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How To Make Your Business Website SEO-Friendly

How To Make Your Business Website SEO-Friendly

A business website is the center of all your business strategies. All the sales and online marketing methods attract users to your website and ultimately conversion might take place. So for ensuring more and more user landing on your business website, the factor of SEO-friendliness plays a vital role. Here are some ways to ensure that your business website is SEO-friendly:   

Use Appropriate Keywords in Title & Heading 

While coming from an organic search the title tag of any page on a website will be the first thing your potential customers notice. This might be your chance to impress and tempt the user to click and probably convert. An increase in the number of clicks and traffic will have a positive impact on the website’s ranking. 

An important thing here to take note of is that every page on your business website should have a unique title that describes the content of a page. You should also put relevant keywords in the title but not in a spammy way it’s should look natural and grammatically correct.

The role of headings should not be underestimated either. Proper organization of heading tags will let search engine to crawl more easily as well as it will also help users to navigate comfortably through the content. Keyword used in H1 matters the most then in H2 and so on.   

In short, keywords used in title tags, description tags, and headings highly influence the relevancy of the website. 

Importance of Mobile Friendliness

In 2020 it’s needless to state the importance of mobile optimization for your website. Business owners need to keep in mind that users visiting from mobile are slightly non-identical from desktop visitors as mobile users expect answers right away. Therefore for quickly connecting to what mobile users want, simple and easy navigation is a must. Some ways of optimizing websites for mobile are:

  • Add a feature of direction based navigation system (link to google maps)

  • Shortcut buttons to make a call or to communicate (email or chatbots)

  • Optimize the image quality (low-quality images loads fast)

  • Look at the importance of developing an app for your business model. Analyze the source of traffic, research on potential customers, read the customer’s feedback, and figure out if you need an app or not.  

Role of HTML Coding

Unfamiliarly search engines like GOOGLE or bing estimate the loading speed of your site based on your site’s/page’s HTML code. The basic known factor of poor website quality is an error in HTML or sloppy coding of the website.


Another essential factor influencing traffic is the user-friendliness of your website. You have to ensure that all the text used on the site should be readable because sometimes a few fonts are harder to read due to overlapping or may be smaller in size. The web developer also has to ensure that all the options (contact, portfolio, product/service categories, sign in/out, etc) are easily found and accessible to users.


A website should have Internal and Outbound Links 

An internal link connects one page of the website to a different page of the same website. A common mistake business owner might commit is to link mostly back to the homepage and brush aside the other internal pages on the site. Linking internally to every page and just not to the home page will distribute PageRank, ultimately boosting ranking and organic visibility of your website. 

The outbound link points to the external domain or website. Adding an outbound link will enable the crawler of search engines like google or bing to understand the relevancy of your context more easily. It also helps readers to further perform in-depth research on a particular topic. 

We may conclude that placing both internal and outbound will be beneficial for your website but the work is not yet completed, regular checking on those links especially on outbound links is necessary because sometimes people make a change in their website’s layout then the link will point to nothing. 

Don’t forget to Optimize the Content & Images

Creating optimized content will bring organic visibility, good ranking, and traffic to your website. The search engine ranks the content by the order of usefulness and relevancy with respect to the user searching. A vital factor in creating good quality content is that it should be unique and should be eye-catching. 

An adequate practice is to add visually attractive images in your content as Neil Patel (an SEO expert) said: “images are the unsung heroes of traffic generation”. Well, the search engine doesn’t see the image as we see it, adding a proper tag in the coding will help the search engine to detect/see an image. 

Google will read the alt text and if the relevance and quality are fit, the image might also appear in the Google Image Search.   


Patience is the key, all the methods like optimizing keywords, working on HTML coding, making website mobile-friendly, focusing on links of the websites, etc may not have an immediate effect on the website as those are more of long-term type methods. With quarantine and social distancing lifestyle, it is safe to say that 2020 is the most crucial time for your business to be visible online. As a business owner, you don’t have to do everything yourself you might need help from a Digital Marketing agency. 

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We may conclude that if you want to stay competitive, it’s important to wrap your head around how to make your business website SEO-friendly and incorporate them into your business strategy.

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