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3 Reasons Why a Unique Logo Design Matters for Market Leaders

3 Reasons Why a Unique Logo Design Matters for Market Leaders

As far as a business entrepreneur is a concern who is also supposed to be a newbie into the profession, he or she must have to be seriously concerned about the identity and the logo of his business or brand. In some situations or circumstances, a person is bound to ask a question to him or herself: I should take some measures to have my logo design exactly or nearly similar to a logo which that ‘X’ particular company has”. There is another possibility that the newbie entrepreneur envies his competitors and desire to imitate the X Company’s success just by making a logo design similar to them.

Or just when the new trend of logo services comes out, you desire wish to follow that design to look latest as well as greatest. On other occasions or circumstances, you might take a firm notice that your competitors are using some specified color, shape, font, or symbol so that you desire to keep the same method to design your logo just to make your specific mark in the industry you are or want to function.

A designer from Italy explained on the demand that his name should be remained as anonymous, he just recently acquired and put the collection related to generic looking and overused logos with him that for sure describes what really happens when you imitate your custom logo design service on someone else who has done it before. What may look like any great or perfect looking logo if taken in isolation, simply looks just like hundreds of others when you take in the perspective of the immense scheme of stuff? Just for the sake of example, a design can be used as the company’s acronym can be cut in two different colors with using the creativity of an arc … it has seriously been done and utilized for quite some time.

But have you ever thought or realized that this process of thinking can seriously destroy the existing potential of your business? If you seriously desire to be seen as a leader in your market or relevant industry, you must have to have your particular and own identity as far as your brand is concerned.

So in different sort of circumstances, while you make supposition or think your particular logo design is looking really good, you will definitely come across people who are pondering and saying “oh! Your business or company looks quite similar to X Company”. The public, in general, will possibly assume there is nothing like mind-blowing or special in your company, or in the worst case, they may see you as a Company of cheap rip-offs while not even try to search you more.

Stay away from copying a Professional logo design service:

A serious and possibly unpardonable mistake make by different designers and businesses make is to choose for stereotypes in their owned logo designs. Such as, if you are functioning and running the coffee shop you might take serious consideration to use a bean related to coffee, steam or possibly mug in your logo design. When opting any specified color you may pick brown as well, as that is obviously what other business persons in relation to coffee shops would definitely be doing. Although the possible outcome can be in a shape of a good looking logo, in the colossal set of stuff like a clone?—?there’s nothing quite different or special about your brand?—?you look as if ‘any another coffee shop in existence ‘. You will see in the next few years, that even the logos in circular shapes would be utilized in tandem?—?the reason obviously is Costa Coffee and Starbucks. As they use this sort of shape or style in their logo, which entices designers to wrongly presume that this is the way remaining to create a logo design for any business related to coffee.

On the flip side, Starbucks did something very unique by designing a special logo which definitely would “capture the history (naval) of coffee and a Seattle’s strong roots in relation to seaport” despite a direct representation of the product that is coffee itself. This logo, in particular, looks quite unique or nothing else and has now become a very significant and important logo in terms of a status symbol. In contrast to its competitors in the coffee market. Starbucks is seen as a trendy business, although Costa Coffee which in fact a closest of competitors as far as Starbucks is concerned looks to have the logo design which everyone else keeps. This means they are most probably not to be taken by the public as ‘trendy’ without redesigning the identity of the brand.

To summarize the above, if you really wish to be presumed as a leader of a particular brand or market, you need to keep a unique and attractive identity of your particular brand that is personalized and restricted to your specific entity.

Ways to have a brand identity which you can own:

Before the designs are accumulated, the first thing you need is to know what business you are running. A right approach would definitely be to finish the below sentence given:

“My brand is the only custom logo design service or product which helps my target audience to my brand use so that my target audience gets the benefit.”

Avoid following logo designs of Professional logo design service:

In the fashion world, it is good to have recent trends, specifically in style driven world. In this particular world of custom logo design service, this is certainly not true. To follow trends means you merge into the logo crowd.

Every ‘new’ group, which certainly has not looked before is assumed as a new trend. Within the time this report goes public, designers all around the globe are examining out the listicle, following the recent trends in a try to draw modern and trendy logos.

Just in a matter of a few years, all the logos will look outdated if not redesigned.

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