Infographic - Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends and Statistics in 2019

Infographic - Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends and Statistics in 2019

Content marketing used to be a mystery weapon utilized by the most intelligent marketers. Presently it’s the default setting utilized by pretty much about everyone. To prevail at B2B marketing, you need a marketing strategy that conveys low-cost clicks, encourages you to construct your brand with a little target audience and offers some incentive over your whole deals cycle. In addition, it wouldn’t hurt if that technique gave the majority of your other marketing efforts a boost, as well.

In B2B, where you generally measure the ROI of your marketing against the lifetime estimation of a customer, having a marketing channel that is productive from the very first moment is a major ordeal. This has been a prominent marketing mantra in recent years, as content marketing trends and organic reach progressively attracted the attention and spending plans far from advertising.

The marketing practice in which a business utilizes content (like whitepapers, blog posts, eBooks, etc.) to develop their crowd, drive traffic to their website, create brand awareness, and divert users from leads into customers. Contentualize is showing few content marketing trends using this infographic.

Email Marketing

Email marketing keeps on being positioned as the best channel as far as return on profitability, with 68% of organizations rating the channel as ‘great’ or ‘excellent’, and with organizations crediting email for getting 25% of all-out sales. Email is a non-disruptive way and cost-effective of making focused on declarations to your database of contacts.

Audio/ Visual content

One of the better approaches to improve the e-commerce business experience is the utilization of multimedia. For e-commerce websites, item ratings and reviews have been around for a long time. A substantial part of any fruitful content marketing campaign is long format blog articles and white papers.

Audio-Visual Marketing Opportunity Areas

  • Leveraging instruments to upgrade marketing results
  • Generating high-quality leads and changing over them down the funnel
  • Delivering reliable and engaging marketing content
  • Creating and executing key marketing campaigns
  • Paid Distribution Channels

Paid content distribution platforms empower content owners to defeat this obstacle as they ensure that content will get to the correct gathering of people, result in quality leads and conversions, increase subscriber base, and attract high traffic. This is the actual legitimization for paying for content distribution.

Social Media

The utilization of social communication channels has been persistently expanding, and this is relied upon to keep on growing further. B2B organizations need to utilize social networking platforms to understand their potential clients. This can enable them to focus on the perfect people at the correct time. Nonetheless, each social media platform is altogether different and fills distinctive purposes. So you have to comprehend the best B2B social networks exclusively so as to develop and expand your business.

Influencer Marketing

There are difficulties natural in using utilizing influencer marketing in B2B. These include cost justification, awareness, and unpredictable ROI. Maybe these are some of the reasons B2B marketers are playing a round of catch up with regards to their B2C partners.

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