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Innovative Design Trends Shaping Flex Spaces in Noida

Innovative Design Trends Shaping Flex Spaces in Noida

Noida is ranked among the fastest-growing Indian commercial hubs. Furthermore, flex spaces have gained prominence among businesses of different scales and sizes. In recent years, Noida has transformed itself in terms of infrastructure. As a result, there is a dynamic shift in its work culture.  

Besides, different enterprises are seeking to lease Furnished Office Space in Noida to keep up with the rising demands of the workforce and business. With this blog, we will discuss the innovative trends present in Noida's flex spaces and how they are advantageous in comparison to having a traditional office space.

Smart Digital Pass

The purpose of office space is to ensure that it is exclusive to employees, management, and clients. Likewise, there is a need for a technological apparatus in an office space that regulates the entry and exit of prospective professionals. The Flex Office Space in Noida is known to provide digital pass to provide access to permitted individuals. This automated system ensures that access to professionals is provided instantly without having to waste time in reception or contact cards. For instance, a premium managed office space platform such as  Smartworks offers a smart digital card that is embedded in its mobile application and serves as a key for the office entry access gate.  

IoT Based Seat Booking

There is no doubt that managed office spaces are becoming the new normal. Accordingly, an IOT-based seat booking facility for the workforce significantly enhances the employee experience and productivity. Numerous Furnished Office Spaces in Noida offer seat booking facilities with the help of which employees get the freedom to book the workspace of their choice. This amenity assists in the development of a productive environment for its employees.  

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Cleanliness and Sanitation Tracking Facilities

Even before the pandemic, enterprises laid special emphasis on the cleanliness of a workspace. The managed office space platforms understand the importance of the management of congested spaces. With the assistance of a dedicated application, one can schedule cleaning or management of a particular section of office space so that it does not hamper the overall workspace operations of different departments. As a result, enterprises now seek for Furnished Office Space in Noida as they are equipped with dedicated applications to keep tabs on the cleanliness and maintenance schedule of the workspace. 

Prebooking of Services/Amenities

Another attractive feature of flex space is the ability to book essential services in advance. A major reason for the swift spread of COVID-19 in a workspace was due to cross-contamination caused by frequent interactions of individuals. Naturally, post lockdowns, professionals are sceptical about their health and safety while working in an office space. The Furnished Office Spaces in Noida are well equipped with mobile applications using which the employees can book services such as ordering beverages such as coffee/tea to be delivered to their workstation without any requirement of human interaction; this feature by itself instils a sense of security among employees in such a way that they would be motivated to work in an office space. In addition, conference rooms can be booked, thus ensuring the smooth conduction of business operations. 

Entertainment Zones

An office serves as a second home for employees on weekdays; around a third of the day is spent in a workspace. From an enterprise perspective, showcasing fun elements in an office space is essential. Accordingly, there is demand for Furnished Office Space in Noida, consisting of entertainment centres such as gaming consoles, table tennis equipment, boxing bags, table football, and so on. Psychologically speaking, these entertainment zones are recommended to improve employee productivity. Employees, during their breaks, can have a good time in these zones to recharge their batteries.  

Parking Management System

Parking issues remain a major point of concern for employees as well as enterprises. To tackle this issue, the newly developed Office Space in Noida consists of an RFID-enabled system that automates the whole parking process; this ensures next-level convenience and comfort for employees when parking their personal vehicles.  


The city of Noida has embraced the innovative design trends that enabled it to become one of the favourable destinations for leasing a workspace. For business entities of different scales and domains, leasing a managed office space is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional office space setups. When selecting to lease a managed Office Space in Noida, it is important to assess your office space requirement and make the most out of the amenities offered by flex space platforms.

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