicks.

  1. Custom Development

Both GamiPress and myCred are currently actively developed plugins. However, if you're looking for custom myCred development to make it work in rendering to your specific requirements? The users who have worked with myCred for several years have always assured them of providing their reviews and frequent comments on developers' repositories and platforms. 

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For Instance, Ruben, a GamiPress Developer, makes frequent commits on the GitHub repository. Still, myCred developers contribute more to the SVN repository, and myCred has been translated into 2 locales. Hence, multiple development log by RSS, translation, and coding repository provides myCred an edge over GamiPress.

  1. Documentation & Support

Both myCred and GamiPress comprise outstanding documentation, although myCred's documentation is more intuitive than GamiPress. Because both myCred teams have explained almost all the publicly available functions for available add-ons are documented in detail. Hence, GamiPress, on the contrary, has almost no documentation for both hooks and functions.

  1. Customization Aspects

As myCred has comprehensive documentation regarding the hooks and functions, it can be better customized to meet your business needs. For Instance, myCred offers a shortcode to show the top users. If you want to add more columns to the leaderboard, you can write a few line statements of code. In contrast, GamiPress, on the other hand, doesn't allow for such customization without any need to change core files and repositories.

  1. Add-on Support

myCred comes bundled with 50+ various add-ons, works well for several websites from ranks to badges to notifications. You've mentioned it. On the contrary, the GamiPress add-ons are separately installed. It constitutes several add-ons other than myCred that are both free and premium. It offers free add-ons with third-party integration with multiple platforms. Hence, both GamiPress and myCred are the sole contenders in this section.

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Certainly, Gamification is the ultimate, easy-to-use, and implemented on your WordPress site with such simplicity to use these plugins. Hence, myCred and GamiPress are not limited to adding Gamification to your website. Still, it also offers some extraordinary features to improve your user-engagement alongside bringing enormous traffic to your site. Thus, you need to download any of these WordPress gamification plugins that convert your site into a user-engaging and compelling gamification site. As per the above discussion, myCred stands on the frontline, in terms of better scalability, multiple addon support, and vice versa. 

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