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How to Build a SaaS on AWS: a deep dive into the architecture of a SaaS product

How to Build a SaaS on AWS: a deep dive into the architecture of a SaaS product

Erecting a SaaS product is a complex task. There are numerous effects to consider, from the business model to the technology mound. In this composition, we will concentrate on the technology mound I use and learn how I make my SaaS product on AWS. I will describe the colorful services and how they fit together to give a scalable, secure, and dependable SaaS product. 

It took me 5 months to make my first SaaS product. During this time, I had to learn a lot about AWS and gain a ton of experience. This composition is an occasion for me to partake my knowledge, and I also hope it'll inspire you to make your own SaaS product. 


A picture is worth a thousand words, so let's start with the armature illustration of a SaaS product. 

AWS SaaS Boilerpalte armature for a multi residency app 

It gives you a high- position overview of the colorful factors of the armature. We'll now dive into each element and see how it works. 

You can see a live rally of a SaaS product figure with my React SaaS Boilerplate, completely hosted on AWS. It includes everything you need in a SaaS including authentication,multi-tenancy & platoon support, stoner dashboard, billing with Stripe and further. 


Let's launch with the frontend, the part of the operation that druggies will interact with. It's the entry point to the operation. 


The frontend is written in React withNext.js. For performance reasons, all the runners are statically generated. The good news, they can fluently host on any static hosting service. For illustration, you can host the frontend on S3 with Cloudfont as a CDN. But with ultramodern tools, I recommend using AWS Amplify Hosting. It's Vercel and Netlify druthers
in the AWS ecosystem. 

AWS Amplify Hosting can automatically emplace your frontend operation from your GitHub depository. It also provides features like a custom sphere, SSL instrument, and more. 

The UI is nominated with Headwind CSS. So, I can fluently style Reply factors directly in JSX without using a library like nominated- factors or emotion. 

Eventually, I use SWR to cost data from the backend. It's a React Hooks library for data costing, a featherlight volition to React Query, easy to use, and offers features like caching, revalidation, and more. 

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The backend law is hosted on AWS Lambda, a serverless computing service that allows you to run law without managing waiters. It's ideal for a SaaS product because I can devote all my time on the product without fussing about Ops. On top of that, it's largely scalable and cheap. 

To make AWS Lambda intimately accessible, I need to use AWS API Gateway. It's a completely managed service that makes it easy to produce, publish, maintain, cover, and secure APIs at any scale. It provides features like authentication, rate limiting, and more. 

I use the Serverless Framework to manage my API Gateway and AWS Lambda functions. It's a frame for creating and planting serverless apps. It's super stoner-friendly and all configurations are handled in a single YAML train. 

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TypeScript Zod library 

I also use Zod for validating incoming data, it insure its validity before recycling by the backend. It's a TypeScript library that allows you to define a schema for your data and validate it. It's a featherlight volition to Joi and Yup. also, it can help bugs and security issues. 


The frontend and backend canons also need to work with other services. I use AWS CDK to configure and manage the other AWS services. With AWS CDK, I can use JavaScript and TypeScript to define pall structure. So, I do not need to manually set up in AWS Console by clicking around. 


I use AWS Cognito to manage druggies. With Cognito, you can limit access to your operation and give a way for druggies to subscribe in. Only authenticated druggies can pierce the dashboard and use the SaaS. 

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In the frontal end, I use AWS Amplify for the authentication inflow. Amplify objectifications the communication with Cognito and makes it easy. With a many lines of law, I have set up the signup, subscribe- in, social sign- heft, and more. I do not lose my time enforcing an authentication from scrape. 


For data storehouse, I use AWS DynamoDB, a completely managed NoSQL database service that seamlessly integrates into the AWS ecosystem and works extremely well with AWS Lambda. 

One disadvantage of serverless armature is its difficulty in working with SQL databases. For case, you need to set up a connection pool to connect to the database. else, it'll exhaust your garçon coffers. The good news with DynamoDB, I do not need to worry about it because there is not any connection limit you need to manage. 

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The operation usesPino.js as a logging library. It's a veritably fast JSON jack forNode.js. With the pino- lambda plugin, Pino is completely compatible with AWS Lambda. 

Logs are directly transferred to CloudWatch, a monitoring and log operation service. It's a completely managed service that allows you to store, cover, and access your log lines from AWS services. 

You can set up an alert when the operation goes wrong with CloudWatch. You can also produce a custom dashboard to gain sapience into the performance of your operation. 

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Dispatch service 

In SaaS operations, you have several reasons to shoot emails to your druggies. When they subscribe up for the first time, you need to shoot them a welcome dispatch so they can confirm their dispatch address. When they forget their word, you need to shoot them a reset word dispatch. 

To remain in the AWS ecosystem, I use AWS SES, a completely managed dispatch- transferring service. I choose not to calculate on a third- party dispatch service like SendGrid, Mailgun, or Postmark. 

Subscription payment 

To monetize your SaaS product, you need to charge your druggies. I use Stripe to handle the payment. It's a payment processing platform that allows you to accept payments online. In the operation, the druggies can choose their subscription plan and it will deflect them to the Stripe checkout runner. On the checkout runner, they can enter their credit card information and pay for the subscription. 

When the payment is successful, Stripe will spark a webhook to the backend. The backend needs to hear to the Stripe events and modernize the stoner's subscription status in the database. 

also, we need to give druggies with the capability to modernize or cancel their subscriptions. To do this, I use Stripe's client gate. It's a hosted runner where the druggies can tone- manage their subscriptions. 

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In this composition, we learn how to make a SaaS product on AWS. A deep dive into all the factors of the armature and how they work together to give a scalable, secure, and dependable SaaS product. 

still, you should be interested in my AWS SaaS Boilerplate, If you're presently erecting or planning to make your own SaaS product. It's a Reply SaaS boilerplate that includes everything you need in a SaaS product. Completely hosted on AWS, you can emplace it in a many twinkles with the same mound described in this post. So, you can use it as a starting point to make your own SaaS product and earn your 1st MRR. 

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