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“We were glued to our laptop, waiting for our first sale to happen on Amazon!” – Shauravi & Meghana, Founders of Slurrp farm : An Indian food & snack brand

“We were glued to our laptop, waiting for our first sale to happen on Amazon!” – Shauravi & Meghana, Founders of Slurrp farm : An Indian food & snack brand

“We were glued to our laptop, waiting for our first sale to happen on Amazon!” – Shauravi & Meghana, Founders of Slurrp farm : An Indian food & snack brand

Shauravi Malik and Meghana Narayan are organizers of Slurrp Farm, a solid bite and food brand. Meghna has insight in driving general wellbeing practice and had some expertise in maternal and youngster wellbeing. While, Shauravi is a market analyst who has work insight in the Consumer, Healthcare and Retail area. Today, they are lady business visionaries in India, dealing with a food brand serving 5 lakhs clients with a mission to give solid bite and supper time alternatives for small children and their folks. Shauravi and Meghna imparts to WomenpreneursOfIndia – WOI, about their business venture. 

The thought at first hit us when we were working in London. Each time we would visit India; our companions with youngsters would ask us for certain food items for their kids. This solicitation overwhelmed us. We basically couldn't really accept that that individuals would need to import food back to India. On doing some examination, we found that a portion of the natural items that we get abroad source fixings from India. Honestly, we were unable to comprehend why there weren't more reasonable items for kids in India with the fixings we arrive. Especially customary fixings like Millets. We have such enormous assortment and variety in our customary method of eating; we essentially couldn't get it. 

Meghana: Around a similar time, Shauravi began to look into food unquenchably and watched the film Food Inc. She at that point made me and everybody she knows watch it. It is the SINGLE most fundamental narrative on the food area. This started an excursion where we began to change how we ate in our own homes. Better, more careful and parcels additional time cooking! 

And keeping in mind that we understood that there was certainly a hole of good dieting alternatives in the kids' food market in India, that is just when we had our own youngsters that we really comprehended the hardships of taking care of our children right. We invested a ton of energy contemplating, sourcing and understanding the few issues with the natural pecking order today. This setting above of individuals asking us and the holes we confronted ourselves were the trigger for us to set up Slurrp Farm.Slurrp Farm established by WOI highlights Meghna and shauravi 

Shauravi : Both Meghana and I have been on the backend exhorting customers (McKinsey and JP Morgan, individually), on the best way to run their organizations and get subsidizing, preceding beginning Slurrp Farm. Notwithstanding, when we began our organization, we understood that execution is the greatest test. It in a real sense implies going down to the metal tacks and working from Ground Zero. It is tied in with staying tolerant. Another key test has been the sheer trouble of making something you would in your own kitchen, work from a business and cycle viewpoint for a bigger scope. It's truly difficult to fix our severely broken food framework, yet advancement lies in streamlining. 

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It's tied in with learning new things, venturing into another area and moving gradually up. Practically like having ten distinct positions simultaneously. First we needed to find out about interpreting items from our kitchens to an assembling perspective. When the items were set, we needed to move onto adapting retail, showcasing, web-based media, and so on The adapting never stops! 

Meghana: Our first time was the point at which we had stored every one of our items at the Amazon distribution center. Shauravi and I immediately got back home and were stuck to our PC energetically trusting that our first deal will occur. I actually recall the fervor when somebody in Kerala purchased our first treat, which was exceptionally thrilling! 

As far as achievement there have been many for us. We feel each year we are another organization. At the point when we began it was simply Shauravi, Meghana and Pankhuri. The year after we added one all the more new representative and now we are an extraordinary fun center group of 16 individuals. Every one of these advances has been tied in with carrying more individuals into the Slurrp Farm family, every one including their own particular manner. 

Individuals don't discuss this regularly yet we really ascended an assembling mountain. Numerous individuals say, It's not difficult to make however extreme to sell. Yet, truly we are attempting to make something else something the market hasn't seen previously. Regardless of whether it is only a treat, however you're really making it at a scale with fixings like spread, entire grain, banana, nectar which are difficult to work with. It is difficult to make these at a business unit – we have consumed loads of treats attempting to hit the nail on the head. So the first run through when we got out first master on board who caused us make a remarkably top notch item without adding any garbage like Ammonia, was the second for us. We actually recollect when the treats fell off the line and they looked totally great – round – smelled divine. Both Shauravi and I just plunked down with tears in our eyes. That was our first unique remarkable second. 

