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Why Is Wordpress The Best Option For Starting An Online Store?

Why Is Wordpress The Best Option For Starting An Online Store?

Despite the fact that there are so many tools and frameworks for web development, the popularity of WordPress remains high. The CMS tool, created primarily for blogging, has metamorphosed into a versatile platform for developing websites of multiple types over the years. Its flexibility and versatility have made different kinds of businesses and users embrace it for website creation. From startups to the top MNCs, choose WordPress for developing their websites worldwide. Not only that, WordPress is now used extensively for creating functional e-commerce websites. 

Reasons to use WP for e-commerce website creation

You may not have thought of WP as a suitable platform for creating an online store. While there are other e-commerce website development tools in the market, using WP is prudent. You get a number of advantages by using WP for creating an online store. These are:

  • Lower development cost- By using WP for creating an online store, you can keep the development cost within a limit. WordPress is free to use- as it is an Open Source platform. Post pandemic, every company is trying to reduce expenses. So, using a low-cost e-commerce website development tool is practical. Of course, you will have to hire WordPress developers to get the best results. 
  • Dedicated e-commerce plug-in- Creating a functional and aesthetically appealing online store using WP is quite easy, and you need not be an expert in coding for that. WP supports thousands of plug-ins, and these are used for functionality enhancement. One of these extensions is WooCommerce which is tailor-made for converting a WP website into a feature-rich online store. This comes in handy when you want to set up a functional online store, and the deadline is steep.
  • Robust online support- WordPress has been in the web development arena for a long time. Naturally, it has a thriving online community. If you face any hassles handling your WP-based online store, seeking support is easy. Contact the numerous online WP support groups, and you will soon be able to obtain support. Most of this comes for free. Besides, you will find plenty of handy resources on WP website creation and maintenance on the web. 
  • Enough free plug-ins- WordPress website development is so popular partly owing to the platform’s support for extensions. The plug-ins for WordPress are loved by developers and users alike. The nice thing is these plug-ins, used for enhancing the functionality of a WP website, come in free versions too. You will find plenty of useful free plug-ins that can be used to make your e-commerce websites more user-friendly. For example, you will get plug-ins for boosting security, integrating shopping cart solutions, etc.
  • Abundant themes- While e-commerce website functionality is important, the UI can’t be overlooked. Your target buyers will not feel interested in exploring the website if the UI and design do not appeal to them. The nice thing about WP is that the tool comes with support for plenty of themes. There are paid and free themes, and they can be tweaked as well. You may seek the expertise of a veteran WordPress development company in this regard.
  • SEO-friendly platform- There are so many online stores, and more are being launched every week, literally. You would not want your online store to get lost in the ever-growing crowd of e-commerce websites, for sure. For this, your online store must be laden with effective and newest SEO measures. The good thing is WP is natively SEO-friendly. You can also make use of SEO-centric plug-ins. Again, you will gain by seeking the services of a reputed WordPress development entity.
  • Secured platform- When developing an e-commerce website, you cannot afford to overlook security aspects. Instances of high-profile online stores getting hacked have made headlines. WordPress is quite secure for web development- to begin with. Over the years, WP has been fortified with effective safety measures. You can further enhance the security of your WP online store by using plug-ins like Sucuri Security and Wordfence Security. There are numerous data backup plug-ins too. 
  • Easy management- After setting up an online store and getting it hosted, maintaining the website will be necessary. WP-based online stores are quite simple to maintain. You will be able to tweak appearance, change product catalog and enhance features without having to learn to code. The UI is simple and uses the dashboard. You can make the most required changes without hassles. 


If you are still skeptical about picking WP as the online store development platform, perform a reality check. Many leading technology companies and MNCs operating across the globe have zeroed in on WP as the preferred platform for making online stores. 

Hiring the right WP developer for the online store creation

While it is possible to create an e-commerce website with WP without having programming knowledge is possible, you will gain it by seeking the expertise of veteran WP development companies. These agencies are well-versed in the nuances of WP development, and they will help you in creating an online store in an apt manner –while utilizing the hidden features of the platform. However, it is necessary that you assess such agencies before making the final call.

You can hire either a dedicated development agency or a freelance WP developer with considerable expertise. However, ensure the WP developer or agency has the expertise in developing e-commerce websites.

Here are the aspects that you need to check while assessing such entities.

  • You have to assess the expertise of the WP developer and areas of specialization. There are many WP development agencies that work for diverse types of clients. However, you should try to sign up for a company that has the skill in developing WP-based online stores. This is something you will not find in the new contenders in this sector, usually. 
  • Keep some time to check the portfolio of a WP development company. Check out the e-commerce websites made by such entities. See if the websites have an enticing design, navigation is smooth, security is optimal, and the overall user experience is good. 
  • Before you sign up for the services of any WP development company, learn about its service terms. Professional agencies offer hosting assistance for their clients. 
  • It is important to learn the feedback given by clients of a WP development entity before you sign up for its packages. To find reviews of its clients, all you have to do is explore the top social media sites, apart from checking testimonials. 


Summing it up

Using WordPress to develop an online store is a good idea, and you get many benefits as well. However, for the best outcome seeking the services of a veteran WP development agency will be necessary. Hiring the right agency after a thorough evaluation is what you need to do.

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