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Impact of AI and Voice Search in Digital Marketing in 2023

Impact of AI and Voice Search in Digital Marketing in 2023

Digital marketing can be regarded as an everchanging landscape and a dynamically evolving phase and all this can be attributed to the strides in the digital technology. To make the most of it, in 2023, two more trends and technologies like Voice search and Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, are believed to have their impact on digital marketing strategies. In this post, let us talk a bit about AI and Voice search and also the kind of impact they are creating on digital marketing strategies.

3P’s to understand Artificial Intelligence powered digital marketing:

AI with respect to digital marketing was in a foetal stage during the past years, but in 2023, it is believed to power the entire marketing strategies and offer a tremendous boost in the concerned areas. AI in simple terms can be explained as the intelligence of machines, which holds an ability to collect, analyse and apply data. AI can easily predict the user’s behaviour and influence the decisions of the customer and finally initiated transforming digital strategies and thus started going hand in hand with digital marketing. You can take the help of digital marketing company in India for better results. It is expected to provide better user experience, predictive analysis and targeted marketing thus enhancing the overall digital marketing experience. Here is a gist of AI powered digital marketing.

  • Personalised user experience: Customer is believed to be the king of any business. With this as a prime motto, any marketing strategy coupled with artificial intelligence can produce ground breaking benefits to the marketer. AI can collect customer data from the search results, interests, buying behaviours and more. It can be applied for every single search performed by a customer, making them prospective.
  • Predictive marketing: with the help of data collected from the user search analysis, marketing can be optimised to provide only the most relevant information. These predictive campaigns can help the customer in making a simple and an easy decision.
  • Perfect ROI: Marketers using AI on their websites found an increase in ROI, which means the Return on Investment. Social data leads and customer relationship management are the key to any digital marketing and an application of AI, which can analyse the user behaviour is known to make this process easier. Therefore, this can provide customised messages to each customer and thus help them make a purchase, which in turn can make an increase in the return on investment.  

Also the AI is known for its high level image recognition ability, which can influence the payment processes. This in turn can solve all the security concerns involved in online transactions.

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Voice Search in digital marketing:

Voice search can be explained as an interesting progression in the recent time with applications like Siri, Google and the recent one Alexa from Amazon, powering up to suit the customer needs. It is believed that Voice search will lead more than half of the searches in the future. So the digital marketing providers are now focusing to grab and make the maximum of this application. Here are little snippets on how digital marketing will be impacted by voice search.

  • Targeted featured snippets: Voice search assistants generally respond by providing the featured snippets for any query asked and now digital marketing giants are concentrating to attain such snippets to power their strategies for a convenient voice search experience.
  • Knowledge on Semantics: Semantics are a branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. Unlike traditional usage of search engine, voice search, which is increasing day by day, is mostly composed of conversational requests. Therefore, marketers are finding the need to understand and emphasize on semantics to reassess on how to create and optimise content that can pop up through voice searches.
  • For instance, while using a search engine, we use a keyword “carpenter services near me” and we get a huge list, but when using a voice search we ask – “Do I have any carpenter services near me?” This is because a conversational tone works well with voice assistants and so the search keywords differ and become more conversational while using voice search.
  • Mobile friendly: Voice searches generally happen on devices supported with a voice enabled speaker like a mobile or a tablet. Therefore, most of the voice searches happen on mobiles and so for a digital marketer to ensure the better business need to create a mobile friendly website, enabling the voice search feature.


Last but not the least, it is believed that digital marketing powered by the applications of AI and voice search will have a great impact on the future of marketing. This is because, AI can collect, apply and analyse any search data and voice search is not an exemption.

Voice search is a tool used by more than half of the consumers today to find new products and their day to day service needs. Therefore, digital marketing experts believe that it can’t be ignored and when coupled with AI can reap better benefits to the marketers.

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