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How Deeptech Startup SirionLabs Is Navigating The $2.5 Tn Enterprise Software Maze In India

How Deeptech Startup SirionLabs Is Navigating The $2.5 Tn Enterprise Software Maze In India

Entrepreneur Ajay Agrawal clearly believes inside the adage. He commenced his first organisation, UnitedLex Corporation – a criminal manner outsourcing corporation – in 2006, which claims to have $250 Mn in belongings and dedicated capital, currently.

“Even in UnitedLex, we have been always seeking to build software packages to automate any component of the guide paintings that we were doing for our clients. And a number of the ones programs have been so a hit that it form of provide me a flavour to do it on a far large scale – as in a product surroundings rather than a offerings surroundings,” he starts.

This changed into the time while he realised the struggle organizations have to make to hold their purchaser-dealer surroundings. Taking the plunge he, together with ex-global head of outsourcing in General Motors, Claude Marais, began brainstorming in November 2012 and envisioned SirionLabs – an organisation SaaS platform based totally in Gurugram in December 2014.

Today, two years after the authentic launch, SirionLabs has over 15 clients (usually Fortune-listed agencies) together with the likes of Western Union, Vodafone, BP, Vestas Wind Systems and University College London Hospitals (UCLH). As claimed by using the founders, it has additionally been presented the number one B2B startup in India by means of IBM and featured because the ‘Cool Vendor’ of the 12 months 2015 through Gartner.

The organisation has already raised over $sixteen Mn from traders consisting of Sequoia Capital, QualGro ASEAN Fund, and Canopy Ventures and has a team of 2 hundred+ professionals across offices in India, US, UK, and Europe, making it a global platform within the real feel of the phrase.

SirionLabs In The Making: Origin Story

“The era for procurement and provider control this is dominant inside the international these days, changed into built at a time when most of the people of suppliers are imparting items and commodities to the customers. However, over the past 20-25 years, the intake sample has shifted away (from goods and commodities) to complicated services. Therefore, the era that become designed inside the mid-90s is no longer serving them within the way it become supposed to. And as a end result, the dependancy of relying increasingly more on manual control and oversight and much less and less on era. And that’s where Sirion comes in and fills the space.”

To this stop, the duo brought collectively a team of specialists – half from the suppliers’ side and half from the shoppers’ aspect – and started operating at the prototype layout. Soon after that, they organised an enterprise design workshop, inviting 30 of the largest businesses of the arena, companies like British Telecom, British Petroleum, Google and so forth.  “We had a collaborative, six-month, collective layout system where we articulated necessities, showed them what the future could look like, and primarily based on all of the matters that we heard, we iced over the requirements, and started out constructing the product, in May 2013,” he says.

The beta product turned into then released in June 2013 and after 4 or five months, it got picked up through Western Union, which become then inside the method of solving its dealer control surroundings. “So we were given a Fortune 500 agency in a year of launching services, which is very uncommon for a deep enterprise product,” boasts Ajay.

This early fulfillment attracted the eye of Sequoia Capital in April 2014 and it infused $4.7 Mn, paving the way for the next model – 1.Zero – of the product and establishing SirionLabs as a startup handling complex services engagements on an incorporated platform.

Real Time Analytics, Automating Processes, And More

SirionLabs presently gives  merchandise – ‘Supplier Governance’ and ‘Revenue Assurance’ for buyers and providers of complicated offerings respectively. When prodded to provide an explanation for more on what ‘complicated offerings’ stands for, Ajay elaborates, “Complex services are of two sorts. One is provided as part of outsourcing, whether or not it's far IT, BPO, facilities management of 0.33 party logistics. The second is what we call ‘Goods-as-a-provider.’ For instance, while a telecom organisation doesn’t need to spend a billion dollars to buy telecom system, it can visit a agency like Ericsson, Nokia or Huawei, and may ask them to set up the network working center (NOC), bridge over their gadget, install, and run it for the telecom enterprise. So, now that agency (Ericsson, Nokia,etc.) is not in the business of selling system, they're within the business of installing, handling and preserving equipment for its clients.”

He in addition provides,

“Outsourcing these days is well worth approximately $1.1 Tn a 12 months of annual spend, even as Goods-as-a-provider is well worth approximately $1.Four Tn a 12 months. And taken together, while you add them you get greater than $2.Five Tn in annual complex offerings spend.”

Coming to the functionality of the device – for consumers, it simplifies the control of key providers by means of automating the total spectrum of contracts, overall performance, economic, chance and relationship management on a unmarried, integrated platform. On the opposite hand, for providers, it enhances profitability, transparency, and reduces risk in massive organisation bills.

“What the device does is, apply a number of AI in routinely reading the contracts – keeping apart from the agreement, or extracting from the contract – the deliverables and the duties which are predicted to be finished as a part of the agreement. It genuinely permits you to do the work in a collaborative manner in the platform itself the usage of micro configuring workflows and vehicle–validation loops,” says Ajay.

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So, based totally on what's written in the agreement and actual overall performance, the device can create a predictive bill, which then gets compared to the real bill submitted by way of the provider or approved through the purchaser.

