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With Its IoT Solution, Accelo Looks To Prevent Road Accidents

With Its IoT Solution, Accelo Looks To Prevent Road Accidents

India is a rustic with 1.Three Bn populace. Recently, Union Minister for Road Transport Nitin Gadkari has sought the support of corporates to fulfil India’s dedication to reduce fatal avenue injuries with the aid of 50% by way of the end of 2020 because the usa is a signatory to the UN Decade of Action. However, India recorded 1,46,377 deaths in avenue injuries in 2017 by myself.

According to the World Health Organisation: rushing, riding even as intoxicated or below the influence of psychoactive substances, non-compliance or absence of safety provisions, use of cell phones, risky street infrastructure and failure to comply with the Highway Traffic Act were some of the elements which cause avenue injuries.

However, those tips are at the problems which may be controlled or avoided by using the drivers themselves with due diligence. But, on the time whilst cell phones are the essential survival package, the safety and attention on the road were extensively avoided.

What if, as quickly as an twist of fate is ready to show up, the motive force is caused to take control the car or the auto gets stopped to keep away from collision?

This might appear unimaginable to you, however for younger engineering graduates: Arbaz Reza, Vrunda Nimje and Aditya Unde that is a hassle they need to clear up with their mission Accelo. The trio has already put on degree their first Internet of Things product – M.A.M.A Drive (Module for Accident Management and Assistance) within the coincidence prevention space. The startup has predicted to disrupt the automobile region with its driving force assistive savvy era.

Arbaz shared, “In the past, all of the founders have been thru some intense injuries that have been chargeable for shaping their lives. Even though this connection introduced us together, what made us click become Vrunda’s coincidence in which humans didn’t come up to assist and that’s while all of us thought that this is a product which is required in India.”

Therefore, beyond the protection precautions and advice given, Accelo took the rate of the case and determined to construct a solution for coincidence circumvention. With its product, the startup is also seeking to do computerized reaction mapping, which means that that during case there’s a crash, insurance employer and clinical emergency organisation receives notified.

So, the foremost purpose of the product is to keep away from the collision, and in case there’s an accident, there might be an automatic claim for repayment.

Lessons From Three Passionate Drivers

Talking to Inc42, Arbaz shared that the concept for Accelo changed into conceived inside the year 2015 during their engineering days and the product development changed into completed via early 2018.

He shared that the founders were passionate drivers and out of interest had looked at the facts about the street injuries and observed it surprising to recognise that someone dies every 4 mins due to road accident and eighty% of the collisions are due to human errors.

The trio additionally located that one of the major reasons for deaths was that the bystanders were hesitant to offer help to the victims considering the legal hassles worried in a avenue twist of fate in India and the time is taken through the Emergency Response crew to attain the location thinking about the statistics furnished by the bystanders that brought about the prediction of an faulty place of the twist of fate.

This ends in the initial critical time of approximately 20 minutes (as informed through numerous docs) being wasted and consequently, the loss of time brought about the death of victims.

It changed into then that the crew began developing a product that become focussed on submit-crash help and additionally included the Pre-Collision Alert via computer imaginative and prescient and aided gadget getting to know approximately the behaviour of the vehicle, driver and different automobiles inside the variety of approximately seventy five metres.

Its sales streams range from the sale of merchandise to cater to the cab aggregators, fleet operators, standalone automobile owners and insurance organizations.

At the time, the founders raised an preliminary investment of $12,076 (INR 8 Lakh). Most of it changed into utilised for studies and development, development of prototype and finalising the product design.

The startup is in method of receiving a supply from the Department of Science and Technology.

So, How Does Accelo Prevent Road Accidents?

In layman phrases, Accelo mounts its M.A.M.A Dashcam model on the top of the automobile, which tracks the road and its environment. In case of an emergency, the digital camera established at the top offers an audio alert to the motive force, if the driving force doesn’t take motion, then the hardware M.A.M.A product takes control of the auto to keep away from the collision.

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The startup uses AI for photograph-based totally processing and producing an image-based alert. It plans to apply blockchain era, to make decentralised records for images they capture and for this reason, decorate records protection.

