Why Businesses Are Opting Asp.net Core 3.0 For IoT Projects?

Why Businesses Are Opting Asp.net Core 3.0 For IoT Projects?

Why Businesses Are Opting Asp.net Core 3.0 For IoT Projects?

That’s a past thing when businesses require a few advanced applications. Today, every business just wants a next-gen smart application and for that they choose IoT technology. It is proven that IoT based applications can bring convenience to the enterprises and organizations in various ways, such as by protecting data, enhanced and secure ways to share information with users about theft, accidents, or data breach.

This initiates a debating topic among developers and app development companies in which they discuss which is the most suitable platform to build extremely efficient and advanced applications. Since the release of Asp.net core 3.0, businesses have found better solution to develop IoT enabled apps. Why businesses are interested in Asp.net Development Company for IoT Projects? Let’s find out…

Introduction to Asp.net Core

Asp.net core is one of the ultimate frameworks with which app developers can make cross platform web based business applications. This is an open-source framework that enables developers to create seamless apps for multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Asp.net core is a product of Microsoft that supports programming languages like Visual Basic, C#, and F#. It also allows cloud integration of IoT application.

In simple words, asp.net core is the latest version of asp.net that runs on every platform. It was initially released in 2016 and since then it has received a 2.0 and 3.0 updates. Developers are aware of the capabilities offered by asp.net core and they know how to leverage the platform.

Unlike .net framework, it offers additional APIs and better performance and thus, developers choose asp.net core over everything. Here are some benefits of asp.net core-

  • Multiple platform support
  • Integration to Modern UI frameworks
  • No Dependency on System.web.dll
  • Support for CLI
  • Support for cloud app development
  • New advanced APIs
  • Side-by-side versioning

Why Businesses Are Taking IoT Apps As Next Big Thing?

Smart homes were thought to be more like a sci-fi movie project, but today, people are living in them happily. The devices of their home gets turn off when they leave the house. They are using special wearable to track their health and body performance. There are multiple areas where IoT is getting involved.

Businesses are choosing asp.net core 3.0 for IoT app development and there are multiple reasons to this:

1. Windows 10 IoT core

The .net core is compatible with Windows 10 IoT Core. There are numerous tools for developers to try. They can integrate to universal windows platform, Azure cloud-based platform, and visual studio. When Windows 10 IoT core is used with Asp.net 3.0, it allows developers to build apps or background run services on IoT device.

2. Cross platform support

.Net core 3.0 offers support to desktop apps for windows platform and so the businesses find it as the best multi-platform solution. With additional APIs, developers can deliver amazing UI and interactions.

3. Asp.net community support

There is a large community of developers that is always present to assist on any asp.net project. This is why most businesses are opting for asp.net core as they can get professional assistance from community members.

4. Secure cloud support with Azure

Most companies today look for cloud support for data storage and recovery. Microsoft offers Azure IoT platform and IoT accelerators that provide faster recovery and data storage.

5. Open source and modular framework

Any open-source software with great flexibility is a dream come true for any user. You can introduce libraries, framework components on the basis of project requirements. Developers don’t need to upgrade the entire framework whenever new version or package is released by the officials. This is the major fact that attracts businesses towards core framework.

6. Flexible deployment

Developers can select from the following options to deploy the developed app-

a. Self-contained deployment

b. Framework-dependent deployment

c. Self-contained deployment

d. Framework-dependent deployment

Asp.net core is gaining trust of businesses. We have already shared some of the reasons that explain why businesses are preferring asp.net core for their IoT projects. Be it high performance or exclusive features, asp.net core is the future of custom website development.

Microsoft has invested a lot more in their development platforms, their developer community and it is also supporting the software companies which are using these applications. So, the future of asp.net developers is stable.

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