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Best Fitness Trackers to Use on A Daily Basis

Best Fitness Trackers to Use on A Daily Basis

It is not always possible to have a personal trainer for ourselves or effectively notice the results of our exercise routine. This is where the fitness trackers come into the picture. Fitness trackers are the best exercise buddies you can get because of the various features they offer.

Not only do you get to keep track of your steps, distance covered, and calories burnt but also an over-all record of your health. The fitness trackers also keep a track of blood sugar levels, blood oxygen levels, and other health metrics of the body.

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This being said, even though most of the fitness trackers offer more or less the same features, with more brands releasing their own fitness bands, the specifications might differ. And this is where it gets tricky for you because you have to choose the best fitness wearable from the myriad of options available in the market.

The brand Fitbit that popularized wearing fitness bands alone sells more than 10 fitness tracker models. Apart from popular brands like Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, many other Chinese brands like Xiaomi, and Huawei have stepped into the competition as well.

The difference in features might make all the difference for you. After all, investing in a device that does not meet your needs or that you can not fully utilize is nothing less than money down the drain. While some people might want to have fitness trackers solely for the purpose of exercising, others might want additional features such as water resistance and heart-rate monitors.

Some fitness trackers like KoreTrak combine both the features of a fitness tracker and a smartphone. These devices let you manage your notifications easily while also helping you maintain a tab on your health. Read here to learn more Koretrak review.

Best choices available in 2020 for daily use

We have categorized the fitness trackers from the various brands based on their most fulfilling usage:

Best fitness tracker

The best fitness tracker to buy in 2020 is definitely Fitbit Charge 4. The sensors, features, and data massively outshine other brands like Xiaomi and Samsung. One of the additional features that the users get with this model is the GPS tracker.

The battery life is exceptional and lasts for about 7 days when the GPS is not in use and with the GPS for about 5 hours. Other interactive features such as a personalized clock face, water resistance, a payment app, health monitors including heart rate, and blood oxygen make it the best option amongst the rest.

Best in-budget fitness tracker

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 offers the best features at a pocket-friendly price. While maintaining the traditional look the new model offers a larger screen than its predecessors. Some of the new features are breathing exercises, women’s health monitor, and stress monitor. The best part is that this model comes with a magnetic charger thus eliminating the need to find the charging plug every time the battery drains out.

The interface is compatible with both android phones and iPhones and is lightweight and comfortable on the wrists. Because of its convenient price, lightweight design, and features, it is highly suitable for daily use.

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Best fitness tracker for runners

If you are a runner or are planning to start jogging on a daily basis, then the best option for you is Garmin Vivosport. The thing is it is one of the few fitness trackers that come with both the heart-rate monitor and a GPS.

You can switch on the running or cycling mode and track the distance covered as well as the calories burned. It is water-resistant too; therefore, you can even go for other workouts like swimming with this wearable. Thus, if you are looking for a band for gym or workouts, this fitness band is the best bet out there.

Best heart-rate monitor

If apart from keeping track of your exercise routine, you also want to keep a tab on the health of your heart, Apple Watch Series 6 is the best option for you. This band is available in two sizes with a variety of colors and case materials.

Apart from the heart-rate and ECG sensors (also available in the previous model), the new model also has a blood oxygen monitor at the back. In order to operate it, you have to manually start off the monitor and stand still for 15 seconds. With the new feature, you can actively monitor the oxygen levels in your body while exercising.


The usage depends on the specific needs of the person. Thus, it is entirely subjective which fitness tracker will be the most suitable for you. Keeping this in mind, we have curated the list based on different needs and specifications. Hopefully, this list will help you find the right fitness tracker that not only meets your needs but is also worth the money.

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