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6 Plants To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay This Rainy Season

6 Plants To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay This Rainy Season

Monsoon is a special season where with cool breeze and refreshing rains we can get big relief from the hot sun. This brings fun with light drizzles, green plants, jumping in puddles and bringing down water droplets from window glass. Monsoon gives you reasons to enjoy cold rain showers but it also brings other illnesses with it. Malaria is one of the most common diseases that occur during the monsoon, due to the prevalence of mosquitoes in stagnant water and polluted puddles. It also includes sprays and repellents to keep the mosquitoes away. And they are made of chemicals and can smell bad. 

You should take a greener approach to keep the mosquitoes away, in addition to jumping in mosquito spray. Sure, you can buy indoor plants online that smell good, and naturally, keep mosquitoes away. Read more to learn about plants that act as natural repellents for mosquitoes.


It is another drought-prone perennial with some proven mosquito repellent properties and is therefore also recognized as the mosquito plant. This should not be confused with citronella grass and lemongrass. When you crush the leaves or rub them with your fingertips, the scented geranium produces lemony, citronella sort of fragrance, but it belongs to a separate family of plants. Obviously, it won't control a strong mosquito invasion, but the plant can help in the search to dissuade any random hungry females from you and your garden party guests who are after a night snack.


Basil (Tulsi) not only can it add incredible flavor to your favorite foods, it can also keep mosquitoes away. This holy plant has big advantages in gardening, such as attracting bees, improving the flavor of other plants, and maybe most importantly, repelling unwanted mosquitoes. Naturally, this plant emits fragrance, so there is no need to crush or prepare the leaves in any way. Basil is mainly toxic to mosquito larvae, so you can position it close to standing water. To deter mosquitoes from laying eggs you need to grow this amazing plant around any natural water sources, including a pond.


Another hardy perennial with a heavy musky fragrance, rosemary, is a mosquito repellent plant that can quickly kill the small numbers of pest insects in them. Rosemary is not only a culinary delight but an easy-to-grow and low-maintenance herb that is more than just a flavor. Its fragrant foliage serves as a natural repellant to the mosquito and insect and can be put in pots or elsewhere in your garden that provides it in the sun.

Lemon Balm

Another scented, mint family member is Lemon Balm, which includes different oils and other active substances help keep mosquitos at bay. Best in a pot, it enjoys plenty of sunshine and frequent watering. Crush fresh-picked leaves from the plant and release the scents of lemony to avoid mosquitoes and other irritating insects in the bay. Consider the lemon balm essential oil a healthy repellent spray, or rub some leaves directly on your skin. Many uses of lemon balm include spicing up your food or preparing medicinal and soothing tea to relieve various rising chronic conditions.


Lavender is a delicate flowering plant with a sedative, soothing scent. The divine lavender scent that relaxes human beings and allows them to sleep comfortably at night will prevent mosquitoes and bugs. The lavender has a high concentration of camphor. As the monsoon is at the peak, so buy plants online and grow it in your garden or plant in pots nearby door, windows, and balcony to help keep flies and moths away.


Catnip holds a chemical called nepetalactone, which acts as a repellent for mosquitoes and attracts felines. Although catnip is easy to take care of, it's an invasive species, so do not plant it in your garden bed unless you want it to take over your garden.

So, there you have them, the most common mosquito repellent plants you can grow effortlessly in the ongoing rainy season.


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