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Why Fixed Deposit is Safer than other Type of Investments?

Why Fixed Deposit is Safer than other Type of Investments?

Bank fixed deposits are one of the oldest and safest investment options available. Fixed deposit interest rates are greater than the interest rates offered on savings and current account balances. Every individual should diversify his or her investment portfolio by using a variety of fixed and variable income investment sources. A fixed deposit account is a reliable source of income for investors.

When compared to stocks or other market-linked products, fixed deposits are one of the most secure investing alternatives. With minimal volatility, the money you put aside in FDs is an excellent method to make sure your money is safe. If you're just getting started with various investment possibilities, investing the same amount as your cash is a simple approach to hedge your risks while receiving a guaranteed amount at maturity.

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What Is A Fixed Deposit And How Does It Work?

A fixed deposit account is a low-risk investment option offered by a variety of banks, post offices, and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs). Based on your investment objectives, you can select a set duration. Once this period has passed, the deposit receives interest. The interest is generated for the full investment period.

The interest rate on a fixed deposit account is established at the start and remains constant throughout the term, regardless of market movements. However, there is one major snag: there is a penalty for withdrawing early. You are unable to withdraw your investment before the maturity date. This penalty varies by bank, but it is the same for all of them. One can always use the fd interest calculator India to check the maturity amount.

Types of Fixed Deposits 

  1. Regular Fixed Deposits
  • Simple fixed deposits at a bank
  • Have a set period ranging from 7 to 10 years.
  • A one-time investment in a lump sum
  1. Fixed Deposits for Corporations
  • Financial and non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs) offer this service.
  • The length of fixed tenure varies from months to years.
  • Higher returns as compared to traditional FDs
  1. Fixed-income Flexi-deposits
  • Demand Deposit and Fixed Deposit Combined
  • Offers savings account liquidity and FD yields that are both fair and high.
  • Has an auto-sweep option that moves any extra funds to a savings account.
  • The amount of the excess balance is determined by the investor.
  • The balance is placed for a one-year default period.
  1. Fixed Deposits for Senior Citizens
  • For those over the age of 60, there are several options.
  • In comparison to traditional FDs, these have higher interest rates.
  • A tenure that can be changed
  1. Fixed Deposits that Save Money on Taxes
  • The primary amount is free from taxation.
  • A minimum deposit of 1.5 lakhs is required.
  • A five-year lock-in term has been established.
  1. Fixed Deposits in the Long Term
  • Quarterly, half-annually, or yearly compounded interest
  • The interest gained is paid at the end of the term.
  1. Non-cumulative Fixed Deposits (Non-cumulative Fixed Deposits)
  • Interest earned is paid out on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual basis.
  • Payments regularly
  1. Fixed Deposits with a Non-Resident Alien (NRO)
  • In the case of non-resident Indians
  • NRIs can use their NRO FD account to deposit money generated in India.
  • Interest might be transferred to your home country.
  • Amounts can be transferred back to the principal up to a specific limit.
  1. Fixed Deposits in NREs
  • NRIs can put the money they earn overseas in an NRE fixed deposit account.
  • The entire sum of interest and principle can be refunded.

5 Things To Consider Before Investing In A Fixed Deposit Account

  1. Ensure your safety.

A savings account is a generally risk-free investing choice. The interest rate on an FD is unaffected by market changes. However, liquid funds, for example, can give a comparable, if not superior, level of safety and returns.

  1. There is a set period during which you must remain locked in.

Money placed in a fixed deposit (FD) cannot be withdrawn before the end of the term. Early withdrawals are also subject to fines. Mutual funds, on the other hand, (except ELSS funds) provide more liquidity and do not impose penalties for early withdrawals.

  1. Reasonably Low-Interest Rates

FDs have interest rates that are consistent with their low-risk characteristics. Interest rates on FDs used to vary from 11 to 13 percent. FDs, on the other hand, now pay lower interest rates (5-6.5%) than liquid funds (7-9 percent ).

  1. Imposition of taxes

Section 80c tax advantages are available on investments up to 1.5 lakhs in tax-saving FDs. However, there are more tax-efficient investments available, such as ELSS funds, which have a shorter lock-in period and higher returns.

  1. Advantages Senior Citizens are those who have reached retirement age.

Senior Citizen FDs offer a higher interest rate to investors over the age of 60 than standard FDs.

It is critical to invest a portion of your income, not only to build a reserve for financial crises but also to plan for retirement. Furthermore, investment ensures that your funds increase at a faster pace than inflation. There are several options for achieving these objectives. Fixed investment choices such as fixed deposits, PPFs, and government plans are frequently chosen by investors as vehicles with minimal risk. Many use the fd interest calculator India to check the amount they will get at maturity.


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