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Effective Tips To Handle Stationery Items Without Damage In Time Of Shifting

Effective Tips To Handle Stationery Items Without Damage In Time Of Shifting

The relocation involves the dauting task of managing every household item as effectively as possible. However, problems surface, when certain items need special look-after. And stationery items are just like that. They need special attention like any brittle household goods.

Being discussed in the following contains some important tips and tactics intended to help you manage your stationery items during shifting.

Sort Out The Most Essential Stationery Items First

Books and other stationery items, which are compulsory to be shifted along with other key household items at the time of moving, must be sorted out beforehand. This is recommended, in light of the fact that, when you itemize every book and stationery item based on your priority, there is a least chance of encountering any mistake during shifting. That said, sort out books and stationery things which are very important and toss away those you barely need. This recommendation is helpful from the standpoint of decluttering non-essential items so that packing of the same can be avoided at the time of moving. It would also help you save some extra bucks.


  • When you sort out essential stationery items before moving, you save a great deal of time for managing other important things during shifting.
  • Sorting out stationery items could help you select books and items very important for your use and avoiding those items you seldom do.
  • The recommendation can help you declutter non-essential items, thus helping you save some extra bucks at the time of relocation.
  • This tactic can help you save a great deal of time you can maximize in attending other key matters related to shifting.

Judge The Books By Their Quantity And Utility

If you have shelved numerous books for reading, now it’s high time you spared some careful attention on your bookshelves and ask yourself whether you need to pack them all or avoid carrying them. The meaning of this tactic to shift your books and stationery items without damage is to help you ensure that you have made up your mind as to whether you want these books or not. And if your decision stands in negation, then without sparing any thought, sell or donate them to declutter your bookshelves.


  • The recommendation helps you avoid the burden of carrying unessential stuff and burdening your shifting in the process.
  • It can also assist you earn some extra books when you sell out books online or offline to a store.
  • Judging books in your shelves, as per their quantity and utility, can also help you pick up the most essential ones for your future read.

Say No To Big Boxes

If you don’t want to damage your books in the process of shifting, make sure you have packed them in a small box. This ensures that carrying the box containing books can seem more comfortable task. Further, the likelihood of dropping the box or the carrier tripping over due to accidental outcome can be avoided. On the other hand, if you pack your books in a large box, chances are that you will make the box heavy to lift. In that case, the burden of books could tear up the box, thus bulging out the contents in an ugly embarrassment. The best tactic to follow here is to make sure that the large box does not cover 75% of the interior space. Your attention should be to lighten up the box, not to make them heavy to carry.


  • You can save your books from a big damage, if you keep them in a small box separately.
  • Packing books in a large quantity in a big box can make the shifting experience burdensome. Furthermore, it would lead to accidental damage to the contents.
  • If big boxes seem mandatory, pack your books by 75% of the space of the box. Rest should be filled up with clothes or other less-heavy objects to ensure safe shifting of the contents.

Strategic Arrangement And Labelling

When it comes to packing the books in a box, the common mistake most of the people make is that they forget to label the box containing books of particular genre. Don’t do that kind of mistake. Pack your books strategically like shelving them in the same boxes to avoid getting it lost in the bundle of other household items while shifting. Another thing to follow – label your boxes with something like “genre” and “read/unread” caption. The beauty of this tactic is that when your packed books arrive at a new address, you are pretty much sure how to shelve those books based on their individual arrangement in the boxes.


  • It helps you avoid the mistake of which books of specific genre are contained in certain boxes.
  • Labeling the books on the cover of boxes can ensure their safe and certain identification among the cluster of other household items you carry during shifting.
  • Strategic packing ensures your books are not at the risk of any damage, like torn or bent pages.

Other Key Tactics

  • Make sure that the bottom of the boxes carrying your books is sturdy to sustain the weight of the contents. If not, it would result in accidental fall of the contents, resulting in their damage and injury of the carrier.
  • Early packing of the books would ensure time saved, as well as to ensure you pack them all carefully.
  • Pack the books spine down or lay them flat. You can also pack them standing up.
  • Don’t pack all books. Keep some for your emergency reading and pack such books along with those items marked “emergency use”.


Books and stationery items are some of the most essential household items. At the time of shifting, managing these items could be a daunting task. However, with right suggestions as narrated in this write-up, your effort to ensure safe and damage-free packing of your books and stationery items would yield fruitful result, thus making your shifting a painless experience. As a note of kind recommendation, you can consider hiring packers and movers to ease out the burden of your shifting and turn it a relaxing experience for your family.

Author Biography.

Jyoti dadhich
Jyoti dadhich

Jyoti dadhich is the creator of the above blog post who works as a senior content writer at shift freight. She is highly adept at writing informative content to share her knowledge on the trending topics.

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