Simplifying the context, Ajay explains, “Suppose, the supplier invoice is for $one hundred, and that they had been supposed to do 10 various things, however did simplest 8 and billed you for all 10. Now, in case you don’t realize that, you may pay the entire quantity. But if you’re aware and conscious in real-time then you could trap the provider by the ears, and say that I am going to pay best $eighty.”

Furthermore, SirionLabs brings in loads of synthetic intelligence in managing regions that traditionally included very unstructured statistics – like contracts and performances, together with its superior analytics. “So, how we do the paintings is just one element of it, how we examine all that information, and derive actionable insights, for converting the manner we work in future, that is some other key issue of Sirion,” says Ajay.

Changing People’s Minds, Finding Technical Talent, And Acquiring Domain Expertise: Challenges 

As Ajay remembers, “When I look back at 2012, locating the right kind of technical skills, to construct a product, with sharp, loyal, and dedicated engineers was certainly one of the most important demanding situations that we are facing right here in India.”

The other changed into domain information and domain knowledge. “When it comes to analysing the performance or auditing the invoicing of records, the ones were new regions for us,” he says.

“And eventually our mentality as Indians. When we paintings in product companies, it tends to be a completely carrier-oriented way of life. So, converting people into questioning modularly, into wondering deep approximately the product in the front of them, that proved highly tough for us,” he provides.

When asked approximately the competition with established corporations like IBM, SAP, Freshdesk and many others., Ajay says, “The businesses are imparting (one) factor solutions, for people who will most effective observe the answer for contracting piece, or performance piece, or the finance piece. But they don’t provide the broader solution.”

He in addition provides,

“We connect the dots among the various disciplines. We join the dot from the settlement to overall performance which permits a buyer to screen the performance of the supplier, enabling him to peer the difference in what the supplier did and what he become actually presupposed to do. Similarly, we connect both contracts, and overall performance with the finance field, and which means that earlier than you pay the invoice to the supplier, you recognize the distinction between what they had been purported to do and what they have got carried out.”

‘The World’s Worst Place To Sell Enterprise Software Is India’

Being a global corporation, SirionLabs’ community is spread across continents. When we asked approximately the distinction he felt inside the numerous markets, he says, “The maximum mature markets are North America, the Nordics (Finland, Denmark, Sweden), and Australia.  The 2nd degree of maturity is available in UK and the relaxation of Europe with out the Nordics. And the 0.33 stage of maturity, comes in the eastern European and, to some extent, Middle Eastern markets. And even I might upload to this far East Asia, Africa to a point. The world’s worst area to sell corporation software program is India.”

Ouch! When the founder of a well-set up international business enterprise makes this sort of drastic assertion, it requires some probing.

Ajay explains his as an alternative bad sentiments,

“Indian companies essentially don't have any admire for innovation or copyright or automation. Their fundamental notion is that the entirety have to be very very cheap, and everything may be replicated and copied. So what most Indian groups are seeking to do, whenever they meet you, they try to examine your software program, and that they ask their engineers to copy it. The different thing is that India has a lot cheap labour that there may be no incentive for Indian CEOs and bosses, to automate their operations, and to replace human beings with technology. For example, putting in place a small crew of 20 people in Gurugram will require an annual expenditure of most INR 70 Lakhs-INR 80 Lakhs here. If you attempt to do that in America, it would fee nearly $2 Mn – $three Mn, so an American business enterprise does not have that alternative. They have to constantly keep automating. For all of these motives India is the ultimate region on this world, that any software product organization CEO need to target from the client perspective. I might an awful lot as an alternative visit Mozambique, Nigeria and South Africa, earlier than coming to India. Those are better markets.”

But in spite of all odds, innovation remains taking place in India within the company software program section. To this Ajay heartily agreed that that is exactly the beauty of India in which, despite the truth that there may be no real market for software program within the u . S . A ., Indians are nonetheless able to create international-class products and are promoting them in other elements of the sector. Ajay further adds,

“For me, that is the real magic or the miracle. For the following 20-30 years, due to the fact our labour scenario will continue to be low, the Indian corporations don’t have worldwide great running practices, and they may always conflict to perform on the global scale. The position of software in Indian operations will constantly remain a trouble – that isn't top of thoughts or a funded hassle – and I don’t see this changing in any respect. There is no driving force for this change.

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“And the handiest manner this can exchange is if the Indian authorities takes steps like Singapore where inside the authorities encourages businesses to shop for nearby era through giving them tax remedy. But as you understand, this entails a sure stage of foresight and patriotism and satisfaction in building era in India, and that we can surely have submit 500-six hundred years from now,” he concludes.

Editor’s Note

For one, Ajay’s views on the Indian market appears like a blow to the proud patriotism imbibed in each Indian. But as they are saying, the truth is constantly sour and tough to swallow. He has described floor truth, indicating a hazard for upcoming and current agency software corporations in India to turn toward homegrown innovation.

With Gartner prescribing the Indian software market to grow at a charge of 12.Eight% in 2017, the possibility lies exactly right here, all this is require is a solid training on the arena’s end.

SirionLabs is already making strides by using solving give up-to-give up problems in contracts and supply chain control. With an established business version, enough funds and a product that has found takers in elite businesses, it seems to have the road map for the destiny taken care of out. But, going forward, with competitors and contenders all vying for the trillion dollar share of the marketplace, how lengthy it will likely be capable of preserve its boom and thrive, remains to be visible.

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