Your 2020 Travel Essentials for a Minimalist Trip

Your 2020 Travel Essentials for a Minimalist Trip

Your 2020 Travel Essentials for a Minimalist Trip

Traveling has become cheaper and more convenient for everyone around the globe. Whether you’re looking to travel locally or internationally, there’s bound to be discounted airfare to make it more affordable. Even accommodations don’t have to be expensive because you have options other than hotels.

With all the opportunities to travel, it’s important to learn how to pack light so that your trip won’t be riddled with heavy bags and expensive check-in fees. These are all you need to pack for a minimalist trip:

Makeup Essentials

Everyone wants to have the best photos to document their trip, but that’s going to be challenging if you are not ready to be photographed in your most candid moments. It’s easy enough to take the shot--smartphones have the best cameras these days. All you have to do is buy your eyebrow makeup online together with travel-sized moisturizer and foundation, and you’ll be all set. No need to bring your whole vanity with you. Learn to simplify and work on enhancing your features to get the most natural shots.

Versatile Pieces of Clothing

When you pack your suitcase, it’s important to have outfits in mind instead of just throwing in pieces you want to wear but don’t know how to. It’s better to bring a skirt or a pair of comfortable pants that you can dress up or down, rather than throwing in a signature shirt or a pair of boots that only go with one look. Each piece should be transformed, like in the case of a maxi skirt that can double as a short dress, or a button-down that can be worn as a light outerwear. Even your shoes should be able to provide varying looks, so go ahead and pack those flats and those sneakers for options.

Plain Shirts

It’s fun to have t-shirts with clever and funny print on them, but when you’re off traveling and have a limited set of clothes to choose from, those prints will not be too easy to re-wear. Plain clothes are better because they can be part of a different outfit without looking like the same piece. Tuck them in, tie the hem into a knot, or even layer them together--you have options, which you cannot get away with if you’re wearing the same “I Heart New York” shirt in all your photos.

Stackable Accessories

Just because you’re traveling in a more minimalist approach doesn’t mean you have to go sans accessories. They can, in fact, widen your outfit choices simply by adding or removing a couple of pieces. Take a hat or scarf, along with bracelets and earrings. Each one adds another layer to your outfit, which gives the impression that you thought of your wardrobe carefully. If you’re tired of your only belt, a scarf can be worn as an alternative, and it will be perfect in cinching the waist of your skirt-turned-dress.

Your meager travel fund can go a long way if you know how to look for deals and how to travel light. With your wardrobe all set and carefully curated, all that’s left is to grab your suitcase and go.

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