Top 5 React Component Libraries for 2020

Top 5 React Component Libraries for 2020

Top 5 React Component Libraries for 2020

1. Rebass

The first one I’m going to be covering, is Rebass, a tiny UI components library capable of creating a very powerful set of themeable UI elements based on the Styled System library.

2. Ant-design components

In contrast to Rebass, which was a very basic and minimalistic set of extensible components, Ant-design components provides a fully-fledged list of over 50 customizable components that you can use to create a beautifully crafted application.

But the catch here is that on top of that, these components were all crafted based on a design language developed by the creators of this library (which by the way, it’s just one of the many forms their design philosophy takes, you can find it also as a set of Axure files or even an Angular and Vue-based versions as well).

I encourage you to go and review their Design Language philosophy which essentially explains their thinking behind every aspect of the components. It’s very detailed and explains the why behind every design choice (i.e spacing between components, text alignment on user input and so on).

To top it all out, this set of components has over 53k stars in GitHub and over 6k weekly downloads of their NPM version (which might or might not be out of date, so stick to downloading it directly from GitHub if you can).

3. React bootstrap

Remember the good old bootstrap library? It was actually a mix of CSS and JS files, which allowed you to easily add pre-styled and pre-programmed UI components.

What better match, then, than bootstap and react? This particular library takes care of bridging the gap between the old and the new ways by bringing the power of React to an already powerful library.

Everything you could do with Bootstrap you can do it with this alternative, the only difference, is that you’ll be following the React components pattern.

If you were a user, just a fan of the original or you’re looking to quickly improve your CSS / JavaScript skills; then you’ll want to double-check this alternative. At the time of this writing, the original bootstrap’s version is 4.4 and React Bootstrap is reporting to be using version 4.3, so they’re no that far behind.

Finally, the popularity contest: React Bootstrap’s GitHub project thas over 16.7k stars and is being downloaded from NPM over 470k times every week. (yeap, it’s quite popular!)

4. Material UI

The folks from Ant-design created their own design language and implemented their react components based on it. Google on their own side, created their own design language called Material Design, which is based on cards, grid-based layouts and responsive animations.

The quality and length of the documentation created for this library is also something that should be noted. After all, you need to understand how to use it, and the more features it packs, the more problems you’ll run into, so having a very extensive and well thought out documentation is very important.

Finally, another very big selling point, is that instead of just giving you the tools to create your own site, they offer you a list of themes you can chose from. This comes in handy especially if you’re on the design-challenged side of front-end development. Mind you, some of the best ones are not free, but there is nothing stopping you from grabbing a free one and extending it to get the right look & feel you’re after. So take a look!

With all that being said, it’s no wonder why this project has over 52k stars on GitHub and over 800k downloads per week on NPM. If you’re looking for a complete react-compatible theme for your website ,think about this option and test it out before you make up your mind.

5. React Spinner

Have you heard the phrase “sometimes, less is more”? This is the perfect example of that. React Spinner, unlike the previous options I’ve covered, isn’t interested in the overall look of your application, or how is the internal architecture designed. Instead, it cares about one thing and one thing alone: loading spinners (or loading indicators).

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