For the self sustaining road control, Arbaz shared, “The foundation of any assistive driving product is having a lane control machine. Our machine has the capacity to paintings even in lanes that do not have the marking of the lanes and hence, its adaptable to any condition that may occur on Indian roads.”

Following the appreciation by using Nitin Gadkari, the minister directed Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), the apex body for checking out and certifying sorts of automobiles and engines used for each automobile and non-car programs to certify Accelo’s product.

The startup will also get the product examined by AVL Austria, which is the world chief for testing of automotive merchandise and additionally certifies Tesla. The startup has additionally despatched their gadgets for checking out from the European certification through EURO NCAP check, that is the European New Car Assessment Programme to make cars more secure.

With a small crew of 7 primarily based in Mumbai, Accelo’s software program backend is absolutely ready and is fully functional at the same time as the initial hardware prototype is prepared and is being deployed and tested at numerous locations. Priced at $181.14 (INR 12,000), the hardware product additionally has a habitual price of $22.Sixty four (INR 1,500) yearly.

Accelo has deployed its hardware product within the neighborhood delivery buses underneath Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

It has already deployed its first 20 merchandise with Somaiya College Vidyavihar and will quickly set up 10 more product portions to Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

Accelo has additionally signed preliminary agreements with agencies like Axisvation and is discussing statistics collaborations in terms of driving force analytics based insurance rates.

Arbaz shared, “We are having preliminary talks for integration of our generation with the existing device that they've for insurance clearance. After we do a pilot with them, we will be taking it in advance and doing integration with coverage groups. Axisvation clients are insurance agencies where they assist in making coverage claims redressal less complicated and faster.”

Other Startups In The Accident Prevention And Cure Space

Despite extra awareness on street protection campaigns, there are a few startups working towards warding off the accident from the drivers’ give up.

In the section, we've Thane-primarily based Accident Defense System based through Manish Rao in March 2016. Following a brutal coincidence which left him partly paralyzed, Rao started ADS, which uses the digicam on a user’s mobile device to display the road beforehand  makes use of ‘Vehicle Distance Monitoring’ to degree the distance from the car ahead and ‘Collision Prevention Warning’ to alert users if it detects a collision is likely to occur.”

Next, we've got, Bengaluru-primarily based BlinkEye Labs, which is a client electronics organization, developing an car IoT protection tool for motors, buses and trucks that enables preventing accidents because of drivers’ distraction. Launched in 2017, the IoT solution additionally facilitates fleet managers with using analytics, emergency roadside assistance and car protection.

However, amid such gamers, the USP for Accelo remains to be its reaction within the case of a crash and additionally alliance with insurance organizations. It also presents self reliant street management for lanes without right markings on street.


Despite a superb searching the front, one of the most important difficulty associated with the dashcam version of M.A.M.A product is that the privateness of an person can be hampered with the continued survey through the digital camera. In India, many regions have strict prohibitions on videography/images, amid this, there also can be problems with continuous street mapping.

At the time whilst the world is grappling with Facebook-Cambridge Analytica fiasco, and India is waking up to information breaches via unique identification card – Aadhaar, we raised our worries to Accelo.

Arbaz explained, “We believed that if a person is trusting us through putting in the digicam, then his non-public privacy shouldn’t be hampered. So, we don’t save all of the statistics the digicam facts, however take bits and portions to keep in our database. Therefore, we don’t take pics of all of the vehicles on the road and many others, we take analytical facts out of it like the variety of automobiles on the street, automobile quantity, etc.”

In India, each 12 months round 3.5 Mn vehicles roll out in the marketplace. Accelo believes that within the next 5 years, it'd cater to at the least 2% of this marketplace. Further, there is a huge addressable market approximately $17 Bn at gift that's predicted to reach $fifty five Bn by way of 2022 and is growing with the aid of approximately 20% Y-o-Y for the subsequent seven years which may be catered by means of multiple players in the section.

As the business enterprise awaits the regulatory approvals, it plans to set up 1,000+ units within the subsequent six months and has additionally started the initial techniques for its crowdfunding campaign.

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