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With $40 Mn Revenues In 2016 – Deskera Looks To Build The Perfect ERP SaaS Platform For Asian SMBs

With $40 Mn Revenues In 2016 – Deskera Looks To Build The Perfect ERP SaaS Platform For Asian SMBs

So starts Shashank Dixit, founder of world ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) answers platform, Deskera. The corporation become formally founded in 2008 and has been in operation considering 2005 whilst Shashank and the 3 co-founders Somesh Misra, Brajesh Sachan, and Paritosh Mahana ran the venture from their university dorm. This changed into the pre-VC/investment generation, in which the handiest manner to run a enterprise became to avail a line of credit from lenders (banks, NBFCs) or generate sales via paying customers.

Having a enterprise meant having a viable, developing product. And Shashank has run the gamut of SaaS entrepreneurship – from commencing in his early 20s, to shifting up step by means of sour step, to scaling it within the pinnacle tier markets, having 300 personnel throughout 8 workplaces, and making hundreds of thousands in sales – understood the importance of productising the idea.

“ERP is my wheelhouse, rather have become my wheelhouse, because again in the early 2000s too, you had SMBs in manufacturing, distribution, and offerings running out of  or extra places of work who wished commercial enterprise software to keep music of stock, stock, accounting methods for the identical. Spreadsheets are redundant in this situation, but SMBs refused to replace to commercial enterprise software as they weren’t willing to pay for it.”

The manner Shashank explains it, ERP encompasses accounting (financials plus day to day charges), deliver chain in addition to operational approaches. The greater an SMB grows, the complexity of its resource making plans is going up exponentially and the inflection point requires an ERP to clear up problems constantly and routinely.

Deskera’s first product turned into launched in 2008, a basic, cloud-based, ERP software program for accounting and stock. The employer turned into able to leverage this first-mover benefit for the simple cause that they believed in the most native use of the cloud – software program that can be used from any tool by any means, be immediately reachable each time required. Additionally, the quantity of customers need to no longer hinder the performance of the platform – be it 1 consumer, 10 customers or 1,000,000.

Shashank explains, “Imagine, you’re an SMB with an office in Bengaluru and one in Mumbai. With each of them performing exclusive features – one is your operations headquarters whilst the other deals with inventory inventory. How do you have them each paintings at the equal method while not having a popular manner of get admission to on a crucial statistics centre? This is wherein cloud comes in – to be used every time, anywhere, in any case.”

Then too, existing ERP carriers including Tally and SAP (two of the biggest names within the SaaS vertical) bought their software program in compact discs, floppy disks which can be used unique to a single laptop, and feature singular access. As the smaller clothing in India nonetheless don’t have the capability to justify shopping for a pc, therefore, records get right of entry to on these platforms become extraordinarily confined.

This is wherein Deskera comes in, with the aid of using its cloud-based totally ERP platform – a customer could get admission to all their data on their telephone/tablet itself.

Building The Perfect ERP For SMBs: One Interaction At A Time

Deskera offers modules for purchase and inventory management, income and billing, consumer control, and product management. It additionally has a separate monetary reporting feature in its ERP that works drastically with account control, particular to paying taxes.

When Deskera first started out operations, it offered solutions for accounting and stock. But as the enterprise on boarded clients, it realised the key trouble that most ERP solutions subsequently face is that of building the correct ERP solution.

“SAP, Tally and Oracle all commenced within the late 70s and early 80s. It took them 40 years to attain where they may be now – catering to every ERP want that a business has.”

The Deskera team recognised that each new business is individual and particular in relation to ERP wishes. And a variety of variations and combinations should be configured to suit those companies. The platform essentially needed to continuously customise itself for you to maintain up with client wishes. For example, the payroll and accounting characteristic dealt with an important part of every employee – taxation. This technique required the presence of a number of bureaucracy (now and again 80-ninety) and full compliance on each of those bureaucracy.

