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7 Effective Ways To Upsurge Your E-commerce Sales With Instagram Marketing

7 Effective Ways To Upsurge Your E-commerce Sales With Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the most powerful modes to commit to social media reach and presence today. As per a recent study, the platform received over 1 billion active visitors per month with more than 60% communicating with the businesses in some way or the other.

What looks like a casual photo-sharing app at its skin is much deeper inside as social machinery and acts as an ever-engrossing platform that connects you with great possibilities in creating your impact as an online business. And this is about serious money and actual conversions!

E-commerce is one of the segments that look for network exposure and access to the active pool of users through online social platforms. Instagram stands to be a great way to access just the right set of filtered audiences that are highly relevant and responsive towards a particular business type, as it is served by the highly engrossing social engagement and service value.

So, to make sure you get the most of your e-commerce business reaching out to the best of social possibilities around with Instagram Marketing, have these tactics in place and implement them right looking at your context of business:

  • Build Your Social Proof

Building social proof is pivotal to create an impression of a successful and progressive business. The first step to get it rolling right is building an active user base who responds to your communication and pass on your word in their network. You can leverage consumer opinions and user stories about your products and services. This has a great psychological impact on your prospective customers and builds a positive perception of your business. With which you can see user propensity and response growing in the favor of your business.

  • Make the use of shoppable posts

Shoppable posts are a great way to add to the vending pitch of your e-commerce business. With the shoppable product feeds you can allow your users to discover the products and their features right there from the Instagram posts. As these include the shoppable markers that are tagged with the names and prices of the products displayed in the images, offering an interactive and easy way to shop for it. This feature can be added to your Magento platform by adding the Shoppable Instagram extension and you can get your shoppers to buy your products directly from your Instagram profile. Making the whole experience a lot of handy, smooth, and inducing.

  • Try giveaways and contests

Another great way to encourage your users to convert into customers is by offering them some extra value with buying. You can include special product trappings, freebees, extra subscriptions, extended support, or value upgrades. This can be made more interesting and engaging by running public contests. Involve them in interesting games, quizzes, and challenges. With such giveaways and contests running on your Instagram profile, you can have more engagement value and higher chances at conversions. Integrating your product offering with your contest idea right can get you great results with your efforts of marketing.

  • Use the power of stories to the fullest

Instagram stories are the most famous of all. The time these were introduced these had achieved engagement breakthroughs with the audience on the platform. There are various innovative ways you can use this tool to engage your audiences. As an e-commerce store, you receive user-generated stories about their experience with your product and services. You can put these here in text slides or in the form of short videos. Promote the ad campaigns, public events, special announcements, product launches, and discount drives being performed from time to time. Instagram stories can also be a great way to stream live in front of your audience. If that’s not all and you want to keep your stories busy round-the-clock use engagement fillers like Q&A sessions, product unboxings, and custom greetings.

  • Optimize your profile

As an e-commerce store, you have to be very cautious about how you appear on social channels. Especially on a social forum like Instagram that has the most active and responsive users of all. This is going to extend the reach of your store to a potential userbase and route them to your platform as a buyer. Your profile should have a compelling bio, a logo of your business, a comprehensive range of products, interesting and detailed descriptions, and should have all the necessary details in place. Instagram is all about images so make sure your products should be presented in the form of high-quality images. The idea is to offer your user with a comprehensive and imposing social extension to your e-commerce business.

  • Leverage the social hashtag

A hashtag is used as a label for content. Through a hashtag, Instagram arranges and lists all the topics of similar interest and representing a common idea in one place. This allows you to feature your post with the list of content featuring the same keywords. This is a great way to bring together the posts that have that one thing in common and allow users to explore those with that particular hashtag. Implementing the hashtags right, you get a certain hike of visibility reaching out to the users who are looking for those tags. Hashtags on Instagram can be used to personalize content, promote a brand, generalize your reach, and run a marketing campaign – strategically implementing keywords referring to your niche of communication.

  • Run promotional and seasonal offers

As per studies, more than 80% of sales are committed through promotional sales offers during the holidays and festive seasons. E-commerce businesses know this well and do their best to exploit the opportunity through social platforms. With your store having the limited-time offers and flash sales running, you need to capitalize on a booster campaign on Instagram to help you connect with more relevant users. You can select your audience based on user persona, interests, and demographics to suit your campaign goals using Ad Manager. Create your ads and promote the offers to precisely selected audiences and get to have the most responsive to your promotional and seasonal offers.

Final Words

These are the most empowering marketing ideas that can be used by an e-commerce venture to drive and upsurge sales through Instagram. Taking up a comprehensive approach at implementing these referring to your business case can keep you more reachable, relevant, and viable as an online commerce business. So, you have the most value covered as an e-commerce business endorsed by a rich digital base!

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