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5 productivity apps that help you get things done real quick

5 productivity apps that help you get things done real quick

257 million. That is the number of apps available on the Google Play store alone, as of 2019, according to Statista. Furthermore, it is being predicted that the industry will generate over 189 billion dollars in revenue by the end of 2020!

So, it is safe to conclude that apps have taken over our lives. According to Tech Crunch, an average smartphone user uses at least thirty apps every month. Whether it be to wake up in the morning, remind oneself to drink water, play games, or stay connected with friends and families, apps are at the center of it all.

Another great benefit of apps, if one uses the right one, is that they can help in boosting productivity. You read that correctly. While usually, technology is considered to be the biggest enemy of productivity, if used properly, it can be its biggest catalyst as well.

Here are some apps that can actually help you in getting things done really quickly.

1.      Clear

Do you know what the biggest thing that stops the masses from being productive is? Its disorganization! You can’t get things done if you don’t know what things need to get done in the first place.

You might believe that you have an excellent memory. But, when different things need to be handled simultaneously, it is easy to forget about the various tasks on your plate. This is where a to-do list can come in quite handy.

In this digitalized world, gone are the days when you carry a notebook for your to-do list. Neither is this approach convenient. After all, just like you can forget about your tasks, you can forget to carry your to-do list with you?

This is why Clear is the perfect productivity app. According to the Verge, Clear is one of the “most beautiful to-do list app available on iPhone.” Clear is a premium app that helps you create separate lists for different facets of your life, including work, personal goals, and shopping.

Moreover, you can also email your to-do list directly via the app. When you add this to the user-friendliness and aesthetics of the app, you will understand why the app has managed to become a favorite of quite a few users. 

2.      Big Barn World

That’s right. A game can help you in getting things done really quickly. We are sure you are confused about the correlation between productivity and games! Well, you need to give your brain a break now and then in order to remain productive.

In fact, according to research conducted by the Institute for the Study of Labor, the maximum threshold for working is 55 hours per week. Someone who works for more than 80 hours will end up producing the same output as someone who works 55 hours. And that is because productivity tends to decrease the more you work.

For optimum productivity, you need free time. And in your free time, you need to relax and socialize. There is no better game to play during your break than Big Barn World. According to Airg reviews, this social farming game helps in improving decision making and teaches you the art of checking up on your tasks at the right time, thereby teaching you skills that will help you in your career.

3.      Slack

The chances are that you have already heard of the app Slack. This company currently has a staggering value of 20 billion dollars! It is considered to be among the fastest-growing companies in modern times. The app has quite a clientele as well, with corporations like Air BnB and Oracle on the list.

In case you are not aware of the functionality of Slack, it is a handy communication app that boosts effective collaboration. In a world where messages can easily get lost, and emails are too cumbersome to manage, Slack helps in organizing office communications.

It allows you to create different channels for specific clients, projects, and departments. This helps in keeping up with relevant conversations, sharing documents, conducting video chats if need be. The app is available for a subscription fee.

4.      Loop

If you an Android user, Loop will prove to be an excellent productivity app. Compared to other similar apps, this one takes quite a different approach. While many apps try to discourage you from your bad habits, Loop aims to focus on your beneficial habit instead.

Via Loop, you can set achievable targets about the various things that you need to get done. This can include catching up on unread emails, doing neglected admin tasks, or giving time to your family. Loop allows you to schedule deadlines for achieving your goals so that you are reminded of your tasks from time to time.

The app also has a reporting feature that aid in getting a firm idea about your current habits. It lets you track your performance over time to see whether you have been productive or not. This way, you can focus on your weaknesses and understand your strengths.

5.      Pocket

Previously, Pocket was known as Read It Later. This is a free app that you can use to save videos, web pages, and articles. Often, there are times when you come across a great read, but you just don’t have time to go through it. Such self-help material can prove to be great for your career.

Pocket lets you save it all and come back to it as you please. Additionally, the app syncs across a variety of platforms and hence can be easily accessible regardless of whether you are using your smartphone or your tablet.

Use Pocket to keep yourself updated about the industry and global news while ensuring that it doesn’t come in the way of your work.


Being productive is not that hard. Especially if you equip yourself with the right tools. Use these five productivity apps, and you are bound to get things done quickly! Are there any other apps you think help? Let us know!

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Andrea Bell
Andrea Bell

Andrea Bell is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on Twitter:@IM_AndreaBell

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