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Solid Reasons to Choose React Native for Mobile App

Solid Reasons to Choose React Native for Mobile App

React Native is an open-source, cross-platform, and a JavaScript framework introduced by Facebook. It allows building applications for iOS, Android, web, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). According to Statista, React Native is used by 42% developers as a cross-platform mobile framework worldwide. Owing to its popularity and many incredible features, React Native is the go-to option for mobile app development across platforms. You can hire React Native developers to make highly interactive apps for all platforms at a low cost. Here are a few points elaborating on why React Native is the best platform for Mobile App Development.    

Cross-platform compatibility

Cross-platform development is an important feature of React Native. It empowers the developers to create the code once for all platforms and operating systems. You can use single code base for mobile, web, tablets, etc. A major number of React Native APIs are compatible across platforms. Hence, developers can use the single codebase for iOS and Android app development. It saves time and allows the developers to emphasize on creating bug-free code. 

Faster Development Cycle

React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework that offers a large number of components. You can use these components locally, which can decrease the development time by 30%. Moreover, cross-platform compatibility also contributes to shortening the software development cycle in React native. Working on Redux which is an open-source JS library also can reduce app development time in React Native.   

Live Updates

Live updates are game-changing features of React Native. The JavaScript enables live push or pops up the updates on the screens which save time. Without live updates, you need to visit the app store for the same. Moreover, you can release any updates on React Native without visiting the app store.  

Helpful in tight-budget constraints

Another major reason to use React Native is its low maintenance cost. It streamlines the programming activities for every platform by integrating all development tasks of iOS and Android app development. The cross-platform usability of a single codebase simply reduces the project cost. The platform-specific segregated efforts are saved when you use React Native for your projects. Along with low cost, it makes the development hassle-free too when you hire the best React Native Developer.

Unique UI & UX

The UI and UX of React Native are quite strong for highly interactive iOS and Android app development. Facebook has given a UI library to React Native and it helps in simplifying code to execute ReactJS. While developing a mobile application in React Native, you get the ‘Live Reload’ feature which allows the changes to go on live during the app loading time. The response time of the user interface in React Native is high for the asynchronous JS interaction with the developing environment. It saves on the deployment time and reduces issues.  

Covers Two Major Ecosystems

The best reason to use React Native is its major coverage of two important ecosystems that are Android and iOS. According to Statcounter report, Android dominates 74.4% of the global market share while iOS has a 22.8 market share. Whereas, the rest 2% is covered by KaiOS and 0.3 is covered by Windows. React Native allows you to develop apps for both platforms without knowing Java or Swift. However, if you know Java and Swift along with React Native, you can build more customized apps for both ecosystems.

Positive Developer Experience

React Native ensures a positive development experience. If you know JavaScript, React Native isn’t a high hill to climb. If you learn a single layout engine of React Native, you can develop apps for both iOS and Android. Moreover, you can use a chrome developer tool to embed React Native with the desktop chrome browser for iOS and Android app development.

Third-Party Compatibility

React Native has strong third-party compatibility with multiple plugins. You don’t need to depend on the web view for specific functions. You can link any plugin with an individual module smoothly. 


Being a globally popular JavaScript framework, React Native is used by a large number of prominent business houses. Some of them are Wix, Walmart, Bloomberg, Facebook, Uber Eats, Instagram, Pinterest, Discord, Vogue, Salesforce, etc. It is a proven solution if you are planning to create an app for multiple platforms. The low-cost maintenance and strong UI are the main reasons to choose React Native. Being a cross-platform framework, React Native also offers strong compatibility with third-party plugins with a faster development lifecycle. Hence, React Native offers a complete solution for app development covering all the ecosystems with a sustainable mechanism.

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