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A Quick Guide to Help You in Avoiding Vaping Mistakes

A Quick Guide to Help You in Avoiding Vaping Mistakes

Are you someone who is into smoking for years now? If yes, then switching to vaping can be exciting and confusing experience as well. There is a lot more things to learn, especially when you want to level up from starter kit to advanced setup. So, when you start out, there are a number of mistakes you may commit. Sometimes the errors can be costly if you repeat them again and again without realising what’s the wrong throughout the experience you had. So, in this content, you will get to know a few mistakes that happen during the transition period from smoking to vaping.

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Choosing the Wrong E-Liquid: Some beginners in vaping pick up any liquid that looks good and refill the tank of their e-cigarette without thinking twice. But, before you choose, it is important to select the PG and VG ratio. Lack of enough vapour and a sore throat are the indications that you need to reconsider the VG ratio. Reach out a quality vape shop online in the UK, where you will surely find the guide to choose the best e-liquid matching your taste. Even, you can talk to avid vapers across different forums to know their experiences with the e-cigarette model they are using.

Using a Cheap Device: You may find it tempting to get a device which costs less. Well, this may result in low-quality experience, but there are a number of brands which are worth investing to get a quality experience to match.

Not Maintaining Your Coil: A lot of vapers complain of getting burnt taste at the initial days of vaping, and there is a solid reason why this happens. Coils need to get changed every week. When vapers vape even after exhausting last drop of the juice, then it comes to dry inhale. It may result in an unpleasant taste in your mouth. Even, a lot of people don’t give liquid the time to settle before taking puff next time. So, if you vape when the cotton is still dry, it will give you a burnt taste.

Keeping the Vaping Device Activated in Pocket: A lot of vapers throw their vapes in their pocket or bag and get busy into doing something else. They eventually forget that their vaping device is switched on. Well, this not only ruins the battery life but also may cause leakage. Hence, professionals running online vape shop in the UK suggest to switch off the device when you leave it unattended and ensure no accident happen there.

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No Right Level of Nicotine: People, who beginners in vaping are mostly found confused to get the right strength of nicotine in their e-liquid. E-liquid with high nicotine level can cause nausea and headaches. On the other hand, too little of nicotine can leave the user unsatisfied and increase the craving for tobacco smoking. Based on the smoking habit, different smokers have different rules-

  • Heavy smokers who smoke more than 20 cigarettes every day should use 18mg nicotine level.
  • Medium smokers who smoke 10-20 cigarettes a day should opt for nicotine strength of 12mg.
  • Light smokers who smoke up to 10 cigarettes a day should purchase 3mg of liquid.

Getting Cotton Mouth: If you vape often, you may feel that your mouth is getting dry, which is also known as cotton mouth. Wonder how to eliminate that? Well, vape juice sellers suggest drinking as much water as you can, if you are frequent vaper.

Forgetting the Charger: Your e-cigarette becomes useless if you forget to carry the charger. Moreover, it is important to ensure that your e-cigarette is charged before you leave the house. Carrying a dead device may instigate your craving to get a pack of cigarettes.

Not Cleaning the Tank Before Switching to New E-Juice Flavours: It may seem tempting to top up the e-cigarette with the new flavour before the existing one runs out. But, if you don’t clean the tank before refilling it with a new flavour, then it may create an unfavourable taste.

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So, these were a few mistakes you can avoid if there is such information at your hand. Follow Voro Vape and shop your vaping essentials from here with necessary guidelines from experts.

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Sanjiv Barnwal

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