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We don't come from conventional business families, and we have taken in a great deal in a hurry. Meghana jokes that both our jobs are truly co-chaser 1 and co-chaser 2, and this is the thing that we invest most of our energy doing; we are both exceptionally industrious! More than Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard, we have truly learnt by visiting umpteen number of natural food ranchers and organizations, crude materials co-agents and merchants, food technologists, researchers, apparatus and gear makers, little and enormous food organizations, bundling sellers, food retailers, nutritionists, food labs and so on! Also mothers and babies and yummy food up and down the way! The rundown is truly perpetual. Furthermore, THIS excursion, confusing such countless pieces of India – towns, towns and enormous urban communities – and the food business has been what has genuinely formed our vision for Slurrp Farm. 

Meghana: We are not business people for being one. We both are too persuaded and enthusiastic about the mission of Slurrp Farm which is really to fabricate India's generally adored and believed child's food image. We need to take millets to the world in a structure that is justifiable and furthermore yummy simultaneously. It is this mission of Slurrp Farm that propels us on everyday premise and most likely pushes us to be business visionaries. Also, In pretty much two years, Slurrp Farm is accessible at 600 stores across 8 urban areas in India, serving near 5 lakh clients and has a 40% recurrent rate on Amazon. They additionally sell across a few other driving on the web stages including BigBasket, FirstCry and BabyChakra. 

Slurrp ranch - food brand by Meghna and shauravi highlighted on WOIOur vision for the organization is to construct India's most adored food brand for youngsters! Like what Hain Celestials has done internationally in the food space, and with the arrangement of first rate youngsters' food marks that they have put resources into. We feel this last decade has seen a few famous INDIAN brands springing up in different sections – juice, yogurt, sound nibbling and so forth and we try to do likewise in our space. 

Furthermore, in 10 years we desire to have driven an enunciation or a REAL change in the sound (and yummy!) food market. We need individuals on the excursion with us who will back this for long haul. We're longing for being accessible on each retail rack and in large number of kitchens, homes, and hearts! With loads of storybooks, cookbooks, and yummy food that rejuvenate the Slurrp Farm family characters, and stimulate individuals sense of taste simultaneously. 

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At the point when a client grasps a Slurrp Farm item – we need them to feel gigantic pride at holding a wonderful Made in India and Made for Indians item in their grasp. We don't have to import nourishment for our youngsters from somewhere else. We will probably be all that we could be in each sense. To fuse Indian food customs into the plans, utilize the most ideal fixings, make a worldwide brand character, and still be valued at an Indian value point. It's been difficult work however we believe we have accomplished a little proportion of it, and we need to continue to improve. As we scale, we realize we will oversee more noteworthy value proficiency, and we are anticipating that point. 

We might have not done this without a great deal of help from our town. We essentially can't do it without FOUR arrangements of our extremely steady guardians and guardians parents in law, who are the explanation our home life capacities and our youngsters are growing up cherishing every day. From Aunties and uncles to cousins and companions, above all else, our spouses – who are the principal camp that faces our nonappearance the most. They have faith in us more than we do ourselves. We are both enormously fortunate in this regard. 

We see a ton of youngsters these days feel that there is this strain to accomplish your life's inheritance before you are even 30. Labor force structures should be more versatile to longer working lives. Since the shocking drawback of free enterprise is that in many examples the two couples need to work. 

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Our recommendation would associate with how to accept kinder, gentler variants of ourselves. The sensation of your mid 20s that you can do ANYTHING is elating in any case, can be debilitating when you have a youngster. In any case, realize that in your 30s and 40s, in the event that you contemplate it, amidst diapers, show and teen injury, you would have discovered YOUR thing. It will not be everything; it will not be what you figured it would be. Be that as it may, float along with life. Our vocations these days are a mosaic of stories. It's dependent upon us to pick what parts of the story we need to be better at. 

Finally we might want to say, In the workforceenable more youthful ladies, be straightforward with them, pay ladies an equivalent compensation. You will be stunned at what we see about this. No matter how you look at it from plant line specialist to large corporate, ladies are saved money! Now and then ladies settle on that choice, so how about we change it. Consider this to be a benefit to your workers, not an expense to your business.


05 Feb, 2021




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