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How to Build a Strong SEO Strategy for 2020

How to Build a Strong SEO Strategy for 2020

Every single business is constantly looking for powerful, preferably cost-effective ways to bring more people to their website, and better yet, convert them into customers. Instead of randomly applying what you assume to be the latest SEO trends in your industry, you should take a structured, organized approach to tackle your web presence. Making your brand more visible means making sure that you’re getting in front of not just more people but the right people, too, the ones you’ll be more likely to qualify and convert. 

Add to that, powerful SEO that leads to genuine interest among your audience will serve as a perfect catalyst for even more “juice” for your website, since more clicks, visits, and purchases also mean more relevance in the eyes of search engines. 

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In 2020, some rules still reign supreme, while there are new rules you can also look into and apply in case they serve your industry well. Let’s dive right in and go over a few must-include SEO tactics for your 2020 strategy that will give you the kind of digital presence that ensures success.

Optimize for voice search

Most businesses focus on traditional text-search optimization, which is still the most commonly used way to look for a service or a solution by most people. Still, it’s far from the only way people search today, especially since the emergence of AI-driven voice assistants have enabled them to give out verbal commands. You’ll often hear people ask Google for directions while driving, or for a recipe or measurement conversions while cooking. The ability to search with our voice is a major convenience, and if you still haven’t adapted to this trend on the rise, then 2020 is your time to shine.

Start by ensuring local optimization for your website, and use your FAQ page to implement as many commonly-asked questions into your content so that Google and other search engines can recognize your relevance when someone starts a voice search query. 

Featured snippets for more context

There are many different ways to help search engines rank your website pages and your content, and while some factors bear more relevance than others, some can help you by granting search engines more information to interpret the meaning and the purpose of your pages. This is why focusing on a white label SEO service makes all the difference, since providing clear and google approved methods such as SEO schema markup helps search engines with more data in a language they can understand, which gives you the opportunity to rank higher.

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The schema you add to your pages gives Google and other engines more substance they can add to search results, also known as rich snippets. These have become pivotal in providing searchers with the precise results they need and to refine the relevance of sites in the ranking process. Keep in mind that you should add schema only to specific portions of your site – overdoing it can earn you penalty points. 

Focusing on the search intent

While many companies still stick to the tried-and-tested SEO that focuses on search phrases, there are those that recognize the relevance of search intent, a factor that Google continuously puts more relevance on for the past few years. Simply put, in addition to just looking at the words to rank the results, search engines also use the phrase to decipher the meaning or the purpose of the search – is the user looking for a product, a location, a piece of information, advice? Depending on the interpretation, the search engine will refine the results to match not just the words, but the purpose or the intent of the searcher.

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Look for ways to adapt your content type, as well as the content itself and the qualifying phrases you use to give your content the right meaning and improve its chances to show up in search results. Most importantly, remember that ranking fluctuates because search trends change, and make sure that your content reflects those changes when you want to retain your ranking – so tailor it to match the intent, not just the words. 

The need for speed remains

With more competitors fighting for the same few priority spots in the SERPs, your brand needs to go above and beyond to deliver spotless results to your audience. Such a high number of options means that your customers won’t have any patience for slow-loading pages, and they’ll instantly rush over to a brand that offers a no-delay service and zero-hassle information, no matter if they’re searching on their PCs or their smartphones. So, how does your website compare to others in your industry?

This is not a one-time solution, but a long-term investment, since you’ll regularly need to test your website performance, always choose content that loads with no delay, and optimize your pages on the go. Since this is not your plug-and-play SEO solution, most brands have periods when they neglect one or more of their ranking factors – but you cannot afford to neglect your site’s loading speed. Make it one of your top priorities for this year, when others will do their best to beat you to the top spot. 

More than ever before, SEO is one of your key tools to grow your digital presence, and consequently your brand relevance and industry standing. Finding and implementing the right solutions in this aspect of your marketing strategy is pivotal, so make an effort to pick the ones that make sense for your brand, and craft them in such a way that your competitors won’t stand a chance. 

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Keith Coppersmith
Keith Coppersmith

Keith Coppersmith is a business and marketing expert who has experienced both the rise and fall of many businesses. As a regular contributor at BizzmarkBlog, he enjoys writing and providing insight into the marketing industry based on both practice and theory.

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