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JavaScript Mobile Frameworks worth considering for mobile app development this year

JavaScript Mobile Frameworks worth considering for mobile app development this year

When it comes to startups entering the business arena, they have very tough competition. This is the very reason each firm needs to be up to date with the latest app development trends and technologies.

Regardless of the businesses they deal with, a mobile presence is the best way to connect with customers today without worrying about the barriers of time and distance. When taking the two most common mobile platforms into consideration, iOS apps are programmed and developed using Objective C whereas Android apps are coded using Java and Kotlin.

Other than these programming languages, developers having a good knowledge of JavaScript, CSS & HTML can help businesses create strong and robust mobile apps. As the demand for these technologies is rising, the JavaScript mobile framework can be a great way of boosting mobile app development at optimized costs.

Top JavaScript Mobile Frameworks to work with this year

Analyzed and compiled by experts working at a well known mobile app development company Dallas, here are some of the mobile frameworks of Java that are worth working with this year:

Phone Gap

One of the most common software development frameworks present is PhoneGap. It helps in reusing existing web development skills of developers to create hybrid mobile apps developed with HTML, JavaScript & CSS.

Though PhoneGap isn’t exactly considered a JavaScript Mobile Framework, it works quite well as a medium web application code  & mobile OS APIs, which allows developers to use the same codes in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for generating mobile APIs for both Android and iOS.

This helps developers cut down on development time by reusing existing web development skills, tools, and frameworks in creating amazing apps which are powered by open web standards.


Another open-source application development platform made by Appcelerator worth considering is Titanium. It is helpful in creating native apps for both mobile & desktop using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript & CSS.

This is known as one of the best cross-platform mobile development solutions as not only is Titanium mobile SDK loved by a vast majority of app developers, but also several devices are running accelerator-provided apps. Those who are looking for a custom JavaScript mobile app development solution can surely count on Titanium SDK for creating top-notch scalable apps of the highest order.

jQuery Mobile

One individual JavaScript Framework for mobile app development relying on the concept of writing less and doing more when it comes to creating apps and websites that are mobile-friendly is jQUery Mobile.

This framework supports a wide range of user interfaces that are compatible with modern platforms like iOS, Android, and others. It utilizes the PhoneGap framework and can be used by developers to integrate jQuery web app code to interactive apps on both iOS and Android.

As it is a user interface system based on HTML5, jQuery Mobile is useful in building responsive websites and apps that are accessible on smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices.

React Native

Those who are looking to build native mobile apps can make use of Xamarin and React Native as they are the two most preferred options. Xamarin platform allows app developers to use the same interface design tools.

On the other hand, React Native takes native app development to the next level via the use of JavaScript Code, CSS-like style sheets, and HTML-like tags for layout purposes. With the concept of learning once and write anywhere present, React Native is the best option for creating native apps in the truest sense without compromising the user experience of users.


It is known as a full-stack JavaScript platform for creating modern and interactive web and mobile apps. Meteor enables developers to create modern web and mobile apps using technologies for connected-client reactive apps, a build tool, and a set of packages from Node.js as well as the general JavaScript Community.

Though this framework only allows developers to work using just one language i.e. JavaScript in all environments whether it is a web browser, application server, or mobile device; Meteor gives developers control over the apps where one can update JavaScript code without the help of any developer around.

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