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Best PHP Frameworks To Use In 2019’s CMS Website Services

Best PHP Frameworks To Use In 2019’s CMS Website Services

PHP is a widely used language for web design and development all over the world. Almost 83% of websites on the internet use this high-level programming language in laravel application development.

Rasmond Lerdoff developed this programming language to manage his personal website.”

But later on, an official version was released in 1997 after conducting several beta tests. Earlier PHP was abbreviated as Personal Home Page, but now it is known as Hypertext Preprocessor.

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The latest version of this programming language, PHP 7 was aimed at optimizing PHP performance by making it more compact with improved data structure, cache locality and retaining language compatibility.

Any best PHP framework fastens the development process, increase the security, and makes maintenance easy.”

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Why Use Best PHP Framework?

There are many reasons for using PHP frameworks:

  • Code and file organization is extremely easy

  • Different libraries and tools help in form validation, input/output filtering, database abstraction, email management, session, and cookie handling, etc.

  • PHP Framework uses less coding thus increasing the speeds of development

  • Various input and output filtering functions add more security

  • With an active PHP framework community, you get easy and quick solutions to any problem

There are several PHP frameworks, and we had collected top 10 of 2019 which you can use in your development process. Or if you are planning to work on PHP then can get brief information to hire dedicated developers of PHP.

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Best PHP Frameworks of 2019

Laravel: It is the most favored and one of the best PHP frameworks from the last couple of years. Laravel application development via PHP framework simplifies the control access and authorization logic to resources.

It supports those object-oriented libraries which have many pre-installed features. It also performs tedious programming tasks; therefore, it is the best PHP framework for large scale applications. All Laravel development company USA thus provide a PHP framework.


CakePHP: CakePHP framework has 100% backward compatibility; thus, it is instantly upgradable. Although it doesn’t adapt to new PHP habits, it has shown consistency in the form of stable releases. Going with Fat Models, Skinny Controller and automatic routing approach imply most of the work is automated.


Zend Framework: The re-usability of codes is one of the most significant advantages of Zend framework. It is a package full of tools, libraries, and components while following the object-oriented approach, MVC architecture, community, richness, and usability.


Symfony: PHP Symfony framework is flexible, reliable, long-term supportive, with better ease of testing, elaborated documentation, and an extensive community.


Codeigniter: MVC Architecture, easy expandability, no server requirements, a package of libraries, components, built-in libraries, built-in security, database abstraction, active community support, etc. makes it as the best PHP framework for enterprise applications that allows re-using libraries and functions.

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It can be really difficult and challenging to select the right and best PHP framework to develop web applications on a regular basis. We have tried and tested different PHP frameworks where Laravel PHP development tops our list.

It propels you to create robust, secure and testable web applications while some others can customize according to the need of the applications.

To obtain best PHP framework services, you can look for IT services in Raleigh, NC and hire PHP developers to work on your web project.

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