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An In-Depth Guide On Choosing Best Frontend Framework in 2022

An In-Depth Guide On Choosing Best Frontend Framework in 2022

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, business operations have been moved online to make ends meet. Otherwise, it would be difficult to survive in the situation of a pandemic. An outbreak of the Third wave made the situation worse. In such a situation developing an e-commerce website is the ultimate situation for all businesses. 

An enticing User Interface is an essential ingredient in developing an e-commerce website that converts. Only front-end frameworks can deliver the same. 

In this blog, we have described some of the top framework frameworks in 2022 that will help you to choose the best. 

What is Frontend Frameworks Exactly?

Let’s start with the basics. 

A framework is nothing but a software product that makes the development process easy. It provides software modules with ready-to-use pieces of code that can be used to execute a function of a website. 

These code packets are the skeleton of the architecture of a website that you are supposed to build. It can be altered as per the requirements.   

Sometimes a framework may include utility programs, code libraries, scripting languages, and other software that helps in the integration of various components of a large product. 

It provide a foundation for development, thereby allowing a developer to focus on project-specific functionality. With these technologies, a developer can speed up the development process without compromising the reliability. 

Front-end is a User Interface of a website or an app with which a user interacts. In order to awestruck your users, you need to develop an enticing and simple-to-use interface. Thus, Front-end Framework is a technology that aids in doing so. 

Best Front-end Frameworks To Use In 2022

Below is the list of top front-end frameworks:


React is a JavaScript library for developing user interfaces, and that is why it is often referred to as a front-end framework. React was released in 2011 by a developer working at Metaverse (formerly Facebook). In 2013 the dawn of ReactJS began, and since then, it is rising day by day.  

ReactJS developers utilize JavaScript and declarative code along with a special JSX feature which allows the use of HTML for updating the DOM (Document Object Model) and to developing a Virtual DOM, which results in better performance. 

ReactJS allows the use of reusable components organized in a structure that is as similar as a tree. Unlike AngularJS, ReactJS supports one-way data binding; in other words, it transfers information in only one direction. 

Essential Features 

  • Applications/Website for varying User Interface such as Desktop, TV, Tablet, and Smartphones can be developed 
  • Offers best server-side rendering 
  • Tried and tested 

List of Top companies Using AngularJS

  • Netflix 
  • Walmart 
  • Tesla 

Advantages of ReactJS 

  • A large community of developers 
  • Stable 
  • Backed by one of the largest tech enterprises 
  • Reduced turnaround time 
  • Code is easy-to-read 
  • Cross-platform 
  • Easy to learn 
  • Many tutorials are available on the internet 

Disadvantages of ReactJS 

  • Poor documentation 
  • JSX complexity 


AngularJS is considered one of the best JavaScript frameworks for developing front-end web applications and websites. It was developed and maintained by Google and was released in 2016 to satisfy the demand for quick app/website development technology because the demand for app/website development was touching the sky, but the turnaround time was high. 

Though it is the brainchild of Google but is still open-source, and the best feature of this technology is two-way binding. That means the View and the Model are synchronized in real-time, allowing you to see the effect of code alteration at the same moment. 

A Java developer can easily learn this technology since it is written in TypeScript. 

You can also hire remote Angular developers for your project. 

Essential Features 

  • Highly secured
  • Compatible with almost all the browser 
  • Enabled with MVC architecture 
  • Fewer efforts are required to develop an app/website 
  • Data binding 

List of Top companies Using AngularJS 

  • Forbes
  • Sony
  • HBO
  • Nike
  • Google
  • Upwork

Advantages of AngularJS 

  • Maintained and supported by Google 
  • Can integrate with third-party tools easily 
  • Loads faster comparatively 
  • A large community of developers 

Disadvantages of AngularJS 

  • Heavier than ReactJS 
  • Harder to learn compared to VueJS


jQuery is one of the oldest yet widely used front-end development frameworks released in 2006. Despite being the oldest, it is capable of competing with modern frameworks such ReactJS or AngularJS. Updates are released frequently to keep it thriving. This technology is simple to use and reduces the need to write critical JavaScript codes. This front-end framework optimizes the performance by implementing changes in CSS and DOM. 

Essential Features 

  • Flexible DOM 
  • Components can be added or removed easily 
  • HTTP requests are streamlined 
  • Efficient in building applications for desktop 

Advantages of jQuery 

  • Simple to use 
  • Responsive apps/website can be developed 
  • Mobile-friendly 
  • Vast community 
  • It supports almost all browsers 

Disadvantages of jQuery 

  • Obsolete APIs 
  • Slow performance


Backbone is a front-end framework widely known for building single-page, lightweight web applications. It is also one of the effortless to learn front-end JavaScript frameworks enabled with Model View Presenter. If you want to develop dynamic applications/website, then this framework should be your ideal choice because it is efficient in handling dynamic updates with the coordination of server and client-side applications. 

Essential Features 

  • It offers a lot of extensions 
  • Comes with automatic updating of HTML code feature 
  • With the use of backbone conventions, developers are free from writing critical codes. 

Advantages of BackboneJS 

  • Free and open-source
  • Easy to learn
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Develop well-structured applications 
  • Third-party plugins are available 

Disadvantages of BackboneJS 

  • Dependent on other libraries 
  • Limited functionality 


Svelte is a relatively newer front-end framework. Though it was released in 2016, the initial version wasn’t stable. In 2021 a stable version was launched, and from then, it became a contender of ReactJS and AngularJS. 

It has brought a whole new approach to UI development, and that is why it deserves attention from new-age developers. Unlike other frameworks, Svelte does its job in compiler as opposed to Browsers at the time of building applications. 

Developers count on Svelte for building interactive web apps/website, and it is also preferred for speed and scalability. 

Essential Features 

  • The design methodology is somewhat the same as Python 
  • Provided with best APIs 
  • Codes are optimised at the time compiling 

Advantages of Svelte

  • Builds stable apps 
  • The framework can be learned by the novice developer 
  • Websites built with Svelte are faster 

Disadvantages of Svelte

  • Not enough support 
  • Smaller community 


VueJS was developed by a former engineer at Google and is maintained by the developer community around the world. It is well known for its simplicity as opposed to AngularJS. It offers two-way binding and is small in size. Besides, the framework is component-based and enabled with the Virtual DOM model, which makes it efficient, result-oriented, and versatile. 

Essential Features 

  • High quality of framework documentation and comes with Chinese documentation as well 
  • Maintained by the Developer community 
  • Two-way binding

Advantages of VueJS 

  • Seamless third-party integration 
  • Easy to learn 
  • Offers Virtual DOM 
  • Apps can be scaled 
  • VueJS are relatively faster 

Disadvantages of VueJS 

  • Smaller community 
  • Not widely used yet 

Over to You 

It is important to choose a front-end framework considering the nature of your website. We believe the above list of top front-end frameworks would be sufficient to make an informed decision for choosing the perfect framework for your website development project. 

If you need any assistance for an app or website development project, then don’t hesitate to count on EnProwess - a one-stop solution for all your website development needs. You can also hire front-end developers for your next project from us. 

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