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Best Social Media Platform To Generate Leads

Best Social Media Platform To Generate Leads

Social Media is the ultimate destination if you want to reach people. The number of Internet users is increasing rapidly- making social media the growth platform for every business type.

According to Global Digital 2019 report by ‘We Are Social’, Social Media worldwide user base have grown to almost 3.5 billion at the beginning of 2019, with 288 million new users in the past 12 months pushing the global penetration figure to 45%.

The percentage of people using the internet is growing day by day, and the potential of generating leads through these platforms is also accelerating at an immense speed.

Social Media is one of the best mediums to communicate to your audience. People from different demographics, age groups, interests; all are present on social media, making it the favorite place for marketers to generate leads and reach to their target audience.

Most Social Media platforms give you the resource to even target a specific audience based on their interests, behaviors making it a bonus for advertisers.

Today you can use social media for a variety of purposes such as lead generation, connecting to your audience, building your brand, sell services or products, and the list goes on. Businesses, be it B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-customer), can generate leads through creating a well-planned marketing funnel on social media.

Every social media platform is suitable for different types of businesses and before starting your social media lead generation campaign, you need to study which social media platform best suits your business needs as each social media platform serves to different types of an audience of different interests and behaviors.

Let us see which social media platforms can be best used for lead generation for B2B and B2C businesses lead generation.


Facebook can be called as the king of social media. It was launched in 2014 and now has more than 1.7 billion active users across the world. It has a broad and active user base, which gives rise to opportunities for brands to promote their services on Facebook.

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It is one of the most popular platforms for advertising, as Facebook has a rich pool of data that helps advertisers target their specific audience and generate leads. Facebook Pages with good quality content are generally shared and subsequently increases the number of followers.

A lot of brands and companies are present on Facebook, which shares their content to boost engagement and generate leads. You can generate leads on Facebook via Facebook ads as well as organic growth by optimizing your Facebook page and creating and sharing content.

Facebook is more helpful in generating B2C leads rather than B2B leads, but you can use it to generate both.


Instagram is a social media platform that permits you to share photos and videos. Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms among people with a user base of more than 500 million monthly users.

A lot of brands and companies use Instagram to generate leads. Instagram is not only beneficial for big companies but also small businesses.

It offers a lot of opportunities to even individuals who want to sell their services. You can see a lot of people selling their services or products only on Instagram, as it is a very powerful platform to sell products and services.

One can leverage a variety of features that Instagram offers to generate leads such as Instagram ads, the right use of hashtags, stories, polls, etc.

Instagram is a fantastic place for both B2C and B2B companies looking to generate leads and increase their customer base.


When it comes to a social media network that is apt for professionals, LinkedIn is the first one in the race. It has more than 460 million users, among whom about 106 million users are active on a per month basis. 

LinkedIn can work amazingly for brands and companies to promote their services and products to the audience, both professional and non-professional. Many companies make effective LinkedIn strategies to target decision-makers for attracting to their services.

You can get a lot of resources from LinkedIn, such as business contacts, groups’ features, ads, etc. It is an attractive platform to connect to your niche audience.

LinkedIn is a great platform mainly for B2B lead generation, though one can look to leverage it for b2c lead generation as well.

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Twitter has always been among active social media platforms. It was founded in 2006 and has now more than 300 million users worldwide. Unlike other social media platforms, one can only tweet a message with 140 characters as a limit. But you can add a link, photos, videos .run polls, use hashtags, and even run ads.

The message character limit is only 140; therefore, you have to wisely choose your characters, which attracts users and makes it interesting for them. Use trending and relevant hashtags on twitter to attract more audience and engage them.

Twitter gives you the option of different ad types for various goals, such as increasing website traffic, broadening audience base, etc. You can target people based on the audience, demographic, interest as well as targeting based on behavior.

Twitter is, again, an excellent platform to generate B2B as well as B2C leads.


Quora has emerged as a popular marketing Platform on the Internet with 300 million monthly visitors. Quora is an effective marketing platform where one can generate leads. One can generate leads by answering questions of their domain and linking their web pages in it.

But the answers you give should be relevant and should hold value and not just promoting your link.

Quora is an appropriate platform to generate both B2C and B2B leads provided one uses an effective strategy.


Pinterest is a popular social media platform with a growing international population to share infographics. It is an effective platform to generate leads by sharing appealing infographics containing valuable Information.

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You can attract a lot of traffic to your website by sharing engaging content on Pinterest.


Social Media Marketing is a powerful medium and has become a world of its own. With more and more increasing internet users, the number is set to increase further. Generating Leads through social media is not an easy task, but with effective strategies, you can generate leads organically as well as paid.

Further, social media Ads provide immense potential to attract users and engage them with your brand. Social media is all about engaging your audience by creating quality content.

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Social Media Trends are always changing, and you need to be up to date to successfully build your brand image to generate Leads. Lead Generation organically takes time, but consistent and well planned and researched efforts will surely give you results.

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Pooja Seth
Pooja Seth

I am Digital Marketing Enthusiast and love to travel. I like to share useful knowledge of digital marketing with people.

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