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What you pick in 2018 : ReactJS vs AngularJS vs VueJS

What you pick in 2018 : ReactJS vs AngularJS vs VueJS

Some time prior we distributed an article with a correlation of Angular 2 and React. In that article, we demonstrated advantages and disadvantages of these systems and proposed what to pick in 2017 for specific purposes. All in all, what is the circumstance in the frontend cultivate in 2018? 

JavaScript structures are creating at a greatly quick pace, implying that today we have as often as possible refreshed forms of Angular, ReactJS and another player on this market — Vue.js. Generally, we should examine the request spoke to in Google Trends throughout the previous 5 years. The blue, red, and yellow lines speak to Angular, React, and Vue.js individually. 

It can be seen from the outline that amid the 2013– 2014 there was a little distinction between the quantity of React and Angular request. At that point, we see that deviation between them expanded for some brief period. From the center of 2016, these solicitations adjusted and React began to develop and reach to Angular request nearer. The Vue.js structure was as yet not prominent in particular, but rather it was somewhat expanding its essence available of systems, demonstrating a potential for the further development. In the most recent years, Angular and React relatively adjusted implying that they are most usable frontend systems available.

Generally speaking, React and Angular grow naturally with the moderately similar flow. In the event that we endeavor to figure the interest for these frontend systems, at that point we can see a positive inclination for React while Angular has a touch of declining one. Vue.js is as yet not clear, but rather as per its particular helpful structure, it will develop too, perhaps slightly not as much as primary systems.

Likewise, we dissected the quantity of open positions worldwide that require a particular information of a specific system. As a source, we took and got the accompanying appropriation as indicated by in excess of 60,000 occupation offers. 

Considering the accompanying information, we chose to share the fundamental favorable circumstances and impediments of each frontend structure and help tech experts or architects to pick the best one for their improvement needs.


Precise is superheroic JavaScript MVVM structure, established in 2009, which is great for building exceedingly intuitive web applications.

Advantages of AngularJS 

New highlights like upgraded RXJS, speedier aggregation (in less than 3 seconds), new HttpClient dispatch. 

Itemized documentation that permits getting all essential data for the individual engineer without asking his associates. Be that as it may, this requires more opportunity for training. 

Two-way information restricting that empowers solitary conduct for the application which limited dangers of conceivable mistakes. 

MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) that enables designers to work independently on the same application segment utilizing a similar arrangement of information. 

Reliance infusion of the highlights identified with the segments with modules and particularity all in all. 

Disadvantages of AngularJS

The mind boggling sentence structure that originates from the principal form of Angular. In any case, Angular 5 utilizes TypeScript 2.4 which is the slightest hard to learn in correlation. 

Movement issues which can show up while moving from the more established variant to the most recent ones. 

Organizations that utilization Angular 5: Upwork, Freelancer, Udemy, YouTube, Paypal, Nike, Google, Telegram, Weather, iStockphoto, AWS, Crunchbase. 


ReactJS is a JavaScript library, publicly released by Facebook in 2013, which is extraordinary for building enormous web applications where information is alterable all the time. 

Advantages of ReactJS

Simple to learn. Respond is substantially less demanding to learn in light of its straightforwardness as far as language structure. Specialists simply need to review their HTML composing abilities and that is it. No compelling reason to profoundly learn TypeScript like in Angular. 

Abnormal state of adaptability and most extreme of responsiveness. 

Virtual DOM (archive protest display) that permits orchestrating records in HTML, XHTML, or XML designs into a tree from which is better worthy by internet browsers while parsing diverse components of the web application. 

Joined with ES6/7, ReactJS can work with the high load in a simple way. 

Descending information restricting which implies that with this sort of information stream the youngster components can't influence parent information. 

100% open source JavaScript library which get a great deal of ordinary updates and enhancements as indicated by the commitments of engineers everywhere throughout the world. 

Completely light-weighted on the grounds that the information performing on the client side can be effortlessly spoken to on the server side all the while. 

Moving between forms is by and large simple, with Facebook giving "codemods" to mechanize a great part of the procedure.

Disadvantages of ReactJS

Absence of authority documentation?—?super-quick advancement of ReactJS leaves the wrong spot for the correct documentation which is somewhat disorderly now the same number of engineers contribute it separately with no precise approach; 

Respond is unopinionated?—?meaning that engineers now and again have excessively decision; 

Long time to ace which implies that React JS requires profound learning of how to incorporate UI into MVC structure. 

Organizations that utilization ReactJS: Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, New York Times, Yahoo, Khan Academy, Whatsapp, Codecademy, Dropbox, Airbnb, Asana, Atlassian, Intercom, Microsoft. 


Vue.js is a JavaScript system, propelled in 2013, which superbly fits for making profoundly versatile UIs and advanced Single-page applications. 

Advantages of VueJS

Engaged HTML. This implies Vue.js has numerous comparable qualities with Angular and this can streamline HTML squares taking care of with an utilization of various parts. 

Point by point documentation. Vue.js has extremely conditional documentation which can secure expectation to learn and adapt for designers and spare a considerable measure of time to build up an application utilizing just the fundamental information of HTML and JavaScript. 

Flexibility. It gives a quick changing period from different structures to Vue.js as a result of the closeness with Angular and React as far as plan and design. 

Marvelous mix. Vue.js can be utilized for both building single-page applications and more troublesome web interfaces of applications. The primary concern is that littler intuitive parts can be effectively incorporated into the current framework with no negative impact on the whole framework. 

Vast scaling. Vue.js can grow quite expansive reusable formats that can be set aside a few minutes distributed for that as per its straightforward structure. 

Modest size. Vue.js can weight around 20KB keeping its speed and adaptability that permits achieving much better execution in contrast with different systems. 

Disadvantages of VueJS

Absence of assets. Vue.js still has a really little piece of the pie in examination with React or Angular, which implies that information partaking in this structure is still before all else stage. 

Danger of over adaptability. Some of the time, Vue.js may have issues while coordinating into immense undertakings and there is still no involvement with conceivable arrangements, yet they will come soon. 

Chinese foundation. To the extent Vue.js has a touch of Chinese foundation, a great deal of components and portrayals are as yet accessible in Chinese. This prompts a halfway multifaceted nature on a few phases of advancement, by and by, an ever increasing number of materials are being converted into English. 

Organizations that utilization Vue.js: Xiaomi, Alibaba, WizzAir, EuroNews, Grammarly, Gitlab and Laracasts, Adobe, Behance, Codeship, Reuters. 


For a genuine architect, there is no generous contrast which structure to pick, since it just sets aside some opportunity to become acclimated to the better and brighter one. In our organization, we develop aptitude in for the most part ReactJS and Angular 2/4/5, yet Vue.js is likewise on board. Each structure has its own particular upsides and downsides, implying that there ought to be only a correct decision for each and every case amid the item improvement.

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