Shashank focusses on compliance whilst he elaborates, “The selection is binary – both you offer a holistic answer overlaying each issue of the organization need, in this situation accounting, otherwise you don’t do all of it. There isn't any 0.33 option, where you do just a little bit of the manner and no longer the rest.”


The cutting-edge generation of the Deskera product continues all of those pain points in mind because it grants answers in the geographical regions of ERP, CRM, and HR. When triggered to explain how the enterprise zeroed in on those specific verticals to function Shashank opines that these are the middle commercial enterprise method required to create a smooth business go with the flow for any operation – be it a small one with 10 employees or an corporation which has thousands of team of workers. “The idea is to create a sea change in enterprise operations. We accomplish this by using presenting structurally sound customisable methods for character businesses.”

Challenges Versus Adoption

For the primary few years of launching the platform, Deskera counted CAs and accountants as their biggest customers, in addition to their largest mission. “CAs and accountants who do bookkeeping for small firms are the genuine gatekeepers of these businesses. They defend their domain names with present software which doesn’t allow get right of entry to to all of us. And convincing those humans to undertake Deskera became one in every of our preliminary limitations.”

The idea turned into to first make humans use it, locate ease of use, transparency, and performance as differentiators after which routinely advocate it.

He attributes Deskera’s achievement among SMBs to the reality that the chain of command flows each ways with a cloud-based, ERP solution. Whether it's far a CEO or a branch head or an worker, manage of facts comes from the top-down (in place of while it rests with only an accountant the usage of a laptop-sure software program). Data get entry to is unrestricted and available to be regarded on their fingertips.

“Building a full suite of products, continuously reiterating on every to consist of extra services and fulfil greater needs is a key part of the procedure – and the mission we tackle at Deskera.”

Selling A First World Product To Emerging Countries

Shashank counts the decision of taking Deskera global as a key turning point.

In 2012, international locations in Southeast Asia went live with GST (Goods and Services Tax) – specifically Malaysia, Thailand among others. And Deskera’s became one of the first few answers to be accepted by using the Singapore Government as GST compliant. Adoption turned into swift and constant from thereon.

At the same time, India too become seeing an explosion within the startup scene, with entrepreneurship showing a steady uptick for the first time in many years. Combining each those events ensured that the agency turned into coins fantastic after 8 years of operation in 2012, and confirmed $1 Mn in revenues, as in line with the founder.

But coping with Asian and Southeast Asian comes with its very own set of challenges.

“You ever heard of the expression: You’ll never get fired for getting IBM? Well, we discovered how wrong we were in Asia with this mindset,” Shashank chuckles. According to him, Asian customers don’t apprehend limitations, rather than a client inside the US. They want every unmarried answer provided to them inside one app – HR, accounting, payroll, project management and so on. They are extremely finicky and annoying and haggle on price.

“In Asia, the thumb rule is – no person buys from IBM. They are not inquisitive about what logo you’re selling. It’s the product that topics.” Shashank mentions that Asian clients look for affordability plus greater value for much less cash – they want the total suite of offerings and solutions and then a few.  “In such instances, appeasing 3-40 customers is straightforward, but when 10,000 users want the whole thing, that’s when SaaS startups die,” he adds.

While this become to begin with a hindrance due to the fact the product wished generation along side compliance for each, as evidenced via the GST rollout in SEA nations, what it did mean turned into – agencies had been inclined to take a hazard on a lesser recognized emblem too. As consistent with Shashank, it took 10 months to persuade the primary clients to shop for the product, but the subsequent inflow of clients came within 10 weeks and so forth, till the enterprise made its first million.

Deskera now has a presence throughout India (Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Pune), Singapore and the US (San Francisco). Recently, the group entered Bangladesh’s SMB marketplace too. As per The Daily Star, the organization has partnered with Sheba Technologies Limited, a sister subject of Sheba Group as part of the initiative. They have also partnered with VISA to offer their answers to twelve Mn -15 Mn SMBs via the Visa Business Hub (‘VHB’) in Singapore, according to an professional release.


