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How is Technology Earning Me Bread And Butter during a Lockdown?

How is Technology Earning Me Bread And Butter during a Lockdown?

Hi all, I am XYZ, an accountant in a multinational company. Now I am at my home, like many other people due to covid-19. Only God can tell when we will get rid of this monstrous coronavirus. The government efforts are laudable and sooner or later. We can surely expect that things will be in control.

However, the question is until things get healthy again, we need money for our survival. For that, a financial backup is necessary. We are not in those regular days where we used to go to our workplaces and get the salary at the month-end.

Situations were stressful extremely

When it all started, it was horrible. I was extremely worried as I thought the two worst conditions would intrude in my life. First, I may lose my job, and second, I will be entirely out of funds. This is because, in the name of cost-cutting, my company was considering to terminate a few employees. We are two accountants in the company. Any one of us could lose the job.

I was tensed that there will be no money to pay my debts and of course, manage my household expenses. While I was on the verge of losing my hope, I decided to give one last try.

Why was I in threat as the accountant of the company?

My company facilitates online grocery shopping. We have to make the entries of the stock that gets delivered on the daily basis. The situation makes everyday conversation between the accounts department and delivery department necessary. After the lockdown, it was impossible. Due to this issue, we were not able to keep the exact record of the shipping details.

It made the company take the accounts department as a useless part of the process. My colleague (another accountant) and I were getting hints of a big decision on the termination until the lockdown gets over. The company was also in high stress due to the loss of daily data.

I suggested an accounting software that saved my job – Thanks to technology

I could not sit idle. As I was restless and sleepless in nights, I was exploring a solution for it on the internet. I did rigorous research for 2 Nights and finally found online accounting software that can connect different departments of a company. One department can exchange information with the other, and the other one can put the data and details in an excel sheet. The significant benefit of the software was that everyone who is connected to it online could see the data.

I presented this idea to the chief executive officer of my company. He scrutinised the software, used it twice, exchange some data with me for demonstration and finally gives a green signal. Also, my CEO appreciated me for finding such an innovating and promising way to work. Now we were able to keep a complete record of every delivery, and there was no confusion. Also, I was told that I would not get terminated and also the other colleague will not lose his job.

We work faster now

After I got the acceptance from the management, I worked on the implementation part. The software was installed on all the laptops and systems that were supposed to connect on it. Within 4 days, we started working, and after I gave a demonstration to my colleagues through an online video chat, the situation became normal.

Now the delivery department gives us information, and we enter it into the sheet. Every week, we join a meeting where we all login on the common platform with the same sheet open on every desktop or laptop. We connect through video call and conveniently discuss our work.

Technology amazingly enhances performance and coordination

This situation is much better than ever from the day we started working on the online accounting software. We can work better, the improvements are immediate, and we share the data without any mistake. Not only I saved my job but also I have become the star of my company.

Now every day I go on a video call to make sure that everyone involved in the process can use the technology properly. I make sure that everyone responsible for providing information to the accounts department has a better understanding of the use of tools efficiently.

Can you imagine? I may get a good increment

You know what; I don't want to exaggerate. But I feel that God did a great thing when he made human able to invent technology. Isn't it amazing, a Few days back I was about to lose my job, and today I am among one of the best performers of the company.

I am in the good books of the management and yes not to forget I can even expect a promising boost in my salary for supporting the company in such a difficult time. I saved not only time but also resources and in turn, money.

Technology is the GOD of the modern era

Now I understand why technology is ubiquitous, why it gets so much importance, why it is so convenient and why it is the vital part of human civilisation. Yes, I do believe that it is like God that can fulfil all your wishes at least the materialistic ones.

You go for a movie, and you can book the tickets, you need medical advice and telemarketing is there, you want to buy clothes e-commerce sites are a few clicks away.

Above all, it serves you with the proximity of all the services and products available in your local area. Whether you are looking for a mortgage broker in Edinburgh or a restaurant near your workplace in Liverpool, technology can keep you equipped about everything through the advanced tools.

My conclusion is clear

Now I not only love technology but also I admire it. This fantastic thing became my last-minute saviour now when no one could help me. You know very well how it feels when you lose your job. It is not possible to take help from your friends even family after a specific limit but the technology did that for me and without any restriction and condition.

Once again thank you technology for saving my financial as well as personal life. ?

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Stacey Walsh
Stacey Walsh

Content Writer

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