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Budget-friendly flower gift ideas for multiple occasions

Budget-friendly flower gift ideas for multiple occasions

Budget is the ruling factor in today’s economy. If we want to do something, we make sure we have sources and a budget for it as well. A big grand gesture for your loved one can be costly. Flower Company presents you with some of the budget-friendly flower gift ideas for multiple occasions. 

What is Budget-Friendly?

A budget-friendly is something inexpensive, affordable, less costly, easily achievable and on sale. It is what people with a small budget can afford to purchase and give away. 

Flower Company at have a vast range of budget-friendly bouquets and gifts systems for multiple celebrations. 

Multiple Occasions and Flower Gift Ideas

We have so much to celebrate the year-round. It is like the festivities start from Thanksgiving and last till Easter’s Day. In between these, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are very precious to us too. Every occasion deserves to be celebrated and cherished. 

The gifts can be very costly and put a strain and burden on tight pockets. But one should always keep in mind that it's the feelings those matters, not the price of the gift you are giving. The gifts can be budget-friendly and unique also. Price tags do not decide your feelings. 

Flower Company offers cost-effective packages of bouquets and gifts for multiple occasions, everybody cherishes.  

Mother’s Day: It is a celebration in honour of all the mothers of the world, who bear a lot of pain to bring us into this world. A day to thank them and celebrate them for Motherhood. 

Flower Gift Ideas

  • A hug of love: Send your mother a bouquet of elegant looking roses and Teddy Bear as a hug of love. Nothing has to be expensive, just some seasonal roses and a snuggly toy. It will make her day. 

  • Chocolate and Flowers: Who doesn't love chocolate and flowers always put a lovely smile on your mothers face. Send your mother her favourite flower and fresh chocolates. Try the flower company collection of flowers as they have an excellent selection of budget flowers. 

Father’s Day: A day celebrated to respect all the fathers for a contribution to the lives of their children. It is a thank you for fathers from the children. 

Flower Gift Ideas

  • Flower Basket with Tickets: Want to make your father a happy man, allow him to watch his favourite team at the stadium. It can be a bit expensive for a tight budget. Just a flower Basket can be perfect too. 

  • Poker Night Basket: Create a beautiful setup of the poker game alongside a small indoor potted plant and send it as a father’s day moment to your father. Flower Company can prepare it for you correctly in order. 

Thanksgiving Day:  A celebration with traditional food, thanking God for the food and the harvest given in the year. They think everything positive that happened and wish for new beginnings by celebrating it on every fourth Thursday of November. 

Flower Gift Ideas

  • Fresh Fruit Flower Basket: Take fresh fruits nicely organised in a basket with the other side covered by beautiful flowers. The budget-friendly fruit basket is appreciated and well-loved by all. 

  • Box of Goodies: If you have a sweet tooth, goodies are your favourite friend. Single Blooming Red Rose and a box of goodies is the perfect gift, this thanksgiving. Goodies can be freshly baked pies, cookies, cupcakes, anything. 

Christmas Day: It is the most awaited holiday of the year. Favourite of children, Santa Claus, is loved immensely by the kids. The day of presents and spreading good wishes, may your Christmas be much brighter this year. 

Flower Gift Ideas

  • White Rose Basket: Give your loved one a basket full of white roses. Resembling the pureness surrounding the foamy white of snow, roses always bring a smile to their faces. 

  • Tree Decorations Box: Christmas is to decorate your house with full vigour and enthusiasm. If you are a Christmas lover, give a box of decorations as a gift to others as well. A well-decorated Christmas is always best. Add flowers for the lady of the house, and it's perfect. 

Easter’s Holiday: It is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus on the third day. The followers of Jesus celebrate this day every year for the hope of victory over sins. 

Flower Gift Ideas

  • Easter Bunny Basket: A basket, a little bunny toy and a small collection of candies and chocolates. A very budget-friendly setup and the receiver will be a happy person, loving your gift immensely. 

  • Potted Flowers: Giving someone a potted, well-cared flower is very trendy these days. Like this, the person has to just take the minimum care for it. It is an affordable and inexpensive way of saying, we think about you. 

  • Easter Egg Decor: Give kids to play with something they love. Teach them to play with natural colours of flowers and paint eggs a little differently, this easter. This can be a perfect budget-friendly gift. 

Budget-Friendly Flowers Section

Flowers are considered to be very expensive, and in reality, some of them are expensive and out of the affordable range as well. But not all fall under the heavy price range but are suitable to common people as well. Also, budget-friendly flowers can be your new DIY friends too. 

List of flowers in our budget: The flowers we consider and categorise classic, are the most affordable ones. The other way to go for a budget-friendly section is to opt for the seasonal flowers, which bloom in abundance over the seasons.  

With a wide variety of options, Https:// will make your dream come true with a very efficient and affordable price range. 

  • Roses

  • Carnations

  • Gerbera Daisies

  • Alstroemeria

  • Daisy Spray

  • Tulips

  • Blue Thistle

  • Begonia


When it comes to flowers, the choice pool is way bigger than you can imagine. But go for the well-loved, easily available ones and assort them with other gifts of yours. You can choose and create any gift as per your preference that will be prepared specially by the Flower Company according to your preferences. All you have to do is choose, order, pay and enjoy your day. 

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