They depend Fortune 500 organizations such as Dell, Google, Grant Thornton, StarHub, Sushi Tei, SIDC and Senwan Group as marquee clients, with mid-sized clothing including Singapore ISP organisation Transcab following fit. SMBs across Asia (India, Bangladesh, MEA) make up the majority of their client base.

Eight Years To Make $1 Mn In Revenues, Just Four More To Reach $forty Mn

Deskera has raised $20 Mn in convertible debt from SoftBank, Aris Prime, Partners Asset Management, Tembusu Partners, and Tikehau Capital, as in line with Shashank.

The enterprise is firmly focussed on the Asian SMB market – where it's far the number one GST-compliant supplier throughout Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Shashank reiterates that it took the business enterprise nearly eight years to generate the first million in revenues, and most effective 4 greater to reach $40 Mn. With this bounce in numbers and developing nearly a hundred% over the last three years, Shashank became capable of make a few observations concerning the Indian SaaS market, given his durability and skin in the game.

“The issues of promoting SaaS from India is primary, lack of expertise who can talk the language of the SMBs – who, typically want a variety of handholding and convincing before they sign up the dotted line. Plus, Indian society has a totally distorted view of businessmen as an entire, which is simply changing now, so that degree of admire is missing too. And lastly, teaching more youthful employees on primary things like accounting, stock and so on.”

He also iterates that SaaS is an extended tail sport and all of us who isn’t in it for the lengthy haul i.E. 10-two decades, is bound to fail.

But Shashank is likewise longing for India itself as a sustainable SaaS marketplace. With 20 Mn SMBs and growing, there is lots of inherent possibility for agencies to serve this marketplace while not having to appearance outward (some thing that Deskera and businesses love it confronted a decade ago). The Indian client marketplace percentage has grown inside the previous few years to encompass a great marketplace.

“While dominance isn't always assured, it's far vital to put yourself inside the right vicinity and get the timing right.”

2016 become also when the GST rollout turned into introduced in India, to be carried out with the aid of July 2017. And Deskera, with its GST-compliant version already proven in Southeast, is poised to be a first-mover in India too, as in keeping with this Firstpost record. “The whole structure isn’t out, but we do know it's far going to be much like Singapore and Malaysia. And, in view that we serve these markets, and with probable a similar shape in India, we will offer GST-compliant corporation offerings.”

Perhaps, this realistic philosophy debts for the leap in sales that Deskera made – affirming INR three hundred Cr or $40 Mn, ultimate year. So, understandably, Shashank is constructive approximately the subsequent five years with appreciate to the SaaS wheelhouse Deskera is dominant in. “Enterprise software program is run as a marathon. Not a dash or a dash. The youngest, most a success SaaS employer is Salesforce, worth $50 Bn. And Salesforce started in 2001.”

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There were no current up and comers inside the enterprise and younger entrants need to acknowledge this before getting into. As in line with Shashank, the industry remains in its early twilight years and it's going to take no less than a decade for the next Salesforce to emerge, if now not more.

I Focus On Building My Own Business, Competition Can Take Care Of Itself

Deskera counts legacy businesses including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle as competition. And enormously newer entrants together with Intaact, NetSuite ERP, and People Soft. While the legacy corporations have captured distribution, community, marketplace proportion, and the more recent entrants are absolutely taking a hefty percentage of the SaaS pie, Shashank has a holistic view vis-à-vis opposition.

“I consciousness on constructing my very own commercial enterprise. That’s all I can do. Competition is like colouring crayons. We need greater of them to get a higher image of the market. But, at Deskera, we look to fight our very own wars, appearance inwards and serve our customers the first-rate manner we can. Besides, competition is not an both-or recreation, this early inside the SaaS market. Everybody can live to tell the tale right here.”

So his advice for fellow SaaS entrepreneurs is to think lengthy-term and preserve building for the next 10 years. He also cautions them towards underestimating the Indian SMB area.

“We need to have a look at rising Indian SMBs, build India-unique products with an Indian charge listing and have an Indian aid team. Making it will no longer be venture not possible then,” he ends.

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