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How E-Learning is Important for students with its benefits and its future?

How E-Learning is Important for students with its benefits and its future?

Technology impacts almost every sphere of our lives in some way or the other. Whether it helps in reducing distances or increasing efficiency, with the advent of technology most process have become simpler and faster. One of the major fields that technology has completely transformed is that of education. eLearning or online learning has taken over the world, and it looks like it is here to stay. Unlike the chalk and board technique, e-learning has made it possible for everyone to get the same level of coaching, irrespective of their financial or social standings. An eLearning development company is one that helps with making software that gives life to such online teaching. The technology is doing very well for itself in India, with several of the top e-Learning web development companies exploding in India. Here's a look at some of the top eLearning product development companies and why they are so important.

Types of e-learning

  • Fully Online – In this kind of learning, there are no meetings at all and all the learning occurs via the internet.
  • Mixed Learning – This method combines online and direct communication
  • Synchronous- In this type of eLearning, direct communication occurs between the teacher and the student via chat rooms and video-audio conferencing.
  • Asynchronous- Most of the communication occurs via forums and emails.
  • Self-study- There is little or no communication between the teacher and the pupil.
  • Web-based learning- This method leads to the teacher providing resources, which the student goes through and then prepares as per the requirement.
  • CD-ROMs- The classes come loaded onto CDs and DVDs which may be played whenever required.

Benefits of eLearning

  1. Accommodates Needs: The online method suits everyone, because it takes everyone's needs into consideration. Hence, this digital revolution makes it possible to personalize content, meaning that no one is left behind.
  2. Repetition: Most people are shy to ask a teacher to go over a topic in class, because they feel stupid when they do so. However, this problem never arises during eLearning, because students have the option of taking the lectures as many times as needed. This also helps greatly when it comes to revision.
  3. Quick: eLearning has quick delivery rates, leading to a 25% reduction in learning time. This suits people who pick up concepts quite easily, because it allows them to surge ahead, without having to wait for the others to catch up. Learners therefore, get to define their own pace of learning.
  4. Scalable: eLearning allows companies to create and communicate new things to their trainees easily. Therefore, its applications are endless! Top eLearning web development companies make courses for all kinds of industrial training and not just for formal education.
  5. Consistency: No longer do our knowledge have to depend on the quality of the person teaching the subject. eLearning helps to level the playing field by making sure all their lessons are consistent with respect to quality.
  6. Affordable: eLearning eliminates added expenses such as travel, course material, food and accommodation. This makes the process of learning a lot faster, economical and efficient.
  7. Effective: Several top eLearning product development companies have run tests to check the effectiveness of their courses. All these studies prove that eLearning makes content easy to grasp and digest. It almost always results in improved scores, with more students passing than ever before.

Future of eLearning

It really looks like E-learning is here to stay. As computer usage and internet penetration continues to grow across the globe, top e-Learning web development companies are seeing a very bright future for themselves. Thanks to improvements in the field of digital communication, internet speeds are increasing, which brings along with it, opportunities for top e-Learning product development companies.

As mobile networks undergo huge improvements, the cost of communication will go down even further, making e-Learning even more affordable and reachable. The rising popularity of telecommuting, thanks to the rise of smartphones and other portable devices also helps eLearning. Furthermore, technologies like social media are transforming education constantly, making E-learning more visible and lucrative.

Micro-Learning becoming a Reality

The rise in popularity of micro-learning will further push the growth of eLearning. Micro-learning tends to focus on micro-learning activities through small steps in their daily reality via digital media environments. Therefore, these steps become a part of the learner’s daily routine. Hence, micro-learning pushes technology through media, reducing the cognitive load on students. Several top eLearning product development companies are working on implementing this technology when it comes to industrial training. This important paradigm shift will get rid of the concept of learning sessions, by embedding the learning process into the daily routine of the end-user.

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